Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle

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F. Forell

14 octobre 2019



A. Kolomvatsos

10 octobre 2019

Great sound!

It's a classic. The plugin sounds great! What's not to like?

R. Ren

6 octobre 2019

Video Error !!!

Why does a demo video for the Galaxy Tape Echo play on the Studio D page???

R. Ren

6 octobre 2019

Video Error !!!

Why does a demo video for the Galaxy Tape Echo play on the Studio D page???

J. Lambert

5 octobre 2019

Nice plug in

good plug in. i like it on vocals, piano and guitars mostly

m. nemati

5 octobre 2019

it is interesting and profesional plug in

thanks alot uaudio

l. morrish-thomas

4 octobre 2019

Nice simple chorus

Sounds good, gives some nice stereo effects, simple to use. Doesn’t work on everything but a useful tool to have

R. Heksch

3 octobre 2019

Very subtle And gentle but with great impact

Its so funny how so little can change everything so much. I got it in the bundle, never even wanted. After one try is nearly everywhere!

R. Heksch

3 octobre 2019

Great but not the best

I am spoiled by D16 chorus and flanger and phasser so i did not expected much. To my surprise while i would welcome bit more complexity, even when its simple, in the mix is just perfect.

R. Heksch

3 octobre 2019

Everybody needs space echo

This absolute must. Especially if you are in to electronic music, there is nothing like this. I never had chance to play with real thing, but the sound of this plug is exactly what i expected, full, fat, gritty sound. Ooooh yes

f. Ajakarom

1 octobre 2019

Got this for free from UAD

Love it on vocals. Better than anything based on chorus effects I paid for.

V. Trachuk

30 septembre 2019

Cool distortion!

Cool but it is mono) However its sounds incredible!

M. Costantino

21 septembre 2019

Un tuffo nel passato

Gradevole, non saprei come altro definirlo. Qualità straordinaria, suono caldo. Consigliato

A. Burroughs

16 septembre 2019

Dimension D is a welcome surprise....

A lot smoother than I thought it would be. Very rich. My go-to piece for the foreseeable future...

F. Dybjerg

13 septembre 2019

Just great!

A shame that it no longer looks exactly like the original, but still sounds amazing.

А. Лозовец

12 septembre 2019


Good Plug-In! Simple, transparent!

G. van Santen

11 septembre 2019

Happy with this one!

I am genrerally not much of a chorus user but this one worked for me in a few cases.
Easy to use (only a few options) and sounds good to me.

J. Brander

8 septembre 2019


Like it, sounds great!

J. Chung

4 septembre 2019


I don’t know,,
So so... ^^

D. Perini

3 septembre 2019

Classic FX Bundle

I really like the plugins in that bundle!

81-100 sur 733 résultats