Plug-In Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

Plug-In Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

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Prix tarif : $199.00


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Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

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G. Gaia

17 décembre 2016

Marshall sim rocks!

I have owned Marshall combos, but they never sounded this good and so easy to use. Love it and recommend it to all Marshall lovers.

G. Hout

4 décembre 2016

Favourite Marshall sound

I'm not a big fan of the Marshall guitar sound (as opposed to Fender or Vox) but made an exception for the Silver Jubilee. It's great when I just want... a Marshall sound for a change. For pop music, in my opinion definitely better than the other UAD Marshalls that I demoed.

R. Cox

19 novembre 2016

If you get one...get this one!

I have an entire wall of amps in my home studio. Im a serious hobbyist and I like the best gear I can possibly afford. Ive never been a huge fan of guitar sims, mainly because they never sound as full, harmonic, saturated and rich as my real amps mic'ed with my rovers, beyers, etc. I keep trying to like them but then tell myself...dude why would you pay over a hundred dollars for something to try and sound like whats sitting here in this room as I type this!!! For those of you that do not own top notch amps and miss to record with then any of these marshall plugins will most likely amaze you. For those of you that absolutely know the feel and tone of a marshall mic'ed into your interface than you will most likely always feel that little something missing like I always do. I absolutely love apollo plugins and own a ton of them but always pull away from most of the guitar amp sims. they just aren't where a lot of the drum sims are yet. I demoed all of the marshall sims ua has to offer and the silver jubilee was the one I found myself still messing with an hour later! Its the only one that has a 'real' fullness, richness and a girth to it like my real amps when recorded. I own a silver jubilee and this actually sounds scary close to it recorded. You guys also have to realize that in many cases a sim doesn't sound like your amp at home because of how it was mic'ed, what mis were used and the signal chain they used vs. your own home signal chain, but it may not mean the amp itself doesn't sound authentic. If you are going to drop some cash on an amp sim for scratch tracks, quiet jamming or laying down ideas when the wife is still asleep like I do then pick up this silver jubilee. I have owned everything from axe fx II, kemper profiling, and every amp sim vst out there and this is, hands down, the most authentic amp sim I have ever heard.

S. Sinclair

17 novembre 2016

Great Amp Feel and Tone

I'm a mix engineer by day and a session guitarist by night. I purchased this amp along with the Fender '55 Tweed a few months ago. I tend to run these amps with the UAD 88RS. I've almost quit the need for booking studios to record with real amps. The feel of these two plugs are amazing. Majority of amp plugins out there don't have that believable high end and amp touch. Clients, artists and the labels get married to their sound as well.

T. Lanese

15 septembre 2016

A signature sound...

Very nice emulation, great mics management, but mostly very great Unison technology!!

J. Andersson

16 juillet 2016

Rock on...

All you need if you wanna rock...:)

D. Bose

10 juillet 2016

Amazing Amp Emulation

I already got the Friedmann collection which I love and was waiting for the sale to pick this one up because I had demo'd it a while ago

Needless to say it's the first thing I got during the sale.

I love the sound of this thing so much damnit!! I have a dual humbucker semi-hollow guitar as well as a heavily modified maple neck strat. Both guitars sound amazing through this and I had tons of fun dialing in the mic levels.

I'm planning on using this and the Friedmanns as a live guitar laptop rig without hesitation

Highly recommended for rock, shoegaze and probably a ton of other different styles

D. Brown

10 juillet 2016


I tend to try many of these guitar sims before i buy.Not sure about what the original sounds like but this one was very impressive.
So realistic above the others.At least to me.I have never used a Jubilee but it did not matter with this one.

K. Miller

8 juillet 2016

Goodbye AmpliTude.........

This is my new go-to amp sim , UA you have done it again !!

Utilisateur UAD

25 juin 2016

Very Good!

My favorite of the Marshall amp bundle. Really versatile,you can get anything from clean to heavy distortion.It feels real, too. Sadly it is not only heavy sounding but also heavy on DSP resource.

Utilisateur UAD

22 juin 2016


Great tone just as a real Marshall, but most of all, it feels like a real amp when playing. I can say my tracks are much more expressive and tighter recorded now. Before I sometimes used non UAD amp sims to monitor and that always meant dealing with latency issues. No more!

N. Christie

21 juin 2016

Definitely one of my favourite from the Marshall series of plugins.

Just like the Blues breaker this is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.
A joy for writing, just practice and serious recording !

J. Jung

20 juin 2016


I don't know how you really make these magical plugs sound so real. Do you take the shavings of the unicorns horns and sprinkle Jimi H hair into a brew? Amazing. I used to have this amp to play with ages ago, and you brought it all back for me. Thank you so much. I can't afford to get the original, so this was a steal compared to the original. The overtones, the beautiful mids, and the chunky fillings make it a dream. Want to get the whole set. Including the new Fender one. Soon....

G. Truelove

19 juin 2016

This Changes Everything

My local music store specializes in high end out board gear for studios and they told me how a well known producer brought in his expensive analogue processors to sell because he said he didn't need them anymore cause the UAD plug-ins are THAT true to the original sound or signal they emulate... such is true with e Marshall Silver Jubilee plug in. It sounds more than great, it's embarrassing some of us actually lugged all that heavy gear around not knowing it was coming in a software version that fits waaaayyy easier in the backseat of your car!

S. Haskitt

17 juin 2016

Favorite simulation ever… Needs amp bypass!

I have tried countless amp simulators and this has honestly surpassed all of them for me, largely because of the cabinet/modeling. It's incredibly versatile for both clean and dirty sounds, and the mic configurations again are gorgeous. My ears are especially sensitive to ice pick my mids, and this one is so smooth and I can crank it and it is comfortable to my ears, but you want those high mids, they can be dialed back in and honestly it cuts through either way.

I would love for this amp to have an amp bypass so different heads ( or a hardware head) could be used with this amazing cabinet modeling. I would've given it 4 1/2 stars, but they don't allow halves and until that amp bypass is there, i'll have to get it four!

D. Guillemette

15 juin 2016

The real deal

I've got a Marshall amp and I was never satisfied with emulations since I tried this one and now I can say that UAD's emulations are the closest to the real thing. I mean, it feels like playing in a real amp. I'm looking to only use the plugin to track my guitars and even on stage within my Apollo interface. So much easier to tweek the sound at the level you need depending on the gig you are on.

Utilisateur UAD

6 juin 2016

very impressive

if you have ever used a Jubilee , you will appreciate how good this plug in is

M. Niemczyk

13 avril 2016

Nice Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A nice sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

Utilisateur UAD

2 mars 2016

Great amp!

Awesome plugin. With the Tube Screamer in front of it, you can get a great rock sound. Has the feel of a real amp.

H. Tremblay

15 février 2016

Most realistic sounding amp plugin I have played on

This is a really nice sounding plugin, not only does it sounds right but it feels right. Really versatile also. The fact that it works with Unison is a big plus. Already recorded many tracks with it for multiple projects.

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