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Dytronics® Tri-Stereo Chorus

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J. Steele

3 septembre 2023

I love this Chorus!

So I already owned Ultimate 11, but had a coupon in my account for Labor Day. Itching not to miss a good deal, I perused the offerings that I didn't own yet. I read some reviews on this chorus. I'm a guitar player and a singer, and I started playing in the 80s and a good chorus sound is something I still enjoy. "Back in the day" I had some favorite pedals that could get the sound I was looking for. Based on the reviews I went ahead an purchased this chorus without even demoing it. I installed it, and opened up a project where I had another chorus plug on a clean guitar track in an intro. Swapped it out for this chorus, and jumped though some presets... and wow! Just what I wanted. Immediately moved it into my "Favorites" plugin folder so I'll have it right at my fingertips in the future! Love it!

F. San Filippo

29 janvier 2023

80s chorus all day

This is THAT sound. Demo it and you'll hear it immediately. Not as versatile as some, but a unique vibe.

S. Ramsey

27 janvier 2023

Really Nice Chorus

I previewed all the chorus's on offer and this one just stood out fopr the sound i was after. Thanks/

T. Kingen

18 septembre 2022

Finally found it

My favorite era of country music was in the late 80's to mid 90's. I've been chasing the chorus sound they often used on guitar and always came up short... until now. The Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus does it handsomely. Highly recommended.

D. Gloor

10 juin 2022

Fine plugin !

This plugin has a warm subtle sound and is a very good and capable chorus.

J. Poijärvi

5 mai 2022


Great plugin. Especially works on bass and e-piano for me. Enhance function separately for mid and sides in very useful in mixes.

J. Lopez

27 décembre 2021

Just perfect!

Je retrouve exactement les sonorités que j’utilisais avec mon tri-Chorus Fulltone avec le souffle en moins. Tout est excellent sur ce plugin. Je l’utilise principalement sur ma guitare pour des sons typés 80’s 90’s, mais sur des claviers c’est à tomber. Le tarif est dérisoire par rapport à l’appareil original. Bravo

功. 佐藤

9 juillet 2021

80's Nostalgic Tone

Guitar -> PedalBoard -> Real Tube Preamp(Set Clean Ch) into Apollo
1176 Comp -> TriStreoChorus -> LexiconReverb -> Shur Pt100(Power&Cab)
Amazing RackTone!!!

G. Porrino

3 juillet 2021

Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus.

Very pleased. To my ears, it's warmer than anything else I've used inside a DAW.

C. Mortensen

15 mai 2021

Just amazing

This piece of gear. Great on everything.
Wanna get funky? Try it your live drum bus!
Just get creative, dive in, this beast wont let you down. Good work guys. Thanks to UAD

E. Kruse

15 février 2021

Great Thing

Wonderful warm Sound .

R. Gubbels

26 janvier 2021

More than a Chorus !

This Chorus has a unique sound...Well, you have Brigade Chorus, Dimension D.. .but not every Chorus sounds the same...I am glad I have this in my plugin collection...I use it a lot to make juicy sounds...

C. Velandia

11 janvier 2021


I have tons of great sounding chorus gear, but this plugin really sounds amazing. It's got a thickness that I can't get with other gear. Highly recommended.

C. Velandia

11 janvier 2021


I have tons of great sounding chorus gear, but this plugin really sounds amazing. It's got a thickness that I can't get with other gear. Highly recommended.

o. romer

5 janvier 2021

Nice sound

It doesn't have a lot of different settings, but the sound it has is very pleasing, specialy on guitar.

j. davis

21 décembre 2020

Very Nice

I love this plugin it's so sweet sounding. The presets are great as well!

S. Shaw

10 décembre 2020

Nice flavor

Very different from UA's own Studio D. A classic one. Happy to grab it.

M. Malinski

23 août 2020

Great addition to studio

Very cool effect, I using on bass for extra dimension if needed.
Thank you

a. kamal

30 juin 2020

Making an 80s survivor happy

Well, I started playing sessions in 1986 when I was 19 years old. We always drooled over good chorusing. The pinnacle was Mike Landau’s clean Strat on Joni Mitchell’s “Wild Things Run Fast”. Listen to Mike’s comping on “Chinese Cafe” . I studied that to a t. He used a Dytronics Triple Chorus, as did Steve Lukather on his famous star licks vid. And yes as a teenage boy, I used to play along and try to match the 20 lessons one on one. We used to invite our friends over and try to outhot each other. What I want to say with all this: This plug is immensely inspiring and adds sheen and depth to clean and distorted guitars. I use it together with my 480 Plug which has retired my real 480....

H. Mendez

21 juin 2020

True Stereo

I been using a lot of chorus from other brands but this one makes a difference in my Guit sound, very open and distinctive. Thanks UA.

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