Century Tube Channel Strip™

Century Tube Channel Strip

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Century Tube Channel Strip

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J. López Uribe

14 septembre 2020

Fast and effective

It's a great combination of tools for any vocal

E. Grebeznieks

10 septembre 2020

Smooth and vintage

I love this chain of plug-ins, smooth and vintage sound.

C. Bell

3 septembre 2020

The Sh@!t

Used, abused and amused!

R. Metelkin

31 août 2020

Simply and awesome

At first I had doubts about this plugin, for its appearance, but I was wrong. This is the most used vocal plugin in my library today.

M. Pribble

24 août 2020


I just cut a vocal on this, sent it to another studio and they were all over me asking what plugins I used, if I got a new mic, just what the hell is going on, how did I get that sound!!

E. Koch

20 août 2020

almost perfect for vocals..

i think it was an attempt to make the century a jack of all trades that makes it an "almost" there...i can see this being the perfect sweet ticket go to for recording acoustic guitar, but it gets a little too gritty towards the top of the headroom on a hot mic for vocals, in my opinion... but some styles, maybe not, i suppose one could just back off on the mic, but i have the V-76 now, so the century is going to get other jobs...
it's a great grab and go, and probably the best bang for the DSP out there..

C. Bruce

9 août 2020

This is

Better than a lot of hardware preamps. Judge all your other preamps against this.

K. Babic

8 août 2020

Great Combination

It is like an 610pre with an LA2A comp, with a different character. Love this Plugin.

W. Silva

3 août 2020


Plugin direto ao ponto.. som quente e suave.. perfeito para podcasts...

E. Zambrano

29 juillet 2020


Can’t get enough of its classic , smooth and vintage sound.

E. Zambrano

29 juillet 2020


Can’t get enough of its classic , smooth and vintage sound.

C. Kiasi

24 juillet 2020

Straight to the point

When mixing a high number of songs you need plugins that will allow you to colour and add just the right amount of texture and this plugin does it for me.

m. marchewka

18 juillet 2020

Century Strip

This pre has become my go to. So easy to get a great sound on any source. Love it!


18 juillet 2020

Century Tube Channel Strip

Very useful and simple to use channel strip. Very viasul interface. Good sound quality.

V. Kotljarow

29 juin 2020

Great plugin ! I recommend !

I'm very happy with the plugin. Easy and practical to use. Plugin sounds warm, natural sound and color of your own voice is there ...! Class !
Respect Universal Audio!

Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Plugin. Einfach und praktisch zu bedienen. Plugin klingt warm, natürlicher klang und Farbe eigener stimme ist da ... ! Klasse !
Respekt Universal Audio !

h. hyakkoku

28 juin 2020


I like this because it is easy to operate and has a very analog warm sound.

R. Graterol

18 juin 2020

Great sound and súper intuitive

This plugin is a nice combination of sound and usability. The GUI is very clean and easy to follow. I got it free with the purchase of the Apollo x4. Nice addition to my collection.

C. Fowler

18 juin 2020

Not glamorous, but great!

I have the Avalon strip and demo'd the Voxbox, but this one just "works" for my voice. The preamp gain adds a nice "hair" and thickness when driven, the compression is virtually foolproof, and the EQ is flattering. As a bonus, the presets are really well-designed; I was surprised to see one tailored for an Sm7b, and it worked really well. This plug should get more attention than it does; it's one of my favorites.

J. Roy

16 juin 2020

Just Amazing

This preamp/channel strip is just amazing. Nothing else to say. My favorite by far.

K. Boaten

14 juin 2020

Phenomenal sound

This plugin lives up to all the hype and positive reviews. astonishing on vocals. Great overall. Recommended highly.

1-20 sur 98 résultats

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