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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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P. Diaz

12 novembre 2022

Warm & Fuzzy

Good warm sound.

A. Brown

23 septembre 2022

Great Preamp

Im enjoying this One ! The tones and EQ Sounds are priceless

J. Rawls

17 septembre 2022


Cranking the gain all the way up is extremely fun. It gets nasty rapidly. I Highly recommend it if you are interested in extreme distortion.

M. Park

1 septembre 2022

Works well

Great Preamp!

A. Mujic

24 août 2022

Works dope!

Love that saturation. But uses a lot of DSP! Would love it used x2 less!

N. Lalarme

13 juillet 2022

Best Unison Preamp so far

Got it few weeks back and already number one on all my guitar/bass tracks. A must have! good deal with special price and coupon, no brainer...

A. Jensen

29 juin 2022

Love it

Very useful plug-in …the eq’s makes my tracks stand out and get that analogue mojo

E. Shacham

16 mai 2022

best preamp in the collection

This is probably the best preamp we got from UAD in a bundl.e, Iv'e been pleased with the color and eq and will definitely use it again.

I. Voevodin

3 février 2022

The best

I tried all the preamps, it was very suitable for my vocals, I will definitely use it in my mixes.

L. Brown

20 janvier 2022

Really good for electric guitar.

I use this in the Unison position to record electric guitar tracks. I run straight electric guitar into it, as well as multi-pedaled, effected guitar into it. It works and sounds great either way. I'll probably reach for this first the next time I use mic's.

C. Knight

18 janvier 2022

Get it!!!

One of the best Preamp/EQ's you can get, the bass gets pumped fast!

D. Dauphin

3 janvier 2022

My favorite unison preamp for vocals

When I bought the apollo twin I wanted it for the Neve unison plugin on my vocals. I decided to test them all before I make my final decision and the helios was the clear winner for me on vocals. But what I didn't know is that I would use this baby almost on anything. Use it on your acoustic guitars tracking, on your DI bass or with the Ampeg plugin and even try to put it on your electric guitars this plugin is simply fantastic. I would be using the apollo twin for this plugin alone!!


28 décembre 2021

Great on everything!

I own all the unison preamps but this one gets the most use. Love it in combo with all my mics, but especially with the Townsend Labs L22. Great on guitars and bass. Can thicken just about anything up and the distortion is fabulous.

D. Stekachev

6 décembre 2021

Mr Awesomeness Type 69

I really like this preamp. Will I get another $50 discount code for my best review ever? :)

J. Bacon

2 décembre 2021

Superb, use it all the time

I haven't used the original hardware, so I cannot write a comparative review.

I'll just say this: Helios Type 69 has proved invaluable, and it has been a pleasure to use since I purchased it a few months ago.

I have used it mainly on DI bass, ahead of an instance of LA-2, then into Ampeg SVTVR; with that recording chain, I'm achieving some of the most satisfying recorded bass sounds I have ever managed in 30 years of studio work, and with very little effort. That's important; I don't want to spend time playing with dials when the creative mood strikes... everything needs to be fast and intuitive, and in service of the process.

From Helios, I hear warmth, vitality, dimension. It's pretty easy to use if you spend a few minutes with the manual first.

It really helps electric bass sit in the mix. The other rave reviews here don't surprise me at all. Treat yourself; this one sounds special.

S. Walker

28 novembre 2021


Haven’t really had much time with the Type 69 but I did get some very thick and juicy flavours with a simple valve mic and my old 80s Taka acoustic and it didn’t take much mucking around either. Lots of colour lots of growl. I can see many sessions in my new Helios virtual studio!

V. De Puydt

29 octobre 2021

Warmth and shine

One of my first choices for recording voices. Adds warmth, grain but still clear and precise. I love it.

V. Basyul

7 septembre 2021


It’s awesome !

L. Rocha

3 août 2021

Great Unison

one of the best unison pre amplifiers

I. Bandera

15 juillet 2021

Molto interessante

Ottimo su molte sorgenti ma sulle chitarre è veramente fantastico, anche la versione legacy rende molto bene. Consigliato.

21-40 sur 367 résultats