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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

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J. Brown

6 octobre 2019


The Helios is quickly becoming a favorite of mine from the whole UAD family of Mic Pres... Very natural with a good amount of character. Easy to dial in your own, or if you choose a preset, there are great ones to choose from...

Helios was not a purchase, it was an investment of tone!!!

C. Garges

5 octobre 2019

Helios 69

Been loving this plugin! It's been a go-to starting point that usually stays in the chain for electric guitars in a mix. A good friend and wonderful engineer who's been familiar with my work for about 15 years recently told me that every time he hears one of my mixes lately, he's reminded that he needs to "step up his guitar game." Hahaha! I'll take a compliment like that and the Helios Type 69 is largely responsible.

J. Vidal

4 octobre 2019

Lives up to hype !

Granted I've never recorded through a real Helios, I have used Neve's and SSL etc... I was really impressed with the Preamp using the Unison. Really made the guitars sound huge and thick in a really musical way. Very happy with my purchase!

J. Poole

21 août 2019

I sing the body electric

I just got done putting this on everything in a mix that had given me problems on the sterile side and now things are more on the Joe Walsh side, which is what I was after...when it's right, it's right...

G. Loopez

20 août 2019

just add

just adding this on your insert makes the track sound better :) love it

S. Kochi

13 août 2019



M. Segal

8 août 2019

Instant go-to.

Easy and versatile. Has the best digital distortion I've heard yet.


29 juillet 2019

Excellent preamp character for a touch of dirt

I love using the Helios preamp to just a little bit of grit to tracks. The character is a bit cleaner and more open than the Neve and tube preamps, which makes it a great addition to my plug-in arsenal. The EQ is great too.


14 juillet 2019


I used this with the voices in mix and the like sound is impressive!!! Best Product!!

R. Trevor

24 juin 2019

Add excitement !

I added the channel strip to my drum bus, increased the gain and instant excitement !
Made my day !!!

B. King

27 mai 2019

Instant Vintage

This pre (and the EQ) are everything I hoped and expected. Lots of tonal options and flexibility. It’s so simple and easy to get a good sound. I’m trying to get a vintage sound, and this nails it. Highly recommended if you want something diff than the Neve or UA pres that everyone else hasn’t.

C. Kocatepe

8 mai 2019

Caglar Kocatepe

TR: Bu gerçekten harika bir koleksiyon. Şiddetle tavsiye ederim.

EN: This is a really great collection. Would highly recommend.

Caglar Kocatepe
Music Producer

M. Mastrojanni

6 mai 2019

The best Preamp and Eq with analogical perception of the reality

As I wrote in the index this preamp used by the Beatles and more and more is The best Preamp and Eq with analogical perception of the reality
I love it and I found it superior of the famous Neve 1073 that I also own
Ciao Enjoy


3 mai 2019


I am the lucky owner of this pre-amp, along with the Neve 1073.
The Helios 69 makes a BIG difference on electric guitar. The Helios and NEVE are 2 completely different pre-amps. Put on guitars, the difference is obvious.
One of my best investment this year with UAD. Highly recommended.

R. Priori

2 mai 2019

This is crazy good!!

I was kind of skeptical about preamp emulations so I hadn't great expectations about it. WRONG. It's a game changer, that's what it is. Try it, seriously.

Y. Kim

30 avril 2019

I am so satisfied!!!!

It gives a moderately sharp feeling that is not exaggerated. And it is really clear.

M. Wallace

29 avril 2019


This is a very impressive Helios Type 69 emulation!

A. Avelin

27 avril 2019

Very special

This is a special sounding and fun to work with piece of plugin. It's thick and nice and sounds really good. Great for rock music and does what not many other EQ-plugins do.

M. Björklund

25 avril 2019

The sound of the legends

Sounds marvelous on Bass.

M. Björklund

25 avril 2019

The sound of the legends

Sounds marvelous on Bass.

161-180 sur 371 résultats