Plug-in Precision EQ

Plug-in Precision EQ

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Prix tarif : $199.00


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Precision EQ

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J. Roßner

2 octobre 2013

Smooth & transparent EQ

Great tool, most transparent EQ in my opinion. Love it for adding "air" and widening to my mixes. Use it on every project!

N. Kim

7 janvier 2013

very good EQ

I like Precision serise..
Also..Preset is good!!

F. Medina

4 janvier 2013

Precission EQ

Well, what can I say that everyone haven't said... You all know how incredible this plug-in is. So, I will try to say something focused on my perspective, maybe to help new buyers to have a more clear mental image about this
I think this EQ has its own "personality" even though It is pretty transparent...
Like its name says, it is a PRECISSION plug-in, so its work is very accurate and first of all it is ment to be a MASTERING plug-in, and anyone that has mastered before knows that a MASTERING plug-in MUST BE ACCURATE, because the tweakings that you have to do sometimes are complicated and you MUST have a precission tool like this one. Just as a surgeon SHOULDN'T use a regular knife to make a cut on his patient, neither should we :D

R. Hatfield

2 janvier 2013

Hi Q Fascination

I have been assembling a Mastering system which involves all of the precision plug-ins (except for the Multi-band comp because I have the MOTU version) . I have become fascinated by the 20-27k range. It clearly has an effect on the program, but not one of "brightness" more one of "air". It is very useful. I am going to purchase another card so I can use instances of it on every track without overloading the computer. Super easy to use. Another home run by UAD.

D. Deryabin

30 décembre 2012

Precision EQ

I am sure that Precision eq is ideal for use on overhead. Using plug-in (in demo mode) on the overheads, I was surprised how well the sound of my drums now. The next day I bought this plugin! Try using it on Oh, I think you'll like it as I do!
From Russia with love :) Happy new year! UAD - you're the best!!!

R. Stubbe

13 décembre 2012

precision Eq

The Precision eq is very nice and easy to use. It has a nice character. It's really great for those muddy frequencies that u want to get rid of.
yesterday i tried it on a drum beat that had too much high frequencies around 4 to 6 Khz. I found this eq to be very subtle but also vey effective. Compared to the Cambridge eq this eq has a bit more character. i wouldn't use it to dial out one particular frequency, but instead to fit instrumentents in the mix without destroying the sound.
It's also great for final subtle changes (if u need em) in the mastering process.
I think i like it better than the Pulltec, but perhaps that not a fair comparison. This is a very good eq for a particular task , making things fit!!

C. Avdelas

13 juillet 2012

i use to have it in my older i could not live without it in my new..............sounds extreme settings.........and the job is done......

T. Trochimczuk

29 juin 2011

Great quality and musicality. I'm waiting for some new presets from famous users and some quick 30-60 second video tips for each plugin.

It will be great as well to read or watch about some GREAT UAD FX CHAINS,
like LA2+1776LN.

Maybe we can start with VOCAL DANCE UAD FX CHAIN, for example:

LA2+1776LN+EP34+Plate 140

I love my UAD plugins but I feel that I use only about 20-30% of its POWER.

Greatings from Poland,

P. Paslack

21 juin 2011

I always use this during the mastering in Logic. It makes the sound a little more transparent. Again very "gentle" settings.

A. Pozzi

21 juin 2011

My eq. What a sound! I have a Chandler EMI Curve Bender which is a simple but POWERFUL eq, this one looks to me a bit similar in his conception. Few touches, a great musical eq sound.
Masters, tracks, instruments, good on everything.
All I ask for is a HI cut (i need to put a Cambridge EQ in the chain just for that).
Then it's perfect.

J. Avalos

20 juin 2011

very trasnparent eq as its name says precision eq, very good for that last shape to the mixes, a must for the mastering chain

D. Horoschak

19 juin 2011

A little sterile sounding, but extremely accurate and precise. A good workhorse EQ to use on any type of track.

C. Anawaty

18 juin 2011

Wonderful EQ for digital or hybrid mastering. That "half db in just the right spot" really works with this one.

S. Reichert

18 juin 2011

The quick EQ that does no harm to your mix. If you need a touch of air in your mix, a little brilliance, here is it. Same goes for an uplift on the bass line to make it more audilble but not drown the mix. I insert it on 50% of my mixes on the master sum.

B. Marolla

17 juin 2011

Great musical EQ. It's all you need in a mastering chain to tweak. It does what you would expect, but really well and is completely transparent.

B. De

16 juin 2011

Easy to use and it sounds great, instantly hear the difference.

C. Soulos

29 mai 2011

I used to use this a lot but then I bought the Manley.
It's a fabulous piece of equipment but I'm running out of DSP with the Manley taking up the whole front room of the house.
Pity, it works so well.
I suppose I'll wake up from my dream state and go back to this.

S. Elliott

17 août 2009


D. Danzi

1 novembre 2007

This is another power user EQ like the Cambridge, yet has it's own distinct sound and abilities. Good for everything, but you'll have to work it!

A. Vax

26 octobre 2007

it's precision. VERY precision! :) must have for mastering engineers!

41-60 sur 74 résultats