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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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M. Fanciullo

1 avril 2017

Great Plugin

Love this plugin! Sounds great! Wish I could use on more tracks, DSP vampire. :-(

K. Saint

1 avril 2017

SSL 4000 Boom Bap

90s Boom Bap Is the SSL 4000

M. Vila Nova

31 mars 2017

Finaly it is out!

This was a long waited upgrade to an already exceptional plugin! Now with UNISON it has got even better, with the extra detail on the mic-pre that allows you to play with the headroom and look for the right spot.
It is a tool I keep right on top drawer... recommended!

R. Williamson

31 mars 2017

Love it!

Does everything and more I hoped for ....

O. Hild

30 mars 2017

Push into it!

Haven't been able to make it sound bad yet. The unison adds a real flexibility to the sound. You can push it and it's really lovely. The output stage too!

P. Mius d'Entremont

30 mars 2017

Well worth the wait!!!

I was still waiting to choose my 3 plugins from my Octo satellite when this came out, glad I waited. Superbly done, even though it's a dsp hog, it's getting a lot of usage.

Utilisateur UAD

30 mars 2017

Great plugin

Great Eq, great saturation, great dynamics, great filters, it simply sounds better than the competition. They need a native solution though, you can´t mix with this with their obsolete hardware.

B. Lankford

29 mars 2017

I can now take my console with me. WIN!!!

Fantastic! The key to my console Ball and Chain. I can mix anywhere now with my laptop and UA Hardware and not miss my console.

K. Ealy

29 mars 2017

Besides the DSP HIT it's worth it

Can't run many on quad. But awesome plug and add on

W. Munnerlyn

29 mars 2017

Just like the original

This is one of you guys best work sounds just like the original board keeps the great work

S. Carr

29 mars 2017

That Unison

This plugin is a joy to track on. it's DSP heavy but when you're able to print everything you want right then and there it adds an unparalleled flexibility.

M. Kondracki

29 mars 2017


Truly revolutionary. I happen to own many SSL emulations and software approximations and this one not only sounds super close, it is musical and on it's own is an amazing channel strip. Beefy, thick without mud, and easy to use. Such a leap up in quality. It's only downside is dsp usage, but it's worth the investment if you are truly mixing and want the punch and grab of this board. Honestly, it's so much less expensive than the AC charge for one month for an SSL power supply, that, in perspective, this is a spectacular option vs owning the real thing. MUST BUY.

H. Calderon

29 mars 2017

The Complete Stuff

The new versión with the Unison Capabilities makes this plugin a most in my recording chain.

J. McHugh

29 mars 2017


Excellent love it sounds incredible,
easy to use plugin, slap it on a channel and hear the Magic.

b. berkovic

28 mars 2017

Excellent upgrade

Thank you Uad Team for one more great upgrade cause result with new SSL is really amazing.Uad is the Best


28 mars 2017

***** FIVE STARS & Number ONE *****

The new SSL 4000 E Channel Strip plugin (Unison) is now my Favorite UAD Plugin !
Perfect to Rec & Mix. If I had to keep just one Plugin it would be this one.
FIVE Stars & Number ONE !
Thank you Universal Audio !

C. Huseyin

28 mars 2017

Worth the upgrade?

I'd say, if you love the ssl sound, then yes, as far as emulation goes, it's worth the update, but if you have other EQ's and you wasn't using the channel strip before, then no, it's not for you.

I. Court

21 mars 2017

Stupidly Great!

I use all the Unison plugins and for me this is absolutely amazing. It's DSP heavy but the sound is insane. A must have. Superb UA

j. waissman

20 mars 2017

Unison tech is welcome

i used to love SSL bundle...this is raising the bar

n. hollis

19 mars 2017

The best One Yet

OMG after kinda driftng away from UAD for a while,ive now discovered a new found faith in them with this,brought almost as soon as i heard it,its just crazy good,granted it kills my cards, but dam its good if you buy just 1 plug in make it this one,for those of us that have been lucky enough to use the 4000,this is like coming home its so close to having it there in front of you,this just sounds great on evrything,i love it on guitars pulling out that bite and richness without dragging loads of mud into it,on drums its stunning that amazing high end sparkle on OHs,hats of to you guys.

541-560 sur 572 résultats