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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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K. Socasau

30 mars 2022

An all time Classic

The 1073 is one of the best preamp and eq of all time, used by all the best and on countless recordings. It has a beautiful warm yet articulate and clear coloration with the great signature punch that Neve is known for. I use it on a lot of configurations with a lot of mics. The eq is simple and really efficient. This plugin perfectly recreates the magic and authenticity of the original unit. That's one of the reason you have to choose UAD. It simply sounds awesome.

R. Santee

26 février 2022

Absolutely amazing

I love this plug in so much. I will never record drums without using this as my preamp ever again! Thanks UA for doing what you do!

R. de Keijzer

29 janvier 2022

Very Nice!

Love what this plug-in does to my mixes! Worth every penny.

T. Strickland

25 janvier 2022

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ - My Go To

This has taken my tracking to the next level. Provides flexibility and quality that would be inaccessible for me if relying on hardware units. Thank you Universal Audio for making this classic sound affordable to the masses!


25 janvier 2022


Very satisfying sense!


24 janvier 2022


This is as good as easy to use!

D. Pitigoi

24 janvier 2022

Exactly what i expected !

I think is the most apropiate from the original pre. and eq ,great saturation !

J. Loureiro

17 janvier 2022

Simple and Good

You can´t go wrong with a classic like this , put it on vocals and you never want something different...

G. Catarinelli

15 janvier 2022


Great saturation!

B. Hamann

11 janvier 2022

The Classic as Plugin

I think there's not much to say - people know and love what it sounds like - rightly.
For me especially I really like how pragmatic the frequency bands got setup: Bottom of Bassdrum = 35-60hz or for snare = 220hz. Very nice for Drum Mixing:).

Go for it if you don't already have it!

O. Daniel

10 janvier 2022

Love IT!

This is on my vocals. Always!

O. El-Hallak

10 janvier 2022

Love it

Loved it so much that I made a 20€ sports bet and played until I got 1700€ to buy the hardware. The plug in is very close to the hardware tho!

J. Rowland

8 janvier 2022


Sounds great and is incredibly easy to use. Well done!

P. Malaianu

5 janvier 2022

Very good

It comes pretty close to an analog equalizer.

J. Manning

3 janvier 2022

Must have

A classic must have. Sounds great on everything!

M. Terán

3 janvier 2022

the classic 70s sound

just great!

E. Henry

2 janvier 2022

Instant Pleasure

I was looking for some vintage color and warmth. The 1073 paired with the Townsend Sphere and Ocean Way U47 emulation has quickly gotten me most of the way there on my vocal tone. I dialed in Capitol Chambers for verb and added a little delay and I am very pleased. It all started with a warm 1073 pre emulation that made the rest come alive.

D. Tremblay

31 décembre 2021

Neve 1073 preamp/EQ

Up to now I've used the plugin with Unison on electric and acoustic guitars and it works great. very warm and the EQ is very cool. Also used it in insert on piano and Bass.Can't wait to try it on vocals. One of the best plugins I owe

S. Broderick

30 décembre 2021

Classic Neve Pre

I’ll keep this short. It sounds like a 1073 because I had one and sold it after getting this.

R. Martinez

29 décembre 2021

Great Sound!!!

I have no idea why I waited so long to make the change to UAD Products!!

21-40 sur 1163 résultats