Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Prix tarif : $199.00


Vous économiserez 50%

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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Utilisateur UAD

15 mai 2019


Absolutely love this plugin. Money well spent.

n. claxton

3 mai 2019

EMT® 140

Nice reverb very smooth my new go to

C. Kuffner

10 avril 2019

Dope plate!

Easy to use! Sounds beautiful! What’s not to love?

T. Glosser

25 mars 2019

Every Mix

The only thing that I can say is try the demo, and you will fall in love with the sound.

m. garcia

15 mars 2019

Love it

Awesome sounding plugin I glad I was able to get it

Utilisateur UAD

15 mars 2019

Fantastic sound quality!!

Incredible emulation of the real thing ... which I've had plenty experience using. Nice not to have to keep the plate in another room!

S. Bakas

13 mars 2019

Awesome analog sounding reverb!

This reverb sounds amazing and has many things to change and make it exactly as you like!

R. Peters

5 mars 2019

Love it !

Great on vocals, drums and everything actually... :)

R. Brown

15 février 2019

Amazing !

The EMT has added such beautiful warmth and clarity to my vocals. This will be my go to reverb for a long time to come. Thanks UA for the great deal also. I was able to use 2 sales coupon codes to purchase this. I expected to only be able to use one and to have to use the other discount on a seperate plug in. Am really impressed. Thanku :)

L. Schegtel

7 février 2019

EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Excelente reverb, muy versátil. Actualmente la he usado para buscar especialidad a la batería (Setteando un tempo corto) reubicándola en mis mezclas para darle presencia sin que molesten a otros instrumentos principales, ejemplo una voz. También es muy interesante lo que sucede trabajando con tiempos largos para dar profundidad a las voces u otros instrumentos como un el tambor o un piano. Por otra parte es super versátil el corte de graves y la eq que trae incluida para quitar alguna sensación de encajonamiento en las mezclas.


7 février 2019

Heavenly sounding reverb.

This is my go-to reverb when treating solo instruments and vocals, i found that it blends vocals amazingly with an orchestral recording with a hall reverb mixed in, keeps both elements separate but equality big, powerful and clean. this is a must have for everyone.

L. Sanders

4 février 2019


This is a really good sounding plate reverb plug-in
Gives me that classic vintage natural plate sound and easy to operate.
This is now my go-to plate reverb, try it out for you're self.

S. May

17 janvier 2019

Sounds that make me smile

This is a great plug in I love the presets which give you a great head start making customising easier for you own specific sounds.

l. martin

14 janvier 2019

Great Reverb Plugins

Its awesome dude,keep it real and make it a new plugin

U. Felix

14 janvier 2019

A must Have

As a Reggae and DUB producer you need the best reverb....

G. Stubbs

10 janvier 2019

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

I have a few reverb and plate plugins that I really like but this is quickly becoming my go to. Excellent

I. Alvarez

9 janvier 2019

Ahhhhh :)

Love this reverb! Sounds exactly how you would imagine it. Music to my ears.

Utilisateur UAD

9 janvier 2019

This is it

Never heard better, fun and easy to get great results maily on vocals.

M. Maisonneuve

6 janvier 2019

Amazing Reverb !

I like this reverb for the voices and the guitare. It's just perfect. Great plug-in !

Y. Hee Young

1 janvier 2019

very good

amazing! fill good.

181-200 sur 959 résultats