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Manley Complete Bundle

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P. Hoier

20 avril 2021

The most advanced EQ.

You might say, it's just an EQ. And yes indeed it is. It's probably the most sophisticated EQ ever (re)created in software (and yes I know them all). And this holds true here more than 10 years after it was introduced. The sound is subtle and gentle, yet it can be deep and extreme; pushed very far, obviously without any suggestions of digtital artefacts, but instead adding a lovely gloss and sheen. And it does so in a very musical way. Especially on the most vulnerable material, and on busses and master-busses. I often use it at the end of a channel or bus, (I call it after EQ'ing), when the Pultecs are too limited, as It's perfect for for bringing things into balance frequency-wise and it's got a huge amount of frequencies to choose from. Even though it's great at being invisible for mastering etc., it certainly does have sound. But it feels very subtle, but with depth, warmth, complexity and most important; a musicality that almost always suits any source. All in all a real classic.

R. Walsh

16 avril 2021

Wasn't sure

I read such good things about the Manley Passive but I had some good EQs including the Fabfilter Q3 and the Chandler . I tried the demo and saw why people speak so highly of it. The the subtlety of this EQ is hard to describe. You think you haven't done anything then A/B it and wow. It takes some getting use to in that you must use your ears because your eyes will say "that's a lot to be cutting or boosting. It's on every master I do. It's my go to when I can't get the sound of a track to work. I added the Manley comp and the Passive EQ are always on my drum buss. A must have EQ. There is nothing like it.

H. Andersen

14 avril 2021

Love it

A. Kouthoofd

13 avril 2021

Awesome stuff...

Like it a lot and use it every day.

M. Miller

10 avril 2021

Jack in the Box

I purchased the Manley Voxbox along with the Avalon and Neve 1073. It's a dope pre-amp, I think it's power is even more useful in the mixing stage to put on your vocal tracks. Has a softer edge to it than I initially imagined or heard from the demos online. This is a definite for your vocal suite of plugins!


8 avril 2021

Buena compra

Excelente sonido, solo necesité un ecualizador UAD para darle un poco mas de brillo a mi voz.

D. Montoya

7 avril 2021

My absolute favorite unison plug in

The EQ section is just OK. The high band EQ is a little too narrow of an EQ for my tastes. Where this thing really shines lies between input and gain controls. So much happens within these two knobs. Raising the gain knob absolutely fattens whatever source you throw at this. Fat, warm vocals? Check. Fat drum bus? check. Big, warm strings? check. More Voodoo from the folks at UA.

J. Gonzalez Jr.

1 avril 2021

Great Sound

Very warm, makes the vocals pop out in the mix. My go to when recording any singer.

J. Gonzalez Jr.

1 avril 2021

Great Sound

Very warm, makes the vocals pop out in the mix. My go to when recording any singer.

J. Gonzalez Jr.

1 avril 2021

Great Sound

Very warm, makes the vocals pop out in the mix. My go to when recording any singer.

J. Gonzalez Jr.

1 avril 2021

Great Sound

Very warm, makes the vocals pop out in the mix. My go to when recording any singer.

R. Stephens III

30 mars 2021

Just beginning...

Just beginning to learn it, but it seems like it's going to add up just like the other plugins that I have from these guys.

K. Larsen

30 mars 2021

Nice smoth and vintage mojo

Manley Massive Passive EQ is the goto plugin in your mastering chain. To be used as the smooth and warm vintage mojo for your mastering. Works exactly as a passive EQ should work and when you get to know it - so simple and efficient to use with great results.

a. ribeiro

24 mars 2021

top demais

o produto de excelente qualidade estou maravilhado com tanta qualidade con certeza comprarei muito

T. Fleet

18 mars 2021

Mastering quality

Just fantastic on the mix buss, opens things up for me in a musical way that I haven't been able to achieve with other eq's. Best UAD plug I own.

L. Martella

16 mars 2021

Excellent equalizer

Excellent and powerful equalizer, when you use it you feel it is present. I use it in mastering.
The only drawback is that it consumes a lot of resources uad and I who own a Twin x duo struggle a bit to make it stay

B. Rogers

16 mars 2021

Stick it on the instrument bus

Possibly not what it was intended for by I stick it on the instrument bus and it adds a nice sheen noticeably improves my mixes

U. Gupta

16 mars 2021

Amazing preamp

Does wonders for my condenser, highly recommend!

N. Kitichaivaranggoon

14 mars 2021

One of the best front end

Hear it tru Manley voxbox and feel it!

e. tucker

11 mars 2021

Almost as good as the real thing

I've used the voxbox in Studios for years. This uad version is right on par with the real hardware.

381-400 sur 1725 résultats