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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

Evaluation Globale

61-80 sur 255 résultats

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C. Waldron

26 décembre 2020


One of the cleanest limiters on the market. Does the job. period.

P. Boshart

26 décembre 2020

Top notch

If your looking for that extra something on a master this is a great piece to get you where you want to go. Smack it and crank it / to subtle enhancements it’s my new go to for finalizing on my master buss. I finally found something replacing a go to from the other guys I’ve used for many years. You will have to learn to listen again as this has simple controls but can really alter your sound. Close your eyes, and listen when you’re tweaking!

Y. Kim

26 décembre 2020

good level

Raise the track level without any distort !!!

a. fields

25 décembre 2020

Perfect Plugin

Best limiter i have used

M. Szreder

25 décembre 2020

No more limits!

Why I was thinking that purchase can wait? How wrong I was... Do yourself a favour and get one.

R. Monkz

16 décembre 2020

Love it

Best limiter around so far i tried!

R. Monkz

16 décembre 2020

Love it

Best limiter around i evet tried so far

M. Barbieri

15 décembre 2020


Simply the limiter i was looking for.

j. Bodart

15 décembre 2020

Super Limiter

Un classic que tout le monde doit posséder.

D. Carl

9 décembre 2020

El Mejor Limitador Digital

Increíble su transparencia y su efectividad para incrementar el volumen sin dañar todo tu trabajo de mezcla. Recomendado al 500% !!!

E. Lee

28 novembre 2020

good stuff

Incredible plugin ever

M. Surprenant

12 novembre 2020

Very Surprised

I wasn't expecting to be able to hear such a big difference with this plug-in. I just wanted to try something other than the Precision Limiter I have been using for so long. The Precision limiter is great. But there is some functionality on this plug-in that really shocked me in terms of how well it worked. It really has some extraordinary capabilities when it comes to the sonic choices I can make at this level of processing.

E. Kruse

29 octobre 2020

Sieht billig aus -kann aber viel

Dieses Teil macht alles lauter ohne hörbare Verzerrung. Der Enhancer ist Extraklasse. Eine gute Investition.


20 octobre 2020

Atonish quality

I tried many limiters and finally found the one that has all the features I was looking for, plus the addition of Inflator Enhance, for now on my go to Limiter for my master buss and mastering.

M. Stefan Schnabel

16 octobre 2020

Limit with no Limits.

Best limiter i have worked with since i started doing music.
The magic Loudness tool!

C. Azarcon

15 octobre 2020

Excellent limiting!

Love this limiter on my master bus! I hope they update to V3 soon!

D. Poznaks

13 octobre 2020

Magic Plugin

I use this plugin on any track including master.

U. Khan

9 octobre 2020

The best in the business

I've yet to encounter a digital limiter plugin that is better than this. This is the best you can get. Pre-processed compression, loudness enhancement, limiting, and dither? What more could you want out of a mastering plugin? UA Sonnox plugins have yet to let me down.

E. Lefebvre

29 septembre 2020

Big Job!


イ. オサフネ

1 septembre 2020


10年ほどsonnox oxfordのプラグインを使ってきました。大ファンです。個人的にソフトウェアのリミッターに於いてこれに勝るものは無いと思います。。
I have been using sonnox oxford's plugin for 10 years. I really like the sound of sonnox oxford, especially their EQ and Limiter. This Limiter is the best software limiter for me.

61-80 sur 255 résultats