Amplificateur Friedman® Buxom Betty

Amplificateur Friedman® Buxom Betty

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Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

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F. Biagetti

21 mars 2018

Great for blues / rock

Really easy to get a good clean/crunch tone, good plugin !

L. Pauselli

20 mars 2018

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Incredible warm sound, I could believe to play just the real Amp!

K. Johannessen

18 mars 2018

The drive I have been searching for in countless pedals

Absolutely amazing amp for rock, soul and blues.

K. Riddle

18 mars 2018

Better reponsiveness.

Better than the first Brainworx tryouts. Such as, It is way too far from the "Dynamics" disaster of ENGL amps. They are getting closer to understand the amp response of articulation in coding.

Volume knob decreasing is causing the degradation of transitions especially on single pickups. So, that seems it is signal centric which is good. Therefore, in this scenario, the triggering point of dynamic response in the code must be improved as well.

The rest is not the big trouble for me which I do not mind there is no Reverb or not. Always the improvement in dynamics wins the game for me.

E. Budzynski

17 mars 2018

Useful great sounding tool

Instantly after I plugged into this UAD release i knew I would get mileage from it. Convincing amp model idea for rock and roll style guitar. Bordering on breakup sounds from a 355 Gibson hark back to Chuck Berry. Fantastic sounding plugin.

B. Lewis

16 mars 2018

I love this amp!

This plugin sounds amazing and is so versatile, no need to mic anything anymore!

E. Bares Cuadra

16 mars 2018


It’s one of the best amps plugin I ever try ,
the response is amazing wich is the big issue of every amp sim that I ever try.
Work incredible on different setups clean and dirty sounds.
It’s great on a low and hi drive setting for slide guitar!!!!
In conclusion a very versatile amp that you can use on different situations with an awesome sound,great job guys keep goin on.
Looking forward for “ Two Rock amps”

S. Lamb

15 mars 2018


I love everything about this Amp. I’ve been hoping for a VoxAc30 plugin to come about but this Amp is a great pick till then. Such a perfect sound on rhythm.

K. Hirai

15 mars 2018

cool sound

Fat crunch sound I love it!

Utilisateur UAD

15 mars 2018

UAD Leading The Pack

I don't have lots of UAD Plugs but the ones I do have I use every day great JOB UAD

D. Case

15 mars 2018

My favorite UAD amp plugin

I find the simplicity of the Buxom Betty to be just perfect. Easy to get a clean tone, slightly gritty, thicker tone or drive it hard. The most flexible amp plugin on the platform...

B. Delaunay

15 mars 2018

Simply amazing.

Session guitarist for over 20 years and I think this amp is simply amazing. But remember to use it at 96 kHz because the sound is completely different at this sample rate. Idem for the other amp sims.

W. Gall

15 mars 2018

Tone Monster

This thing is a tone monster like the real hardware version. This thing has nice fat tone for low to mid gain guitar tones. Can find a great tone with every guitar I own in few seconds of tweaking. Brainworx ROX.

J. Clayton

5 mars 2018

Crazy good - from someone who doesn't usually like amp sims

From a working guitarist for about 30 years; this feels like playing into a real amp, finally. Fantastic dynamics (the lack of which being a big issue with sims), great for clean and also great for grungier / high gain when you turn up the input gain in the FX Rack. Just try it, fiddle with the nobs. No brainer. And if Brainworx / UA come up with a Vox AC30 sim (please) as good as this Friedman, then I may have to leave my '60's AC30 in storage.

M. Johnson

4 mars 2018

Finally a Clean Sound

unlike all other amps this amp can do the clean sound without fiddling for 10 minutes. perfect for chorus pedals

A. Motte

21 février 2018

Nice amp sound

I like the sound.
Many colour of sound, very easy to use.

M. Julien

16 février 2018

Excellent sound

I wanted new sounds for my guitars and so I tried that new amp. Very inspiring and realistic. Friedman tones are very thick and deep. I still prefer recording real amps, but the workflow isnt the same. The only thing i Don't like with brainworx amps, is the mono only capabilities of the miking. I prefer the Softubes simulations with the micing control (stéréo and room mic possibilities) But the Marshall amps are not always working in my productions so the Friedman is a great addition.

L. Tucker

15 février 2018

No reverb...

Doesn’t the hardware version have a spring reverb?

241-258 sur 258 résultats