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Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay

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R. Gavrielov

24 avril 2011

I've been using this plug-in for a few months now, mainly on Vocals... I have only one thing to say about it:
I love it!

S. Wiley

28 janvier 2011

A-m-a-z-i-n-g ! Even though it's a crime for this plug to not have a wet/dry knob, I still give it five stars. My favorite delay plug ever, without a doubt. Insanely strong at beefing up vocals or creating long, quirky delays. Feed this into the EMT Plate 140 and put some diapers on!

T. Hall

30 décembre 2009

i dont own the roland so i cant comment on the two side by side like most people do,compare this to standard vsts that emulate vintage dub delays etc etc,as with most uad stuff it just has that little bit more going for it very naturual sounding and some great presets thrown in 2!!

M. Trujillo

28 juillet 2009

Am I missing something, but I compared this with the Roland Space Echo for both reverb and doubling effects and the Cooper Time Cube sounded much better for the doubling of vocals. Why all the comparisons with the Roland units reverb only? I much preferred the Copper Time for doubling and it was the best effect for that use that I've heard so far. So, if you're looking for a great vocal doubler, look no further. If you prefer the reverb of the Roland that's another question.

R. Masters

1 avril 2009

The coloration is quite interesting and unique. But the Roland RE-201 has been the king of echo fxs and in my opinion it still is. If you have the money pick this up. But if you have the RE-201… don’t need this.

J. Van

30 mars 2009

After the Plate and the RE-201 Space Echo another model of an electro-mechanical device.
Like the other 2, when heard in isolation the sound is very coloured & warm, with beautiful quirky resonances.
Another super nice plug-in.

A. Vax

29 mars 2009

i think i can replace it with Roland 201 in some cases.
actually, it is gonna be cool to see something usefull from UA, not another "unique" delay or SSL stuff.
for example, dolby tape machine or distressor emulator.

361-367 sur 367 résultats