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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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15 mars 2018


Fantastique; énormes possibilités, assez facile à mettre en œuvre. Va vite devenir un favori !

D. Marcus

15 mars 2018


Love this go to on guitars

a. clark

15 mars 2018

More bounce

The sound is excellent. It gives so much more punch to the bottom and the highs are pristine

C. Garcia

15 mars 2018


Essential in my Bass tracks ;-)

R. Pablo Olivares

14 mars 2018

The Classic Sound

Since I heard the demo sounds I fell in love with it. Now I use it and I hear some of that vintage sound. It is awesome and I like it on drums and voices.

G. Pflueger

14 mars 2018

Love it on Vocals

I am too young to have experienced the Original but this truly is a great vocal tool with somehow bright and shiny but not harsh or sharp results - both with male and female singers. I love it.

J. Monnecka

13 mars 2018

You had me at hello

I decided to try the “demo” period out to see how I like this.. I put a preset on my main vocal in a mix and hit BUY immediately lol I didn’t even wait for the demo to expire :) killer!

R. Havok

13 mars 2018

Full of Character

Yet another great plug in from Universal Audio. Pair this with the Studor A-800 and you have a great signal path that can overdrive like mad if you want it to as well as creating a very solid analog sound

M. Vaz

13 mars 2018

Amazing sound and saturation sound

Just loving the new Helios 69.... Just put it on every drum channel and boom! The sound I was looking for. Great flavour!

S. Murphy

13 mars 2018


Love the Helios!!


13 mars 2018


Great sound under your fingers!!!

T. Marrison

12 mars 2018

Nice pre, great EQ

I actually bought this for the EQ, which sounds very open and reminiscent of my Thermionic Culture Freebird. The saturation is good too - I prefer the 1073 but nice to have this different flavour. Not sure these Unisons will replace my Aurora Audio pre yet but damn they're getting close! :)

J. Bauer

11 mars 2018

Great on guitars, drums, bass, and across mix busses

I rarely write comments about products unless I am either supremely pleased or very disappointed. This plugin falls into the former. I had another popular version of this pre/eq (HLS) by another company that I liked quite well and used on many projects until I switched to the UA Apollo platform. I made use of UA's Helios legacy version early on before discovering the SSL E and 1073 plugins. This new Helios is different from all of the aforementioned. It is very forgiving and the available frequencies and gain ranges of the pots are exceptionally musical and well judged. It also adds the most convincing sounding distortion that I have heard on any preamp plugin so far, and it is very easy to control the amount of clipping with the line/mic, mid, and gain controls. Works great on mix busses to add air at 10kHz and to tighten up bass. I have a feeling that this Helios has a few more tricks up its sleeve waiting to be discovered. Well done! I posted a sample here:

G. Jennings

7 mars 2018

One of the Coolest

I purchased the Helios 69 as soon as it came out. I put it in the unison position in my mic channel and was delighted to find I could get a crunchier tone on my voice with this one, than with the Neve 1073. I still sing with the Neve on some songs, but there's a huge need for what I'm hearing now. And besides singing, I've found a lot of the presets to be exactly what I was looking for on an instrument track. Also, I haven't really had a tube overdrive that didn't just break up wrong. With this channel strip, I just bump the trim up one click and certain things break up just right. If I want less I just throw a "gain" in front of it. The earlier helios was a go-to for me when I wanted mids. It always seems more effective than the pultec (which I love for that low end). But this is easier to work with and sounds even better. I would love to see a model of the helios mix buss.

T. Allen

6 mars 2018

Perfect for single coil guitars.

Really enjoyed the clean mids this brought out! Nice color. I’m mind blown by the unisen technology! Wish I had them all!

J. Fritsch

5 mars 2018

That’s Rock’n roll!

Amazing treatment of the mids and exklusive satuartion all over.

D. Bires

4 mars 2018

Does what it says. Smooth highs without the brittle.

I really like this Type 69 preamp because how it works and reacts with one particular mic. The "sm7b". In unison all I can say for me the matchup up is great. I also paired up with the EL 8 Distressor with it on vocals recording straight into my DAW. I have almost a perfect sound going right in. I feel UA is right about the Highs in the EQ where they sound true and not so brittle. Also when I made slight high end adjustments it was really easy to dial in a near perfect vocal right out the gate. Just a super nice unison plugin. I am actually starting to trust UA's unison technology over my hardware preamps more and more.

J. North

4 mars 2018

Great for Tracking

Insane mids and great saturation for tracking with Apollo interfaces.

T. Wettstein

4 mars 2018

The best EQ so far

So smooth and rich. I'm absolutely amazed. No comparison to the legacy version.

R. Panossian

3 mars 2018

My new favourite !

It didn’t take much for this to be my new favourite preamp, it sounds just perfect for voice and guitars to give them that in your face kind of colour and presence, give it a try and you won’t be able not to keep thinking of it until you buy it. I love it ! I just wished the gain increments where not by 10db

301-320 sur 351 résultats