Plug-In Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Plug-In Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Prix tarif : $249.00


Vous économiserez 40%

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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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p. garcia

1 juillet 2019

muy bueno

muy bueno

L. Romano

24 juin 2019

Drums in your face

This compressor is great when you need a great drum bus compression


10 juin 2019


Very musical compressor.
I can make groove with it.

M. Wahlen

25 avril 2019

Great sounding

It does, what you'd expect when you buy it. -1 Star for the the overall to small UI. UAD - just update your UI's. Some great Plug ins already are good, but cmon - some are just in micro letters ;)


12 avril 2019

Great compressor for punchy percussion!

I simply love this compressor! i am a soundtrack composer and this is my go to when i want to get more punch and groove out of my percussion. Thank you!

P. Gharapetian

29 mars 2019

everyone needs this neve

33609 plugin done right! thank you so much for this. my need to repurchase the real deal has gone thanks to this plugin.


26 mars 2019

Tout aussi beau et bon

quoi dire ? autres que j'ai testé à l'avance et que très vite fait l’achat car la qualité sonore des rendus bounce étaient tel qu'il était hors de question que je ne l'ai pas comme le 88 RS

T. Glosser

25 mars 2019

I don't mix with out it

WOW. Just try it.

P. Richan

13 mars 2019

Neve 33609

Very three-dimensional sound, adds a thickness and depth to anything. Amazing on Drum buss, Guitars, Piano - but not realistic for me on everything - on a 50+ track mix my UAD Quad starts showing some effort with 6-7 instances (of course along with a hundred instances of other plugs). So I've got it on the master buss, drum buss, those seem to be where it matters the most for me. The "middle to left to right" signal chain is a little confusing, but works - make sure to try pushing the compressor gain in to the limiter/master to really thicken things up. Really awesome piece of kit, like all the newer and v2 (and higher-cpu) plugs, this one is excellent.

S. Peterson

15 février 2019

It's not magical for me

I really want to love the 33609. It does what it's supposed to do but it's not magical for me. My biggest complaint is the size of the lettering & numbers on the face plate. They can be a little hard to read. Could you please make enlarging the surface an option? Maybe I'm just getting jaded?

K. Maher

24 janvier 2019

Love it

A must on my 2 buss

R. Gun

18 janvier 2019

Still like it

After so many years i still like it.
A nice alternative to the SSL 4K Bus Comp.
Makes dull musik a touch snappier and a too dynamic musik smoother, keeping a nice movement.
Works great on Pianos.
Adds a litte nice distortion, but can be set clean with Headroom Switch.
The Limitier is obsolete.

I. Jones

17 janvier 2019


Gives it that punch

I. Jones

17 janvier 2019


Gives it that punch

J. Willis

14 janvier 2019

Neve 3360 Comp/Limiter

So far used on my Drum & Bass Buss. Really tightens everything up while adding punch and muscle. Easy to overdo since it sounds so rad but just a dab'll do ya.

J. Torres

10 janvier 2019

Works Like a charm!

Honestly, this is a classic compressor that every engineer should have. It does exactly what you want and adds that hardware harmonic vibe!

S. Parikh

10 janvier 2019

Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve plugins are great for channel trips and mastering process.
All studio site have must have.

J. V P

19 décembre 2018

Great compressor!!!

What a great piece of software. It has beautiful weight and punch. This compressor can take a beating, especially for drum parallel compression. Auto release is fantastic. Use the HW version all of the time. UAD really got this right.

Overall very happy with this one!

S. Yeom

15 décembre 2018

That does not need to speak~~

The hardware is also a name machine that does not need to speak, and this plug-in is no different.

S. Hawkins

14 décembre 2018

Great sound

Great emulation, very useable compressor. If I’m to be totally honest I would have appreciated higher resolution graphics and a slightly larger interface but the sound makes up for it. Highly recommended and very addictive on the master buss.

41-60 sur 364 résultats