Plug-In Maag EQ4® EQ

Plug-In Maag EQ4® EQ


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Maag EQ4® EQ

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K. Hankins

21 juin 2017

AIR mode is a killer.

This is a very transparent EQ to use. The AIR mode is amazing. It adds that top air above 20k that is just missing sometimes. When overdriving the equalizer settings the EQ distorts nicely. Beautiful harmonics can be heard.

S. Gough

15 juin 2017

Excellent EQ for Additive moves

The air and sub bands are great. They have a very natural boost. Excellent for adding sparkle to vocals and elements that need to fill in the high frequency spectrum.

m. hardy

6 juin 2017

Maag ammo

I purchased this for the top end and end up using every knob...

J. Lee

17 mai 2017

Great EQ

I love this EQ! One of the EQs I've ever used. You don't have to think. Just twist some knobs around the specific range you want to amplify and add some air; then BOOM, hear the magic.

P. Gonzalez

2 mai 2017

Love it Love it Love!

Not much of a review from a technical stand point, but JUST GET IT! you wont be disappointed.

M. L

17 avril 2017

Secret weapon #2

I use in every song

A. Pfiffner

14 avril 2017

Great EQ for anything with bright transients

I've been using this on breathy vocals and acoustic guitar recording. It does wonders to the higher ends, giving a high depth sparkle and shimmer that's kind of hard to explain with words. I often don't even need to tweak the knobs much, just running it through the plug-in with the knobs at neutral gives an audio improvement. Very flexible plug-in for your signal chain.

T. Gustafsson

2 avril 2017

Maag EQ4® EQ

I´ve seen Dave Pensado talking about this one for those who knows who he is, and he loves it. So do I, It gives your track that sheen and open them up.
Tried it on an acoustic guitar, loved it. Tried it on vocals, loved it.
I really recommend this one, the air band is magical

Z. King

23 mars 2017

What a magical EQ

Paired with a ribbon mic I've gotten some fantastic results. SM7 vocals? Kicks butts. Acoustic guitar? Beautiful.

m. ferraro

7 mars 2017

amazing overtones

Love using this on baritone male vocals to add an incredible presence with the AIR band

D. Jehle

5 mars 2017

Pearl in EQ land

This is a niche EQ, maybe not directly suitable for all jobs, but initially easy. As you might know; great choice of bands and the air band is really something else. Voice/acoustic guitars/pianos. Wonderfully transparant, Love it!

G. Samraj

17 février 2017

Great color

This plug in always great to add color period. Thats pretty much what it can only do for all that DSP. The emulation is excellent.

L. Guell

12 février 2017


Had the hardware version from when the company was called Nightpro. The plug in works jut like the original hardware with one exception, the Sub and Air bands need to the pushed between .5 and 1 db more to achieve same results as hardware. Not a big deal.
P.S. I still have a four channel Nightpro PreQa (with the Air Band) that I would never let go.

G. Samraj

4 février 2017

Good for color

This may not be an essential got to plug in, however its a a necessary tool for adding some gloss and color to your tracks

M. White

21 janvier 2017

"Air" is there...

The Maag EQ4 plugin has a character of its own and lets you open up the top frequencies without harshness. In short, it gives you capabilities I haven't found in other EQ's, hardware or software.

B. Gotch

15 janvier 2017

Secret Weapon

This EQ has so much character A Swiss Army Knife

R. Almario

14 janvier 2017

Love this EQ for the master bus

This is a very musical EQ. I tend to slap it on the master bus almost as a mastering, sculpting tool for the whole mix. Though I agree with the people here that say the Air Band is amazing, the 2.5 kHz shelf is awesome in my opinion. It adds so much clarity to my mixes without making them harsh.

C. Perez Iserte

13 janvier 2017

Very nice

This eq is fantastic, simple but effective. The air band is especially!!

Utilisateur UAD

12 janvier 2017


A powerful addition to any vocal chain. Easy to use. The air-band is by far my preferred high shelf, and the low band boost adds weight tastefully.

D. Englisch

12 janvier 2017

My main vocal EQ now

Getting that vocal job done quick, easy and with lovely results!

81-100 sur 254 résultats