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Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

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S. Safiullin

24 novembre 2022

Best Tape!

Best choice!
I use on different signals, from drums to vocal and this magic!

J. Ay

5 septembre 2022

Done the Job

Very handy.
I used them on strings.
The sound sit on an appropriate balance.
Well done.

J. Vanderhorst

31 août 2022

A Must !!!

I love the way it sounds & integrates with Luna.

U. Juhl

6 août 2022

Good sound

Sound amazing.
Can be used in many ways. I use it on 90% of tracks and allways on bus and master.

j. nieva

1 août 2022

A must have!

This is the best tape machine plugin I have worked with,it's amazing!It is like use varnish if you use in the mixbus, every source gets its spot instantly,very glued and defined.Great 3D sounding!

S. Giampietro

27 juillet 2022

Gives a little chime

Brings a little chime in the upper frequencies

c. jinho

23 juillet 2022


this fx has character for my vox channel

G. Slany

22 juillet 2022

Adds Nice Color when overdriven

I like to use it as a sounddesign tool sometimes with extreme settings. The distortion sounds nice and warm.

I still try out what sounds best and how to use it to it's full potential, but i am sure i will use it often and especially for mastering.

Very good sounding tape emulation, i didn't expect it to sound that good.

S. Walles

16 juillet 2022


Phat! Gooey Glue!

C. Gomez

16 juillet 2022

simply amazing

Nothing else to say. Amazing is the word. simple to use, and it gives the sound you want.

h. kim

15 juillet 2022

good. sounds good!

very good i'm happy now

Y. Ziv

13 juillet 2022

Oh mama

Just try it , words are for the air , just try it on everything , on the mix buss, drums!!! , oh common , this is to much , love it .

J. Maffeo

12 juillet 2022

Studer A800 Tape Machine

Really enjoy this plugin, bought it around 2013 for $349!.. and now it's much cheaper.. happy to be able to help jumpstart the audio plugin industry..

M. Bernabel

11 juillet 2022

Best Tape Emulation Plugin in the Digital Domain

This Studer along with the ATR are the kings. Just add the Studer to your individual tracks and watch your mixes start to levitate. OMG

A. Keuter

8 juillet 2022


nice emulation


30 juin 2022

The Studer A800 is ridiculous!!

This plugin is truly the real deal for that compression that tape would give when you hit it hard! I’m in shock what a cumulative effect has on the over all mix.

R. Rasiński

29 juin 2022

Gives life !!!

It adds life and pleasant musicality to soulless virtual instruments.

M. Thielges

15 juin 2022

oldie but goodie

still a nice tape emulation in 2022 - adds some nice subtle compression and can soften signals and spread them out, making them more pleasant.

R. Visbal

15 juin 2022

Never Track without it!!!

I record and commit my tracks with the Studer… It just makes everything sound AMAZING!!! Thank You UA for creating this awesome plugin!!!

A. Monov

15 juin 2022

Studer A800

It's perfect. Better than the original and kind of handling it easy ;-).

1-20 sur 720 résultats

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