Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

Neve® 1084 Preamp & EQ

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

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C. Nogueira

10 août 2020

Impressionante! Um simples Db ja muda nossa vida!


S. Heidemann

8 août 2020


I wasn't able to leave a review until now as it blew my mind! Creamy, open, rich, beautiful. Makes anything and everything I run through it sound better. Takes 60% of a DSP, wouldn't mind UAD offering more powerful chips.

F. Ghenai

2 août 2020

Neve 1084 Préamp

if I have any advice? buy eyes closed !
UAD once again good job .

A. Acuna

31 juillet 2020


Absolutely killer! I use it on almost everything.

N. Wearne

27 juillet 2020

Fantastic plugin

This is a great plugin. Sounds great, looks great, is great. I'm still getting to know it, but thus far it's become my go-to pre; particularly for vocals and acoustic instruments. It is heavy on DSP usage though, so don't expect to line up a dozen of these with a quad. Hopefully there's a DSP lite version on the way...

j. torres

26 juillet 2020

Sounds better than the 1073

Best pre amp for recording vocals

J. Lee

26 juillet 2020


veru worm and clean

V. Makhnovich

24 juillet 2020

Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

Great Preamp Plugins i've ever heard!

G. Jennings

23 juillet 2020


Sounds great, anything you boost just sounds really amazing. I put it on everything pretty much.

b. koh

22 juillet 2020

Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

it's a Neve sound, of course! the only thing i wish they could improve on the "LOOK" of it, at least when you move the fader, there should be somewhere that indicate the "exact" value that you are at. You see, we want that old analog sound, we want that "classic feel" but we wouldn't mind the ease of control and preciseness of parameter in modern world. This has been an issue for many UAD plugins, lack of modern indicator and ease of control. In modern music production, precision and ease of control is important as everything need to sound tight and punchy these day, while keeping that warm sound. They are not in conflict.

D. Kyle

22 juillet 2020

I can't escape from it!

Since purchasing the 1084, I have put it in most of my work. I'll listen to an older recording through my apollo virtuals, pop a 1084 on, and new, improved life will be found. Even when I listen to records, my system loves it!

d. dice

22 juillet 2020

Incredible on the master

use this on all my sessions now as part of my master chain. Just like the 1073 but with a different color and the presents are outstanding

D. Thierry

20 juillet 2020

Top top UAD

10 sur 10


18 juillet 2020

Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

I have an original hardware 1084 and they have nailed the sound. There are some very little differences but is quite similar. Very nice sound quality.

B. Palmer

17 juillet 2020


This is a gorgeous sounding preamp. I recorded a song where I used 1084 on every instrument on the way in, and it works on everything. The EQ is super smooth. Great purchase.

D. Hampton

16 juillet 2020

Love the Sound

If you love the Neve Sound, say no more. Cop it!

M. Kottov

16 juillet 2020

Amazing gear!

I compared this preamp with other NEVEs, it's great! I have changed my workflow in music writing. Thank you!

K. Han

14 juillet 2020

Absolutely Good!!!

It’s the NEVE, what else~?
Soft tone rather than Neve 1073, still good.

P. Ponting

13 juillet 2020

What can I say! But WOW.

This plugin has made my whole recording and mixing sessions so much fun. I'm new to universal audio so I got this at a steal with 50% off plus a £20 coupon. I stuck this on drums and wow I got the exact drum sound I have been trying to get on this song for ages. On vocals it sounds incredible, the pronunciation of every word is heard with such clarity and warmth. On guitars pushing the pre with some lovely saturation that I can only describe as cream to my ears. All I can say is buy it. You will be so happy you did. The eq curves is like no other.


11 juillet 2020


très bon bon préampli et eq efficasse excellent son belle couleur

121-140 sur 198 résultats