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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

Evaluation Globale

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D. Gómez

16 avril 2021

Sonido nítido

Me parece un limitador de lo más cristalino y preciso sin distorsionar demasiado el sonido es mi plug-in de finalización de mi cadena

A. Smirnov

11 avril 2021

Good one

Thats a nice limiter in a certain situations - you got to know how to use it. For me, when it shines the most is in saving the transients of a fast sounds. With others my drums sounded dead and mellow. Here they cut through. The downside though is that this limiter can produce really harsh harmonics when pushed too far, which might be ok on some material, but a no no on others. So just mix your levels right beforehand.

G. Perez

26 mars 2021

The master

Using this on mastering learning great sound

N. Colt

18 mars 2021


makes my computer crash completely when I try to use it. I use the Apple M1 chip in my new apple computer so I have to wait until its an update I guess :( sad I as I wish I could use it

M. Dursun

6 février 2021


King of Limiters

A. Grigoriadis

29 janvier 2021

Maybe the best limiter on the market .

It's functions are great and the extra knob from infalator give's you even more excitement and loudness on the track . It's presets are great too . I end up with nice sounding masterings without distortion . For me it's the best limiter out there .

T. Gol

24 janvier 2021

You need to learn it

It’s a great limiter with a lot of great features. It’s easy to use but I strongly recommend to read the owners manual and learn all the parameters. Great value!

O. Gonzalez

22 janvier 2021

Great sound. Great for mastering

This plugin gives the final touch for the song, making it sound professional and ready for readio / streaming.

T. Jones

19 janvier 2021

Great limiter

It is my go limiter.

K. Babic

18 janvier 2021

Its much more than a Limiter least, with this plug at the end of a chain, you can exactly listen to what the comps are doing before. Love it...

H. Wang

16 janvier 2021



B. Tari

13 janvier 2021

I really love it!

Without it there is no master.

T. Wilson

10 janvier 2021

A must have!

Simply amazing! Great for getting your master right where it need to be.

J. Napolitano

9 janvier 2021

Oxford Limiter

Absolutely love it gives me a nice clean wide master always comparing my mastering limiters this is now my go to one

. Adams

8 janvier 2021

Rad limiter with lots of features

I love this limiter! You have to really beat it up before it starts to sound smashed and the “enhance” feature brings back the feel of the transients. It has a permanent home on my 2bus.

d. milasinovic

4 janvier 2021

Limit like a pro

Smooth and transparent

P. Nortey

2 janvier 2021

Smooth and Nice

The first look of it looks complicated but once you start getting familiar with it it’s the best Limiter on the market period

C. Uquillas

2 janvier 2021


Great plugin !

S. Vasiľ

30 décembre 2020

Best for mastering and subgroup

Enhance is super option, create "paralel" sound effect, bass is tight (SHARC DSP) and sound loud, winner

C. Waldron

26 décembre 2020


One of the cleanest limiters on the market. Does the job. period.

41-60 sur 254 résultats