UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

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UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

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c. Alarcon

9 août 2020

Works great !

Works great !

D. Kent

3 août 2020

Exceptional plugins with amazing sound quality

I really love the UAD plugins, they are exceptional and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. I moved to these plugins after recording at another Opus studios in Grayshott. I tend to use then on most recordings and mixes

v. vu

26 juillet 2020

Good, sound good

Good Sound good

D. Counterman

1 avril 2020

Enhanced workflow

With these products it has been so nice to know that my computer runs very smooth and without interruption so I can focus on my work and be worry free from lag. I also enjoy the ability to mix anywhere I can my laptop and the satellite. Very cool!!

l. hee

17 mars 2020

oh my god!!! very good~!!!!!!

oh my god!!! very good~!!!!!!

S. Lednev

23 janvier 2020

Satellite FireWire

The four-core power in a silver box increases the number of plugins in my sessions.

C. Stratton

7 janvier 2020

Need some fire? UAD brought the match!

J. Grindstaff

6 janvier 2020

Works like a charm.

Great satellite. Love it.

H. Esmailian

1 janvier 2020


When I want to turn my soul into sound, After God and my mind I get help from the universal audio

H. Esmailian

1 janvier 2020


When I want to turn my soul into sound, After God and my mind I get help from the universal audio


11 décembre 2019


Universal Audio rules audio conversion and plug ins world ! this satelite is very powerfull and it help me to achieve best mixes ! I highly recommend the satelite to free up more DSP ! Thank you UA for what you do to help us making great music !!! Highly recommended !!!

W. Sacco

18 octobre 2019

The beautiful sound of tubes again!

After switching my studio machine to a Mac Pro I needed this to run my fantastic sounding United Audio plug-ins that I had already purchased. This unit accomplishes that with ease as it uses it's own processor not loading down my Pro CPU. Since I do not have Thunderbolt interface this is a great addition to my Studio setup. Highly recommended!!!

T. Allen

17 septembre 2019

Works great!

Great product and easy to use. Love the sounds I can get with the UA plugins!

C. Gonzalez

6 août 2019

Best effects emulations in the world! Hands down!!!

I have had this baby for over 7 years!!! I love the stock LA2 and the other free plugs that it comes with! Never had any lag problems and I run an old system with ddr2 for ram. This plugs make your track sound good just by inserting them and not tweaking a thing! I highly recommend it! Thank you UA!!! Fan for life!!!

L. Gift

21 juin 2019


Can not handle capitol chambers

J. Geiser

15 janvier 2019

UAD-2 Satellite: more SHARC!!

Although I’m still new to UA and all that they offer. I still feel that UAD-2 and accompanying plugins are some of the best I’ve heard. Some say they’re spendy, I think you get what you pay for

R. Patton

28 décembre 2018

You do not want me reviewing your gear

You do not want me reviewing your gear. Despite all of my research, setting up an optimal system and getting reassurance that this would work seamlessly with my hard and software...and paying in excess of $1000...not only did it not work, but it was like dropping a bomb on my system. If there was a -5 I would give it a -10. Not only did it cause havoc, but now I can only return the hardware and am stuck in the muck with a $400 bill for useless software because you guys won't take your destructive shit back. Thanks pals, you asked

E. Nunez

26 octobre 2018

UAD Satellite Quad

Works great and gives me lots of extra headroom to run more plugins. Can also have my UAD plugins for when I travel too.

c. madden

10 octobre 2018

Great gear!°

This product opened up some of the most realistic, clean and beautiful sounding plugins I've ever heard it worked with.. wonderful gear.

t. srina

10 juillet 2018

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

I love and impressed

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