Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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M. O'Connor

30 juin 2020

Magical sparkle!

I don't think I use any of this stuff to its full potential but this is wonderful. It seems to add a little something to everything - it's hard to put your finger on exactly what but it makes everything sound better!

M. Adelmann

29 juin 2020

Punch And Clarity

This plug in is a great tool to give your guitar tone just that special punch and clarity to cut through your mix. Very versatile and works amazing on bass tones as well!!!! A keeper!!!!

M. Bláha

24 juin 2020

Nice warming sound

Perfect Vintage Preamp and EQ in UNISON channel .. my piano is in the sound heaven.

I. Sisko

22 juin 2020

My Favorite

This one works for me, the sound is big und punchy and the midrange is perfect.

R. Deitch

18 juin 2020

Classic with versatility

Love this plugin. Sounds amazing on lead guitar. You can dial in how gritty it gets and the eq is very sensitive. I've used both the regular and the legacy, both are fantastic

A. Pashka

18 juin 2020

Vintage Guitar Sound

I don't do a lot of rock stuff, but when I do this is what I use to shape the guitar sound. This brings the past to life. If you're looking for that classic rock sound for your guitars, look no further!

B. Isaak

15 juin 2020

My Dirty Little Secret

Crank the input up to 60 or 70 and take a little 10k out, and your distorted guitar tone is rockin'. I love the harmonics this preamp adds. It sounds so real. It does much better than most of the other UAD unison preamps at adding distortion. Don't get me wrong, I love my V76 and API Vision plugins, but the Helios is the perfect dirty addition.

P. McLaughlin

10 juin 2020

Guitar go-to.

Probably other stuff as well but I love it for guitars. It's fairly straightforward but just has a great mid range focus. If you want a musical eq to make a guitar pop this is my recommendation and will probably be the first eq i reach for after doing the customary high pass on a no transparent eq.

C. Davies

29 mai 2020

Holy cow

This thing brought all my mics to life. It gave the fidelity and fullness I had been trying to get with other preamps, and has all the EQ settings in the right places. There was a good deal on it, and applied a coupon for a no-brainer purchase! Will be using this one a LOT.

B. Warsaw

21 mai 2020


Admittedly it is a bit of a DSP eater, but this is undoubtedly one of my favorite EQ's for guitars (acoustic and electric) and drums, or anything needing affirmative midrange presence or bite without harshness. Great job!

S. Shaw

19 mai 2020

Rock n roll

It has a strong character that brings in the unique aggression that says rock n roll. Not as flexible as other unison plugs, but once it works it rocks the hell out of my recording.

N. Bryce

4 mai 2020

Charming character to vocals!

Thought I would give it a try and recorded some vocal tracks with the Helios 69 plug-in and was like wow!! You’ll love this worth every penny :~)

A. Bennett

2 mai 2020

Love this!

Love this plug-in! Quick and easy to dial in the classic vintage rock sound for vocals!

G. Leal

29 avril 2020

Unbelievable sound

This pre is amazing, instant 60s sound that works amazing on every track, also very musical eq, I really love this pre

R. Daniel

25 avril 2020

Great Preamp!!!

Coming from a full analog studio and using the physical hardware I was a little concerned however UA did their job flawlessly. Well done.

s. bosewicht

21 avril 2020


I own some truly great analog preamps. The one that would be impossible to get is this one. The plugin is astonishing. I use this every time I track guitars. Tons of analog voodoo.

r. loyola Perez

21 avril 2020

"increible "

simplemente increible !!!!!

S. Garret

12 avril 2020


Sounds like baby cherub angels

K. Larsen

9 avril 2020

Preamp with attitude

I think one of the most important plugin/hardware in musicproduction is the pre amp.
The Helios Type 69 is the most versatile pre amp I ever came across. Superbe.

M. Keilhauer

3 avril 2020

Just Great

Great UAD plugin. Just like always makes me feel a little less CPU and more Desk. Love that stuff.

81-100 sur 330 résultats