Plug-In Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

Plug-In Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

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Prix tarif : $249.00


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Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

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S. Kalisperides

14 juillet 2016

Very useful EQ with flavour!

I purchased this EQ after demoing it. It sounds great on various instruments and voice but i think its strengths lie mainly on drums, bass and guitar for that vintage 70s warm flavour. It has a very distinctive character that is not easy to achieve with other EQ plugins, so definitely worth having it in your arsenal.

M. Neville

1 mai 2016

Great EQ

As a lifetime Bowie fan the chance to emulate the sounds that really turn me on is astounding, I was ready to buy unheard but tested anyway, I have no hardware example to match against but the control is great, having read all the five star reviews I can only agree with them, gobsmacked at how my voice can sound so good.


21 février 2016

I always wanted a trident

I always wanted a trident console. Now I have that console sound. It sounds great on anything you can throw at it. Much love UAD.

P. Shrout

18 janvier 2016

Magic EG!

This EQ is magic to my ears. I have never had the fortune to work with a real Trident console, so I don't know how close it is to the actual EQ on the Analog Trident. I can tell you that it does add some very cool mojo to whatever you slap it on. I just completed a project where I used this as the first instance on every track after coming out of Analog and back into the box...... Butter! I use so many different tools to keep the sound of performances interesting and different, I am pleased with my purchase of the Trident EQ. It's up there with the Harrison in my book. Very usable and sounds great. Demo it and see for yourself, just be prepared to spend your lunch money when you do. Cheers!

J. Welch

9 janvier 2016

Low Mid Magic

The best UAD EQ IMO for plugin synths and sampled instruments. Low mid magic. Just wish it has the Softube saturation control.

T. Spielmacher

30 décembre 2015

Vintage "Le Studio" but in YOUR home or studio...

What a vibe, and lifted from the very desk responsible for Rush's "Permanent Waves"! Some killer preset choices for drums, bass, piano and guitar... whats not to love! Very reasonable in it's pricing these days, if you love 70's rock, own this.

L. Leal

27 décembre 2015

Amazing EQ for guitars

Really brings guitars to life in a mix. If you like guitar army in your mixes, this is the perfect eq.

I. Bueckert

22 décembre 2015

Love it

I wanted another EQ that was different from what I had and sounded great, and this EQ was perfect. I love the simplicity of operation, and it just sounds quality. Love how it opens up the highs really naturally.

F. Calle

17 décembre 2015

Great EQ

This is really a great sounding EQ, easy to get the sound you want with a few tweaks. You can switch different values in the HPF/LPF to create different curves.

J. Schmelzer

22 juillet 2015

Holy Midrange!

I seriously never want to mix electric guitar without this plugin ever again. It's just lovely.

N. Dranov

15 juin 2015

Fun with colours - esp on guitar

I got the Trident EQ strictly because of the splendid reviews in these pages - especially for guitar - and I must say the Trident really has delivered. Full of character for both clean and distorted electric guitars. Fun to play with the combinations of stacking the lo/hipass-buttons + boosting in the overlapping ranges, nice to do the 'Helios trick' to add some low, cut/filter from 10khz and up and then add a generous boost in the 3-5khz range. Adds a grainy-good colour that the Helios doesn't. I like the Helios although it is more limited - not only in terms of bands, Trident works well for drums and bass too - and I'm I'll have fun trying combinations of the two on guitars.

Utilisateur UAD

10 juin 2015

Otro bello Eq Uad

Este tremendo Eq funciona perfecto para casi todo. Lo pude utilizar con excelentes resultados en Drums, gts, bass Vocals y casi cualquier cosa q se te ocurra, incluso el Master. Muy bueno para colorear y resaltar los timbres exagerando las curvas. Por su relacion precio calidad es un Eq que debes tener en tu arsenal de plug ins UAD. Otra buena es que ocupa poco dsp. Me hubiese gustado comprarlo mucho antes!

I. Papagiannidis

6 juin 2015

Unique eq

trident eq is one of the most musical eqs with its own character and colour.
really one of my favorites for drums guitars !

thanks UAD team for that great one!

S. Gouillard

19 mars 2015

Nice EQ

Very brillant sounding and so good for drums...

P. J

15 janvier 2015

Sweet sparkling!

This EQ is very sweet. The high freqs do not sound harsh but musical.

The low end is sweet as well

Thanks UAD

A. Campbell

14 janvier 2015

Trident A Range EQ

Nice eq here. Never used the real hardware. I do enjoy this one however. It has a very nice, smooth sound. It works on allot of sources. I like gentle hardware EQ's as well as surgical ones. This one does the hardware thing well. On some sources it can be a little honky with the mids. Overall very nice. Worth the price if it's on sale. I wouldn't spend $250 on it though. Hence 4 stars.

M. Olsen

13 janvier 2015

Amazing EQ on distorted guitar

There's something about the 5K band on this EQ that does wonders for distorted electric guitar. I already own the native version of this plugin from another vendor, which I prefer in mix. But I felt compelled to get this for live use due to its no-latency monitoring capability. It's not quite as transparent, which is to say it's most likely a more accurate emulation (color would be anticipated). But it definitely has the same 5K magic. Money well spent! Now if UA would just implement MIDI foot control (à la MainStage or Ableton Live) over Console parameters and plugins for live effects manipulation, I'd be in heaven.

N. Dranov

26 décembre 2014

Gold for guitar

.. At least for the multiple dubs of higain metal guitars in my current project. The Trident adds a rich and not intrusive bottom, very satisfactory mids and pleasing highs. Very pleasing and easy to dial in boosts and leave surgical (subtractive) eq'ing for the Cambridge or bx V2. I initially got the Helios for guitars, heard great things about it, but never got a long with it, it adds too much boom in the bottom for my taste. The Trident is of course more versatile in terms of band options (also with its options for stacked hi-/lowpasses) - so the Helios comparison may be irrelevant - but from now on the trident stays on my guitar tracks with its delicious character. Gold for my guitars!

G. Froome

24 décembre 2014

Tweak Bounce and Repeat

One of the easiest and most impressive vibey sounding EQs I've got now. I've been running drum samples through the Trident, bouncing and repeating to get some amazing original construction kits. Wish I knew about this one earlier!

J. Helminen

18 décembre 2014

Trident Eq

The best sounding Eq i ever used. very can dial lots of different colours of the tone with ease and it does something magigal just to put in on to a track with the eq dissabled.

41-60 sur 130 résultats