Plug-in Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Plug-in Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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J. Bertucci

4 mai 2018

Clean Clean Clean!

I bought this, then read all those reviews about it sounding dirty and tinny... I got scared but then I used it. I was pleasantly surprised! All those people need to understand how to gain stage things. This amp is the cleanest and most colorful software I’ve ever used. I track electric guitar for many different genres for commercial music, and this is my go-to. The combo of speakers and mics give me so many options. I only track clean guitar because I use my own pedals for overdrive and wet effects. Bottom line, this thing kills. Wouldn’t hesitate to use it for a live rig either.

K. Walker

28 avril 2018

Has its own sound

I'm a musician and songwriter, not a music historian. It doesn't matter a bit to me if the plugin sounds exactly like the amp it's modeling. What does that have to do with how good a song sounds? I have been composing a folk/rock ballad that calls for an intimate, but slightly gritty guitar solo. I don't play very well, so I composed the solo using Orange Tree Samples' Hollowbody Blues emulation of a hollowbody Gibson. Of course, this falls a little short of a real guitar solo, so I needed an amp sim that could pull it a little closer to sounding realistic. I did trial previews of the Fender Tweed, the Fuchs amps, the Chandler, the Marshal Plexis, and I tried the Scuffham Amps S-Gear as well. It was a close call between the Fuchs Train and the Fender Tweed, but in the end, the Fender won out. It can go really quickly into a nasty sound that's too much for what I'm trying to pull off in this ballad. But with a little tweaking, it calmed down and settled into a dusty pocket that was just what I was looking for. It's tone is very slightly more present than the others. I think I'm going to end up buying this one. The Train will be a later purchase, because it was very good as well. I listened to the demos of Amplitude's Fender 2 Collection, and that seems to be very good too, and I may check that out later as well.

A. Benz

16 avril 2018

Vielfältige Möglichkeiten, auch für Bass und Vocals!

Nicht sofort leicht zu handlen, aber tüfteln lohnt sich hier nicht nur für Gitarre! Auch für Bass oder Vocals kann man geniale Sounds hinbekommen, die man sonst mit keinem mir bekannten Plugin hinkriegt.. besonders genial ist die Stereomikrofonierung.

t. takamasa

14 avril 2018

My favorite amp!!!

Good Sounds!!!!!

t. takamasa

14 avril 2018

My favorite amp!!!

Good Sounds!!!!!

M. Gochanour

14 avril 2018

In Unison, best amp sim I've used

very specific and authentic to my ears. I especially liked it in Unison, really responsive and breathing - it's a memory beast tho, so keep that in mind - you'll get this and little else with an Arrow - but worth it to me

I hope they issue a 'stereo insert' option to take advantage of L/R spread of the mic sims - there's a workaround, but it's a bit wonky

G. Violet

9 avril 2018

Un régal !

The tweed sound !
Crunchy à souhait, mais qui réagit très bien au potard de volume guitare...Je l'utilise principalement avec une Telecaster. La qualité de la simulation de la prise de son est démoniaque ! On peut jouer avec le choix de micros ...bref que du très bon.
On branche et ca sonne ! Bravo!

m. łuczak

9 avril 2018



T. Jones

8 avril 2018


What can I say...... great amp!!!!

s. kimura

4 avril 2018



d. simpson

3 avril 2018


The best guitar amp sim that I've used.
If one learns to use this properly you can go from clean to mean and everything in between. Add a little BX and you're Golden!

J. Gawlik

3 avril 2018

Super Real Sound

fleshy juicy sound, perfect control of the entrance

J. Welsh

2 avril 2018

I should have demo'd this one

NOT impressed at ALL with this one. Cheap sounding.

A friend heard through another friend that a name player dug these. I should have run a demo....but, alas. I'm an idiot. I would have asked for a refund had that been possible. Really terrible. Buy the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme and shush.

J. Kleban

1 avril 2018

Unbelievable Accurate Tone and response

This amp sim is the best amp sim I have ever seen or used (and I have them all well almost).

Plug in your tele, put the tweed on the unison insert and you will have a GREAT session. The amp responds so well to the guitar, adding volume on the tele pot or hitting the strings harder increase the smooth distortion you can get out of this plugin.

I used this combo of amp and guitar to learn some Petty tunes and you can dial in the exact studio tones of Mike Campbell’s guitar. It is AMAZING! One of my favorite plugins from UAD now.

Would love to see more vintage UAD amp Plugs like this one. Now if only UAD added midi control of the console app so you could use this LIVE with presets!

Utilisateur UAD

1 avril 2018


Very warm, nice crunch. Lovely amp, well developed by UA !

K. Key

1 avril 2018

Pretty good sound!

I'm really impressed by that amp, the ability to track and tweak your sound so easily in the box is amazing...My strat loves it!


30 mars 2018

No Doubt

Just three words.
Real Guitar tone.

L. Pradeau

29 mars 2018

Game changer

Let's face it, I'm an old school guy. I play guitar. My amps are part of my palette. For the first time ever, since I've bought the Tweed Deluxe plugin, I don't rely on my analog hardware anymore. So inspiring and easy to use. And the dynamic response is faultless. My Nash Telly direct in the unisson input, the gorgeous UAD Raw distortion (a must-have too) and the Fender Tweed. Instant Jeff Beck! Hats off! Do the Twin Reverb, please! (for the clean side of the tubes)

L. Pickenpaugh

28 mars 2018

Love it!

Best-sounding amp sim I've used, and I've used quite a few. I mostly utilize it in conjunction with a mic'ed AC-15, and love the way the two amps blend together. The way '55 overdrives might not be to everyone's liking -- it can get abrasive, lots of harmonic complexity -- but that's what I think is great about it. Three speaker options, four input variations, loads of useful mic choices, no complaints.

M. Buracchi

27 mars 2018


guys really like the one that the real take it

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