Plug-in Precision De-Esser

Plug-in Precision De-Esser

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Prix tarif : $149.00


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Precision De-Esser

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A. Bazinet

21 mars 2018

Simple and easy to use

Select the frequency, set the threshold, adjust to taste, done. It seems incredible to me how well this thing works; you'd never know it was there.

W. music

16 mars 2018

Very good

I like this device very much, and I use it every time I mix it.

K. Boldin

1 mars 2018

Awesome for De-essing Vocals and Mastering

This plug-in works great for Vocal De-essing and ducking out harsh frequencies while mastering! Sounds awesome on overheads as well.

Keep it up UAD!

e. hartwell

26 février 2018

Get that S outta here

Hv an S problem... Then Deal with it...!
Straight up.... get this plug-in and enjoy life!
That’s all I got ... peace

E. Budzynski

15 février 2018

Best in class

Easily the best plugin in this catagory. Simply put, it works and you get results quickly. It might be an older plugin and not the most attractive and exciting but it does a fantastic job of controlling numerous harsh elements. Great on vocals.

N. Gonzalez Cabrera

6 février 2018



s. koci

21 janvier 2018



D. Kirsch

16 janvier 2018

best ever De-esserI've used

absolutely brilliant as it should seemlessly without affecting anything negatively. My new goto de-esser

A. Martinez del Rio

14 janvier 2018

Just works

I was looking for a tool that was a bit more complete and precise than the plugin that my DAW came with, and here I found it ...

A. Tanonov

14 janvier 2018

One-touch natural sound

For me, work with vocals is to find the perfect sound in front of the microphone. The only compromise that shoots S some vocalists, it does not go away at the stage of recording. With the Precision De-Esser from UAD, work with sibilants becomes comfortable and faster. A beautiful and ergonomic device for quick results.

I. Semenov

14 janvier 2018

Very usefully De-Esser

So, now I use it almost on every vocal which has any problem with sibilance. Before buying this De-Esser I spent a lot of time to choosing best plugin for each different vocal. But now I fixed that problem for me. For example, I used 2 precision De-Essers on last mix, just had tuned them to different frequencies and it works perfectly!

S. Long

12 janvier 2018

Great De-esser

This has become a main stay on my Vocal chain

L. Alin Gabriel

11 janvier 2018

Almost transparent

Good filters, set and forget, leaves the source almost intact.

A. Zuppelli

10 janvier 2018

Very Special DeEsser

I have tried different DeEssers (SPL - which is also good, and the Waves ones). But Precision DeEsser has just the right name: it is really" PRECISE". Above all, it's the only DeEsser I have found with the unvaluable "solo" function that helps to catch, with millimetric accuracy, the right problematic/s frequence/s to be attenuated. Must have little great plugin an all my vocal tracks!

M. Cartwright

30 novembre 2017

handy does the job.

good little de-esser for taking out harsh top end. I like it on cymbals mostly, but did find it can mellow out sounds that have more brightness than I want. Pretty handy, and its the only de-esser available that I noticed aside from the Manley channel strip. This one seems much more flexible than the Manley as a de-esser. If de-essing is your goal, this is the tool. I like mine.

D. Pierce

14 novembre 2017

De-Esser on everything

Precision De-Esser goes on all my busses. It sounds fantastic! Sometimes I'll automate it on my tenor vocal mixes and BAM, I got the sound I wanted.

a. zitto

10 novembre 2017


I own some outboard De-Essers and this guy here sometimes outshines them depending on the vocals or the project that am working on. It's a good tool to have in your studio.

J. Nands

31 octobre 2017


The best De-Esser. Incredible!!!


24 octobre 2017


Uau! The best Clarity.

d. Lee

20 septembre 2017

so natural

honesty deesser

61-80 sur 317 résultats