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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

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I. Brooks

8 mai 2019

Pultec Passive EQ is impressive

This plugin works so well. Sculpting is a breeze

A. Chumertov

7 mai 2019

Soft and magic.

This plugin produces a soft, realistic sound. It makes our magic music more powerful.

M. Wallace

29 avril 2019

Vocals and Mix Bus

I can't stress enough how this plug-in really brings out the "air" magic.

m. wittek

29 avril 2019

Pultec Passive EQ

I like to work subtly on kickdrum, but he also works very well for vocals

J. Järvelä

25 avril 2019


Pultec is like a bulldog of the music technology. Use it if you have balls enough!

R. Dent

20 avril 2019

Instantly fixed basslines when nothing else would

Not sure how this works, but it's magic. Massive Passive didn't work this well.

K. Mihalicz

20 avril 2019

Big bottom? Airy Highs?.. Yes Please!

If you want your kick drum to crush your skull, or gentle sheen on your mix bus this is the EQ you need. Used on individual tracks or subgroups, you can't go wrong. From subtle to in your face, no other EQ does what a Pultec can.

I. Petrovic

1 avril 2019


Finally have it !

T. Glosser

25 mars 2019

A must have

Just love the sound of this EQ.

A. Hawkins

16 mars 2019

I saw the youtube video

when I saw the you tube video and the guy showing off the hardware pultec and plying around with it I was blown away and I had forgot that I had the plugin so I upgraded to the new version and still for a while didn't use it until my wife told me after hearing a track in the car that it wasn't bright enough that's when I decided to try it out it didn't take me long to get up and running with this game changer for it's very easy to use but what got me was how much it sounded like the hardware yes I remembered watching the youtube video and hearing the hardware the guy was showing off and demoing UAD how did you do it? WOW!!!!

S. Bakas

13 mars 2019

Best Eq collection!

Great eqs, really add character and quality!

L. Lammert

11 février 2019

Loving it for that “tight big kick”-trick

Only bought it for that kick trick but also used it on vocals a lot

B. Unis

28 janvier 2019

Loved the legacy version. Until I upgraded!

I was convinced I didn't 'need' to upgrade to the full collection having really enjoyed using the legacy versions. That said. I demo'd the upgrade for one mix and there was no going back. The EQP 1-A is stellar on vocals and acoustic, love the air it brings. the HLF-3C is great for high and low end attenuation. I've been using it for filter sweeps in a way that just sounds better then other plugins! The MEQ 5 has endless uses. Not much more to say, the plugin speaks for itself! Give it a demo and you won't go back.

B. Willems

16 janvier 2019


very musical eq!

T. Bacurin

13 janvier 2019

Good sounding plugin

I am very happy with my new Pultec plugin. It sounds more natural and open than legacy version.

T. Bacurin

13 janvier 2019

Good sounding plugin

I am very happy with my new Pultec plugin. It sounds more natural and open than legacy version.

j. Kim

17 décembre 2018

Great EQ!!!

This is very warm and musical EQ! Awesome~!!

B. Prestes de Oliveira

9 décembre 2018

Better mixes with Pultec plugin!

had the opportunity to try a real one and I have to tell you, this plugin is extremely faithful. It's great for getting the low end and high end you need for your mix. my mixes were one before and now are infinitely better with the pultec, either on the master bus or on an individual channel.

M. Marton

29 novembre 2018

They sound good

I know it's not a glowing report but to be fair, I'm still getting used to using Pultec type EQs. I like that the Mkii of these has more "weight" and dimension to my ears when used on a track.

P. Santarelli

3 octobre 2018


Simply amazing!!! Top

181-200 sur 673 résultats