elysia• alpha compressor plug-in Collection

elysia• alpha compressor plug-in Collection

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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elysia• alpha compressor

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Utilisateur UAD

2 décembre 2015

Elysia Alpha Compressor

Instant results.
Easy to use.
Great for mixing, especially if you have enough CPU room.

D. Carter

30 novembre 2015

I love it !!

I work with an analog buss compressor that adds a ton of color so I was needing a transparent compressor for mastering. This Jewel can be very transparent and add a lot of mojo at the same time. I love it !!

D. Okune

27 novembre 2015

Amazing compressor

I have a lot of different compressors, but this one is most definitely one of my favorite ones. It gives that extra punch. Must have for mastering!

F. Torres

23 novembre 2015

So similar to the analog version ! !

I found out its a super special tool for mastering and compressing my stems !
such a transparent tool and powerfull when it comes to mastering electronic music !
Love the SC FRE button and the 10X Eq too ! lovely was one of the best powered plugins ive seen !

D. Alexandre

24 septembre 2015

All your dreams are realised now!

The best compressor for mastering ever!

c. morrison

11 septembre 2015


I really didn't want to write a review for this. I wanted to keep it my secret haha. But the guys at Brainworx deserve accolades for this. It's my personal favorite plugin of all time. It just sounds great. All the other reviews have more details but It sounds like hardware to me and that means everything.

C. Beier

4 août 2015

world class mastering tool

absolutely fantastic
above all the ms function
and further on
so many ways to make a mix sound different
great work - whow:-)

C. Beier

4 août 2015

MS and more

Especially the MS function makes this a must-have-plug-in.
Not to forget the various options you have to make a mix sound
as different as you like
superb mastering tool

S. Ross

3 avril 2015

An exceptionally sweet sounding compressor

The Elysia Alpha is one of those special tools that leaves a mix transparent and sweet. i like to flip through presets, watch the changes, and get a sense for how it works. The overall clarity and integrity of this plugin is reminiscent of the natural compression I'd hear in a mastering house. It seems to add subtle detail to a mix. I've used it on a mix bus, and on groups, where it gives an identity to each sound and glues it all together. it shines on a stereo mix because of the way it handles complexities. I'm also using the the Manley Variable Mu, which I like a lot as well, and both offer a choice for various material that I appreciate. Hope this helps.

R. Butt

27 mars 2015

Great plugin but....

You can buy the native elysia alpha compressor plugin for $170 less!!! WTF??????? Wish I didn't just pay $299 for it!

D. Betz

4 novembre 2014

Fantastic Compressor!

It's actually the first time I am writing a review, but I am really amazed by the alpha compressor. Especially in mastering you have plenty of possibilities to make the mix sound much better and convert even demos into a nice production, bring up details without getting nasty artefacts, and achieve crazy loudness if you want. I feel like remastering all my old mixes. Great plugin!

M. Höffken

20 octobre 2014

Superb Mastering Tool

This plug makes in my opinion more than other available a refined and smooth sound on high-end level. It`s absolutely recommended to try the wonderful presets, which are more than a starting point. Many thanks to UAD for a phantastic work and an excellent price-performance ratio to bring this worldclass sound into the DAW also for homerecording studios. I`d like to invite you to watch my new music video (http://youtu.be/MJITCIsagU0), which offers the possibility to see most of UAD-Plugs in action.
Greetings from Germany

J. Barlos

15 octobre 2014


Not so sure it was worth what I paid for it. Consumes lots of resources. Probably shouldn't have.

S. Foley

9 septembre 2014

Transparent, versatile and overall awesome

This is a very versatile compressor, and has quickly become a go to on subgroups and master buss. It is clean sounding and can do quite a bit of GR transparently. The controls may seem intimidating at first, but once you learn how each one works and interacts with the signal it becomes exciting to use. My only criticism would be that the soft clip is harsh on mix buss and not usable INHO, but I would not be placing it at that point in a buss chain anyhow. Soft clip did work well on drums and dynamic material. I am a full time professional studio owner FYI. Not that my opinion is more valid than other's, but when I read these reviews it sometimes sounds like there are people who are 2 days out of recording school...

B. Troxler

5 septembre 2014

My Go-To Plugin for Mastering

I have purchased many UAD plugins. All of these provide important and useful engineering tools. However, none are as broadly useful for mastering as the Elysia Alpha Compressor. Used on the master track, this plugin brings a quality to the final mix that previously has been out of reach for me. I am especially thankful for the ability to test low compression ratios in the preset options. These can be tricky to get right. The Elysia Alpha makes it easy. The soft clip and fast forward options on the plugin give great flexibility in achieving the sound I want in a final mix. The Elysia Alpha immediately became my go-to plug in. Can’t live without it!

G. Piazza

10 août 2014

Exquisite, especially for mastering

I don't have the UAD version, but I've been using the Brainworx release for over a year now.
This is one of the must powerful yet subtle Buss - Mastering compressors I've ever had the good fortune to use. The range of lighter ratios, combined with the auto attack / auto release responses make this a phenomenal compressor, capable of giving a group buss or mix buss the right amount of dynamic control to pull the mix together. Add the Mid Side option, the side chain and Niveau Filter (similar to the Tonelux Tilt) and you've got one powerful and versatile weapon capable of a wide range of tasks.
A nice selection of starting presets are provided, with descriptions, and a few cool presets like UberWide.
Truly a 'desert island' compressor.

101-116 sur 116 résultats

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