Plug-In Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Plug-In Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

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Prix tarif : $349.00


Vous économiserez 57%

Vous n'avez pas d'article dans votre panier.

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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

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C. Vazquez

26 mai 2020

Every reverb you will need

I chose this over the emt 140 because of its multiple reverb types. It has simple controls and sounds great! It can be subtle or over top!!!

S. Roy

27 avril 2020

Lexicon 224

Best reverb, makes my vocal tracks shine!

J. Roecker

21 avril 2020

Essential Verb!

The Lexicon 224 is now an essential part of my sound! This plugin is an instrument unto itself!


18 avril 2020

Cool reverb

I always choose this reverb for my hiphop Channel

P. Enz

16 avril 2020

Very Nice Reverb

I had a bit of a learning curve, because I never had one of these in my hands. You can spend so many hours exploring sounds.

j. Lee

14 avril 2020

전설을 만났다.

리버브의 전설이다. 이건 그냥 사야 하는거다.
작곡가 지인의 추천으로 구매 했는데 나는 절대 후회 하지 않는다.

B. Wegner-Schmidt

14 avril 2020


One of the best reverbs. I use it often

서. 덕

4 mars 2020

224 vox

I think he's the king of vocal reverb.

C. Lee

21 février 2020

Lexicon Reverb really?!!...

UA did it again with this one. What an amazing Digital Reverb Plugin! Love the amazing presets and the ability to flip through them as you listen back so you can find that perfect reverb preset and fine tune it to perfection from there.
This is a no brainer to me, everyone should have one of these in there arsenal.

P. Mata Rodriguez

18 février 2020

Excellent sound!!!

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, but the results on my guitar and Superior Drummer are great. Great piece of software!!!

E. Corneliussen

1 février 2020


This is THE go-to for most instruments. Brilliant for synths, and varm and nice for electronic drums.

j. toledano

21 janvier 2020

Mi preferida

Es mi reverb preferida suena genial ,le viene bien a todos los sonidos .

D. Farrell

20 janvier 2020

Lex 224

Superb reverb. Couldn't recommend it enough.


13 janvier 2020

Exactly what i was expecting

This is an amazing plugin with exactly the sound of what i was expecting from a lexicon device
Well done!!!

t. billonare

6 janvier 2020


i use 224 and emt140
thats sounds perfect

J. Warnehed

3 janvier 2020

Luuushuuuuusss reverb

Just that. Really nice sounding reverb.

G. Herrera

21 décembre 2019

Aux/Send this 224

I like digital when It is clean and with this unit I have another tool, sounds so good on anything, I am still just learning all it has to offer but so far Its super great haha, thanks UA

P. Daly

20 décembre 2019

Classic Reverb

Sounds fantastic. Depth and Diffusion controls are very satisfying.

G. Rhodes

17 décembre 2019

My new favorite

This plugin sounds amazing. It’s my favorite reverb plugin.

K. Nakagawa

13 décembre 2019

So incredible

I should have bought this amazing Lexicon Reverb earlier.
So natural and transparent.

1-20 sur 660 résultats

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