Plug-In Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Plug-In Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb


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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

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P. Moshay

28 mai 2012

For some reason i thought that i was gonna feel the sound of the 224 was gonna sound old and outdated since i had not used one in a long time....... boy was i wrong. I really forgot how great it sounded inside the mix! It's one of those effects that when you put it on a track, its hard to replace. Don't feel bad if you are lusting after buying this one, once you do you'll feel relieved and your mixes will probably have some new inspiration.

G. Piazza

17 mai 2012

I have been wary of getting this plugin, not due to quality worries but price. But after using it, I have to say it is worth every penny! The 'verb sits in mixes like nothing else and makes and excellent compliment to the EMT 250 & 140.
A few years ago, UA was not the undisputed leader in reverb, but that is rapidly changing. Along with the Tape plugins, the Cooper, DL & Dimension D, great depth and sonic space is now a reality on the UAD platform.
Do yourself a favor - don't balk at the price; just try this baby and smile!

J. Aossey

13 mai 2012

On my production for The Player's Championship at Sawgrass 2012 TV commercials, I used the 224 on live Cello/Strings and Orchestral Drums and it was nothing less than extraordinary! Even when pushed hard, it gave the mix a warm and lush sonic characteristic without turning the mix "cloudy". Best reverb plugin on the market.

J. Hendicott

18 avril 2012

As a score-writer working in lots of different genres it's always important to have a flexible reverb plug in. I have no experience with the original unit at all but have to say that I LOVE the sound of this reverb.

It can go from realistic small room reverbs to infinite shimmering plates, and it is the latter that really caught my ear.

Dial in a long reverb decay and it really shines - it reminded me of the way the space echo saturates, and seems to work with every production I work on.

So there you go - no overly technical review, it just sounds good!

S. Berujanyan

17 avril 2012

high quality plugin. This has surpassed all of my expectations of your incredible work. My 224 will most likely bring about a truncation to my use of other reverbs - this IS a Lexicon and I love it.


J. Cranman

14 avril 2012

I've never owned a 224 but having worked with other outboard processors and hearing loads of Eno and Vangelis records I have to say this 224 emulation is very nice.

However, I don't feel it's got quite the "presence" that the real thing would have. I enjoy it more as a send where it definitely gives you that 224 ambience but when using it as an insert I just can't help but feel like it's missing a bit of "presence" or "sparkle" or "hardness" that even a cheaper outboard unit like by Dynacord DRP or the Ensoniq DP4 would give you. Seems to suck tone a bit and I'm having trouble getting the full-on epicness out of it . . .

Is it good? Yes.

Is it still just a plug-in? Yes, for now.

4 Stars.

A. Norris

8 mars 2012

OML - that's Oh My Lexicon!
Having used the hardware of these pinnacle devices for reverb since the 80's I simply cannot believe the sound of this UAD model. The tails within the reverbs are so accurate, the rich body totally reminiscent of the 224. I salute your team in not only modelling this iconic hardware but indeed improving upon the algorithms. I think the allegiance to the original and respect shown to this by allowing users to bypass your bug-fixes and noise suppression is also note-worthy. Congratulations UAD - this has surpassed all of my expectations of your incredible work. My 224 will most likely bring about a truncation to my use of other reverbs - this IS a Lexicon and I love it.

M. Kempter

29 décembre 2011

Not that i have a clue, how the original sounds like. But what i heard so far within my own mixes is plain pleasure! I can imagine the run for this emulation, very unique sound and allways catchy, characteristic.

Very inutive surface, workflow, great sound, mine.

D. Cupp

28 décembre 2011

As a former OWNER of the actual Hardware version i felt it necessary to write a review.
I had regretted selling my old 224 years ago, but now i no longer miss it. This is not a close model, this is an EXACT copy of my beloved 224!! To my ears this is identical to my old 224. Considering what i paid for a hardware version...the price is DIRT CHEAP.
One of the most useable verbs ever!

C. Larocque

26 novembre 2011

I am very pleased with this product. I actually use this over my Lexicon PCM native bundle.

M. Watts

22 novembre 2011

AMAZING!!!! The most natural drum verb I have ever heard!!!

K. Dalager

10 novembre 2011

I've been waiting for this software and I'm just so happy about it, it's world class.

I've worked with both the 224 and the 480 hardware versions and I must say this software version is absolutely fantastic, it's like having the real thing.

I'll hope you UAD guys do a version of the 480 too.

Thanks UAD, you guys are just world class.

A. Oberholz

29 octobre 2011

First I wanna say I am not one of the generation who used such HW reverbs. I started the demo to check the lexicon plug in with some other options in reverb I own.

What my ears hear is impressive.

Most IRs based reverbs don't glue with the signal and have a lack of ERs.
Even algor. ones of competitors, without naming one, have this lack against the lexicon 224 by UAD.

It has dense ERs and the signal melts with the reverb together- pure fun and a beauty.

A must have for people who love 80s Pop sound.
Without it you will have a hart time to get those typical large reverbs which still sound crystal clear like a fresh breeze.

I have many reverb options in the DAW.
Not a single one was able to do what the lexicon 224 by UAD did.

B. Waters

15 octobre 2011

Can't use my newly purchased Lexicon 224 because the bloody software "upgrade" won't install!
I hope that I have not wasted my hard earned money!

J. Robins

8 octobre 2011

Having been fortunate enough to work with this classic and to study under Dave Isaac, who wrote a few of the presets, I was very skeptical. Within one use this became my go-to verb; the sound is spot on, the operation is simple and it just works for anything you can throw at it. An amazing product that has replaced thousands of dollars in competitive plug-ins.

If you are looking to take your project studio to a new level or add depth to your pro mixes without breaking the bank this is the product you are looking for.

D. Palmer

24 septembre 2011

If there's one thing that always lets down digital recording it's the quality and believability of the reverb plugins that are available... Until now... The Lexicon 224 is so acurate it defies belief... I've worked with an original 224 for years and I'm finding it hard to be able to tell the difference that's how good this emulation is... I only hope they go on to make a plugin of the 480 too!!...

L. Taylor

10 août 2011

Simply Amazing another well done recreation by uad, keep up the good work

J. Luhrs

5 août 2011


F. Anklam

29 juillet 2011

This is the Lexicon sound I never got. It can create very realistic small to medium spaces on rhythmic material like fingerpicked acoustic guitar (nylon and steel), piano, vocals, percussion and to a certain degree on drums.

C. Sjöstrand

18 juin 2011

Working whith this is like taking a trip back to the 80s when there was no other thing then the lex 224.
Finally the drums sounding like they should and the vocals make there own stand in the Mix
Thanks UA for a realy great simulation of the classic 224 reverb

661-680 sur 690 résultats