Plug-In Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Plug-In Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

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Utilisateur UAD

14 avril 2019

One word!


j. mathew

7 avril 2019


sounds good , warmth feel

I. Clack

5 avril 2019

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Superb, Does Just the Job!!

M. Czyz

29 mars 2019

Great Channel Strip!

It is not surprise to me that Manley Channel Strip processes the sound the way it does! All Manley plugin emulations are amazing! Again, I haven't used the hardware but I use Voxbox in every project, from vocals to variety of instruments! I enjoy using it and I think it sound great!

L. Sanders

2 février 2019


I like working with the Presets helps me to fine some direction.

s. kgr

1 février 2019

for anything

It is unexpectedly easy to use, it is a good plugin that can be used for anything. I will use it if you are in trouble. It is not universal, but it is recommended because it is convenient.

C. Morris

22 janvier 2019

VOXBOX is it!

All the hype about the VOXBOX measures up! It sounds and operates very similar to the analog original!

J. White

22 janvier 2019

Clean and clear

I mainly use it for clean airy female lead vocal with a 16khz boost on the inbuilt Pultec style EQ. Also sounds great on acoustic guitar!

L. Germano

11 janvier 2019

Muito BOM!!!

Perfeito pra gravação de voz, e contra baixo. 100% satisfeito. Indico a todos que querem ter um som profissional nas suas produções!

L. Germano

11 janvier 2019

Muito BOM!!!

Perfeito pra gravação de voz, e contra baixo. 100% satisfeito. Indico a todos que querem ter um som profissional nas suas produções!

s. kgr

10 janvier 2019

For anything

I could use it for anything other than that. It is one high-quality one. De Esser is very very natural.

J. Kolb

7 janvier 2019

Sounds amazing!

Just purchased this bad boy and used it on vocals and snare drum and was highly impressed by its versatility and sound. Worth every penny!

H. Metzler

6 janvier 2019

Game Changer

The Manley VOXBOX has been an absolute game changer when it comes to my vocal productions. When compared against its physical Manley counterpart, the VOXBOX has no problem matching - and exceeding - my expectations.

A. Lee

1 janvier 2019


I wasn't sure I needed or wanted this until I tried it. I will now always track vocals and guitar with it

C. Fichtinger

28 décembre 2018

Great Tool

I tried it for vocals and bass guitar. It delivers high densitiy and punch on your tracks, especially in use in the input as unison plug-in.

G. Hampton

22 décembre 2018

Only used it a few times.

Its got great character and has paired well with the microphones I've used with it. I have about all the apollo preamps and they all have a cool flavor for about any occasion. Can't wait to try it on other sources.

K. Lima

21 décembre 2018

beautiful ...

this thing is incredible...must have for vocals...

n. jean-pierre

15 décembre 2018


Manley VOXBOX apporte une couleur supplémentaire à ma musique surtout en unisson sur la voix et la basse , j'utilisait le neve 1073 jusqu'a maintenant et avec Manley d'autre possibilité de son s'offre à moi .Je conseille vivement ce plugins qui est vraiment extraordinaire ! Et j'ai pas fini de connaitre tous ces capacités .Merci encore UAD

D. Amaro

15 décembre 2018

It´s not you. It´s me

I was the one who expected something else...but at the end of the day you are just another one, like thousand else...
Maybe my mistake was trust so much...or maybe I get hypnotized for your colors or shapes. I do not know, but ours is not working.
Please follow your own way...I will follow my own.

T. Stankiewicz

15 décembre 2018


So far so good , using for all my vocals.

61-80 sur 296 résultats