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I. Court

1 avril 2018

Sounds Different to the NEVE® 1073 PREAMP & EQ COLLECTION 1073

Sounds Different to the NEVE® 1073 PREAMP & EQ COLLECTION 1073

This thing just has a sound. Hard to explain but it’s sounds great and clean but yet right in your face!

I already own the NEVE® 1073 PREAMP & EQ COLLECTION but this to my ears does have a different sound for sure...

Love it

I. Court

30 mars 2018

Sounds Different to the NEVE® 1073 PREAMP & EQ COLLECTION 1073

This thing just has a sound. Hard to explain but it’s sounds great and clean but yet right in your face!

I already own the NEVE® 1073 PREAMP & EQ COLLECTION but this to my ears does have a different sound for sure...

Love it

A. Bushaj

30 mars 2018

Gute ding

Das ist ein gute wafe

C. Patrick

29 mars 2018

Swiss Army Knife

I use it to give my Clubkicks the right shape ,honestly i don`t know if it`s made for this, but it works excellent :-) ok ,for sure on Vocals i love the Neve High end ,no question ..totally happy with the 1073 !

L. Bermudez

28 mars 2018

Never 1073 preamp &EQ

Sound great with guitar and keyboard my new love.great job

r. mandia

28 mars 2018


I must say i'm impressed, great headroom, smooth timbre, very musical and easy to use eq. Everything i have recorded through this device (synths, bass, vocals, etc.) sounds so pro in my home studio!
unfortunately i bought my Apollo quad when there was no satellite coming with it at the same price and 1073 sucks up a lot of dsp resources..
I'm a live engineer and it would be great having such a brilliant technology as the Unison preamps and UAD plugs into live mixing consoles, i would have so much fun!

R. Robertson

27 mars 2018

Great Sounding Preamp

Just went through adding plugin EQ's to this preamp and found them really giving me good mixing sounds. Oh Yeah It sounds Great all by it self - great job who ever made this plugin.

L. Roccatagliati

26 mars 2018

Very warm sound

I recorded some of my vintage synth, using the Neve 1073 Preamp as unison, and the sound is thick and warm!

J. Gomes

25 mars 2018


Being a hobbyist, I confess I'm chocked by the quality of this plugin... I own plugins from Waves and also IK Multimedia which are very good, but they don't respond so well as UAD plugins... if the plugin is like this, I can't even imagine the real gear... I use it in the Reaper Input FX and the audio quality has improved a lot...

D. Fleming

24 mars 2018

Spices up everything

I use this as my main Unison plugin when recording guitars, vocals and pianos. It just spices everything up - I generally start from one of the provided presets and tweak from there. It's very hard, without just dragging a slider crazily to one end, to make things sound bad. The key is in getting the right preamp/input level - once you've got that, everything else is just beautiful flavour.

Highly recommended! I'd buy a UA interface just for this, to be honest.

A. Elliott

24 mars 2018

Dope !!!

That first comment looks so fake hahaha !!!! however this plug in is actually truly amazing <3

Great thing with UAD is you always get a 14 day demo so just try it and the get it :D

M. Lueck

24 mars 2018

Sounds identical to the big brother

Its good that UA brings this preamp simulation to the budget. But who owns the big Neve EQ with unison don't need this. The big Neve Preamp sounds identical and needs the same DSP amount if the eq is switched off.

M. Zappile

23 mars 2018

Really great to use in Unison mode

Perfect for VO recording.

E. Aho

23 mars 2018

The best 1073 plugin out there.

The EQ is wonderful and having pre-recorded tracks just running through the circuit adds vibe, harmonic content, flattens transients and adds subtle compression. It's very musical. Using this as a mic pre isn't quite like using the hardware, but what is? Is it even possible? The character of the preamp is very close although the 3rd dimension isn't quite there. Not a complaint, just an observation.

J. Lamar

23 mars 2018


Perfect, it’s the real deal.


22 mars 2018

Incredible emulation!

A little expensive but wonderful! Incredible emulation of the classic Neve.

a. tosi

22 mars 2018


The product sounds good. In the studio I own the original hardware of the 1073DPD and I have a direct comparison! I would definitely recommend it to have a typical hot snow sound.

M. Lupis

21 mars 2018

Ears don't Lie

Trust in your ears, that's It, just try it, you'll be warmly happy, your cochlea will be dancing with you and your productions. If you really like audio, you should have this beauty and, of course other pre amp options too. Thanks UA to provide us with the best of the times

J. Moreland

21 mars 2018

Fan-damn-tastic !

Holy cow! It’s like they read my mind (or my post). I took part in UA’s annual survey a couple months ago. In it, they asked if there were any plug ins I’d like to see developed by UA. I wrote that I’d love to have a modeled summing mixer (Burl, Dangerous or Neve, preferably). While this isn’t exactly what I asked for, it serves the same purpose. Using less than a third of the processing power of the 1073, I’m able to use half a dozen of these in busses I’ve set up for various instruments (Gits, Drums, Keys, etc.). Being able to push just the right amount of signal through each group bus is giving me a clarity, punch and weight I’ve always wanted in the box but was never able to achieve before. Just one listen to a mix before and after the 1290 was added to the busses was jaw dropping. I’m buying this - and I haven’t even tried it as a Unison input yet. Very well done.

C. Reinel

21 mars 2018

Klingt immer toll

Habe bis jetzt nur den EQ geprüft - einen Unison-Preamp habe ich nicht zur Verfügung.
Mit wenigen "Drehs" bekomme ich immer einen ordentlichen, ausdruckstarken Ton hin.
Durch die relativ wenigen Einstellmöglichkeiten fällt es leicht, eine Entscheidung zu treffen. Der EQ eignet sich vor allem zur großzügigen Klangformung und weniger für "chirurgische Eingriffe".
Schöner, runder Bassbereich, und vor allem das 12kHz-Höhenband sind hervorzuheben.
Hatte vor vielen Jahren die Gelegenheit, mit einer Neve Konsole zu arbeiten und erinnere mich an ähnliche Erfahrungen.
Klare Empfehlung für dieses Plugin!

1741-1760 sur 3111 résultats