Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

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Prix tarif : $499.00


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Manley Complete Bundle

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M. Williams

10 juillet 2014

What can I say!!!

Really takes my music to the next level. Very smooth EQ, nothing harsh about it. Very transparent, a must have!!

S. Hawkins

9 juillet 2014

A Very Useful Tool. The Manley Massive Passive EQ

I use this unit when mastering but have occasionally used the stereo eq version on synth signals. For mastering I find the unit works best in the signal chain after a stereo equalizer which I use as a surgical tool to address problematic frequencies. This way, it functions as the cream on the cake, and it cetainly excels in that role. I really feel quite privileged to have such a high-end tool available to me at a fraction of the cost of a hardware unit. Simon Hawkins, Stockholm, Sweden.

J. Carmo

5 juillet 2014

Very Smooth...

After demo this EQ i had to buy it, because this EQ is really different from the
others, it can boost high Hi and Mid frequencies very smooth without
harshness. Useful for Mix and Mastering. Good color EQ! Great work UA, congratulations...

V. Vachal

2 juillet 2014

Manley EQ

Manley has a beautiful and warm sound. It is great for vocals, instruments and subgrupe..

P. Gharapetian

29 juin 2014

great for mastering

awesome emulation of the colour a real massive passive adds. subtle controls adds for great accuracy and control of sound like the original. great job. the massive passive eq is a must for UAD owners.

A. Do

25 juin 2014

Nice Smooth Eq

This eq is very smooth sounding and can shape your sound as you want it, it'll help your mixes have that final touch. I like this eq at the master channel, also I use it to shape some sounds like synths and percussion groups, overall is just one to get!

T. Gilchrist

22 juin 2014

Not your ordinary plug-in.

Once you experience the sound of this plug-in , you won't do without it. I'm a mastering engineer that is re-building my mastering chain with UA's interfaces and plug-ins along with some outboard gear. The Manley Massive Passive EQ gives me just what I need to push my sound over the top in a subtle way on every master that I have completed recently. My clients love it because the sound references well in any device that it is played on, the sound quality is consistent. I use the presets with some adjustments to get the results that I am shooting for. I am able to recreate the depth perception that is very close to the actual hardware utilizing other UA's plug-ins.This is not your ordinary plug-in.

J. Carmo

21 juin 2014

Must Have

Perfect for mastering but also good for Vocals, Drums,guitars, etc. It´s not a clean EQ, it´s a Color / Saturation device, but sounds clean and Sweet. After DEMO it in my projects in 14 days, i was totally convinced it´s a "Must Have" plugin. I never used the HW, but this plug is amazing. Congratulations UA.

O. Berggren

16 juin 2014

Massive and a Swizz-army knife

When you are done with a mix and your clients are happy there is still one more thing you can do, slap the Massive Passive on the guitarbus, add some 3khz and bam! Agressive upfront wide guitars to compete in the loudness war without compression. I just love this EQ!

O. Ponsford

21 mai 2014

Manley Massive Passive

WOW! such a processor heavy piece of tackle, i love it that much i got another Quad core pcie so i can have more than 3 in a studio set up now thats sick!


deffo buy this or your life will be incomplete

M. Carter

8 mai 2014

Everything I Expected

When deciding to purchase the apollo, the Manley Massive Passive was a great selling point. Actually the fact that Universal Audio made such great emulations was great!! I have used this hardware unit a lot and being able to bring it home it perfect for my mixing needs and taste. Thanks UAD!!

L. Nicolas

23 avril 2014

When virtual become real !

The same sound and precision as the hardware, nothing more to say !

L. Nicolas

23 avril 2014

When virtual become real !

The same sound and precision as the hardware, nothing more to say !

M. Maughan

16 avril 2014

Massive Awesome

The Manley Massive Passive plug in is as close the real thing as any Plug In I own. I have the hardware and did a direct comparison. The hardware in minimally better than the plug in. Very hard to quantify but 4 of us listening all agreed. Not saying the Plug in is bad. Not at all. For it to be as tough to tell the difference for the first 30 minutes or so I would say good job. And for 299 and the hardware being 15x that the 3-5% difference does not make me want to go buy another HW unit. But I want more UAD processing power because this one is a beast on the DSP. (Minor Complaint)

Thanks UAD.

G. Jerald

14 avril 2014

The Manley Massive Passive EQ

What a monster eq. This plugin has a clarity and a true emulation of the real hard ware that I have yet to find in most of the other plugins. Though I haven't had the opportunity to use it as extensively as I will. I have high hopes and high expectations for it.

C. Tunnessen

10 avril 2014

Most musical EQ ever!

Tried the demo and knew I would use this on every subsequent mix. Can be pushed hard or soft and always sounds so musical! The stepped knobs on the mastering version are priceless. So good!

G. Noteris

28 mars 2014

Massive tool

What could i say that haven't been already written about the MP ?

For me it's just the best soft EQ to treat med frequencies.
Vocals and piano would be the best sources to try it on.

Sometimes this EQ might not "work" on a track.
But when it works, no other EQ i've tried with can do the same.

There is a learning curve to this EQ and i'm not sure i've worked enough so far to fully appreciate it.

But whatever, it's just brilliant !

5 stars

L. Antinori

27 mars 2014


Amazing EQ. It imparts beautiful color to your sound but remains a great tool. Now it is fixed on my master bus and often used for lead vocals.

M. Gustafson

20 mars 2014

Mix buss anyone?

I found whats living on my mix buss. This thing sounds great. To anyone who has used the hardware like me you will be shocked that this captures all the vibe and functionality of the original. Unless you are a UAD user already. Then you will have a killer plugin that is the quality you have come to expect and rely on.

J. Murphy

2 mars 2014

Texture like the analog unit

I am a 2 time billboard number 1 engineer. I love UAD plugins and they definitely are quality levels higher than waves plugins they sound real close to the analog unit, but all the hype about the manley massive I really thought it would be much more than it is, I do use it on my mastering but you cannot use it on mixing because of the lag. it is a good plugin I was not blown away with it but it is still well worth it has the texture of the analog unit

Jimmy Starr

1401-1420 sur 1590 résultats