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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

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R. Gavrielov

2 mars 2012

I just came to check out the reviews left users about VOG without trying it yet...
After reading the reviews, I had the sudden urge to test it on the Kick Drum & Bass bus...
as some one already wrote, I will say it also:
It took the track to a whole other level...
with some fine tuning the result is absolutely amazing!
I used it on a Dance song I'm currently working on...
And I will definitely use it on all of My future releases...

Strongly recommended...
Great job UA!

D. Savchenko-belski

22 janvier 2012

If your into house music like electro house or progressive and u want those nice deep kicks along with those raw edge sounding bass leads this is your tool

C. Shortlidge

21 janvier 2012

Best plugin yet. Pure mojo. For any dance music producer, this plug is an absolute must. Simply throw it on your kick, sub, or both, and boom!! Your track just went to the next level! Anyone needing a heavy dose of clean, pure, fat punch and power to the low end must get the this plug!!

G. Perry

10 janvier 2012

Brilliant A1.Worked this out within 15 minutes of the demo (a few days after it came out),there I was - buying through Paypal.
Gr8 bargain price - Non UAD users should dive in before the $ go ^
Really good,easy,tight and quick for getting that deep kick that we are so often after, in conjunction with that most elusive bass.
Worked wonders on adding some extra oomph to the bottom of a whole(bass light) track.
I would suggest to All that are reading this.....Get it , buy a sub woofer and have some fun. Even on small systems you will be able to mix your lower levels to a much finer degree. BIG UP to the VOG and UAD.
PS: The UAD Brainworx plug is superior to the native version (having tested on a hardware side monitoring system), as well as the Trident plug (more depth).
Dedicated DSP is the way to go.One can get into Bit Depth, Truncation,PCM etc but it seems to my ears and experience - Dedicated processing wins over native. Dedication is the key (Roy Castle), rather than diluting oneself over multi tasking and the gaming fraternity.
This is THE modern outboard that can run on numerous instances, with full and total recall.Have it.No one does it quite like you.

S. Field

1 janvier 2012

Until VOG came along, I would often spend a long time making sure that the kick drum and the bass sat together nicely. Now it happens so quickly that I genuinely wonder what I did without it.

I make bass heavy dub music, so the bottom end is really the heart and soul of EVERYTHING. And in my years of trying to translate my studio mixes to HUGE PA speakers, I have probably scared a few sound system owners. I am growing very comfortable now though, with my UAD plugins. The Neve 88RS plug has done wonders for my bass channels, but together with the VOG... man, I feel like an audio sculptor.

Another surprising thing about the VOG is that you can often push stuff through it to really extreme levels without any casualties. It attenuates the frequencies around it perfectly. I'm starting to use it everywhere, just give me an excuse not to!

J. Nemitz

20 décembre 2011

That was about the easiest decision I've ever had while trying a demo.

1.) Open up a mix that has bass in it.

2.) Put the VOG on the bass guitar.

3.) Turn two knobs at will until jaw is on the floor.

4.) Buy the plugin at

M. Dyson

12 décembre 2011

...honestly, this tool is priceless! specially in mastering situations with underrepresented lows the VOG is the easiest, fastest and best way to breath new life into the mix! thanks UAD!!

R. Ahmadi

2 décembre 2011

I LOVE THIS THING! That's how I use it:

On a Kick drum (909) put a a compressor so you have a stronge and hard attack and the rest of the low is compressed (Pretty hard), then put this VOG thingy after it and find the right low frequency and boost it to taste!

Sounds freaking FAT and AWESOME! at the same time so warm in the mix.

Thank you so much UAD for this one :)

N. Brinck

1 décembre 2011

This plug is insane!
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

J. Vawter

1 décembre 2011

This tool is genius. Once again UA comes outta nowhere and gives us a plugin that is so essential, I wonder how I dared to mix without it. That sounds like hype, but it really takes the chore out of getting the bottom end right, which is 80% of mixing. And it's so ridiculously easy. In the past I've tended to mix clean and tasty - take away the mud, let the natural tones shine through, etc - but this thing pumps up that approach with steroids. It makes lows sound larger than life, while still being impossibly tight.

S. Belgrave

16 novembre 2011

This plug rocks, what it does to the low end is ridonculous! That spoecial kind of low end. Tried it on drums, vox and bass. Simply magical...

D. Wolfram

10 novembre 2011

I hadn't bought a UAD plug in a little while and then this came along. My Lord what this can do to bass! Seriously, after using the trial, I attempted to recreate the effect using various UAD compressor and EQ combinations. Nothing elese did it for me. I am amazed. It is a big bad wolf in a little sheeps clothing.

V. Gillert

5 novembre 2011

this is what I've been looking for years! this plug-in is slick and was able to do what an eq was not able to. I simply love if, one of my favourites right now!

J. Avendano

5 novembre 2011


J. Sosa

3 novembre 2011

Wauw.....!! this plug-ins does magic, great for tightening or loosening the low ends. Love it !!

581-595 sur 595 résultats