Tube-Tech EQ Collection

Tube-Tech EQ Collection


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Tube-Tech EQ Collection

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L. Brown

14 janvier 2021



R. Mahjoub

2 novembre 2020

Hate it

Nothing compared to the original hardware

K. Kajiya

14 mai 2020

Great sound

UAD Plug-in in exactly the same way as hardware!

F. Lockwood

27 avril 2020


Excellent Plug in ajoute une belle chaleur !

F. Lockwood

27 avril 2020


Excellent plug in qui amène une belle couleur !

B. Schumacher

27 décembre 2019

MK II = native only

Why is the UAD version still the old MK I while the MK II is available as a native plugin already since 1,5 years?

s. sinclair

2 août 2019

Quality plugin

Great sounding my new go too. ;)

M. Łuczak

15 décembre 2018

Tube-Tech EQ

Sound great and do the job perfectly. Warm, nice, with nice top.

D. Wilson

14 novembre 2018


I think everyone knows about Tube-Tech.

x. zuniga

20 juin 2018



圭. 久藤

1 juin 2017

I use it for electric bass.

I use this EQ for electric bass.
It fits well with the electric bass and boosts or attenuates delicious parts of the electric bass.

Utilisateur UAD

9 novembre 2016



T. Liljegren

1 juin 2016


... a bit cleaner and less muddy than the pultec.
Not a "must buy", but a very nice sounding unit.
If you already own the Pultec collection I recommend you to go for the Millennia EQ instead.

S. Renius

9 septembre 2015

My new favorite

The Sound is very great, from the deep til the high frequency. Super Super Super !!!

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