Plug-In Cambridge EQ

Plug-In Cambridge EQ

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Prix tarif : $149.00


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Cambridge EQ

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K. O'sullivan

10 juin 2012

This is my go-to EQ. Not as musical as the Pultec Pro but far more versatile in my opinion. I also prefer to see a visual EQ curve when I mix. I'm extremely happy I purchased this plug.

M. Jasionowicz

6 juin 2012

Absolutely a Must-have EQ for precision work and very light for the CPU!

S. Hurtow

5 juin 2012

The intuitively easy and accurate 'Click-And-Drag' option, the simple controls, the 'Zoom-In/Zoom-Out' feature, the flexibility of the Low and High Cut, the smoothness and precision of each parameter, not to mention the price; all make this a very frightening EQ. Do not be fooled by the colorful layout and the $149.00 tag. The Cambridge Plug-In is capable of rendering even the most expensvie hardware and best DAW EQ's useless.

M. Cillari

4 juin 2012

I use(d) it on every single track. it's T H E must-have tool for lowcuts and very useful for cleaning a signal.

D. Wray

24 mai 2012

I love the Cambridge. Its so smooth. Has an extremely nice & controllable cut. And with 17 filter types on offer, it features opportunity for an even more unique sound. A Great buy for any producer, or sound designer alike!

M. Weber

19 mai 2012

very flexibel must-have EQ, i like to work with it and i think it's important that this plugin doesn't "discolor" the signal you are editting with...

R. Sousa

17 avril 2012

I am very happy to work with the UAD products, I recommend to everyone, thank you ryldo di souza

G. Palmutti

16 avril 2012

Cambridge Eq is like Air... you can´t survive without it ;)
Fine for all time!

J. Casters

31 mars 2012

one of the best eq's I ever used true analog and o so good withdetails

C. Silva

3 mars 2012

After getting my UAD2 QUAD, i was looking for an EQ who could do it all and this is it. You can do almost anything EQ;wise with the cabridge.. I just ditched using the REQ and Q10 in favor of the Cambridge (except for recalling old sessions). I specially like the LPF filter types, great choices for anything to subtle lowpass cleaning from heavy DC removal. Top end is great, too and you can make some complementary boost-cut curves ala pultec using the LPF on any of the 6dB slopes. Very musical !

G. Bondi

1 mars 2012

I almost forgot that my sequencer has a EQ embedded since I'm using the Cambridge plugin in every single track, mono or stereo and it makes the difference to my sound!

D. Pecollaj

2 décembre 2011

thanks uad and i love this plugin so much one of the best eq plugins ever

M. Garimanno

17 octobre 2011

Must-have, precise, surgical and never synthetic . . . always a great work on every track!

M. Thomas

30 juin 2011

Fantastic sounding EQ. 5 bands plus filters really gives me a lot of control to shape my sound.

Lately I've been experimenting with this on busses and it's worked out well.

R. Pollei

30 juin 2011

best sounding and efficient lowcut, i use it on nearly every channel, the best tool to solve problems on surgeon level

J. Romero

29 juin 2011

Me gusta muchisimo los filtros hi cut y lowcut son super severos en los cortes eliminando todos los artefactos sonoros ,lo utilizo en cada pista que grabo y me da como resultado una grabacion super limpia de impurezas .

Saludos a todo el equipo de universal audio, JUAMPASONIDO

U. Siebeck

28 juin 2011

THIS EQ Plug-In is absolutely awesome! I use it for the acoustic drum signal processing most of the time and I must confess that this EQ turns my toms and kickdrums into speaker smashing monsters! This tool gives them the punch, the precision and especially the power I was always looking for! Together with the 1176LN it is MY secret force to achieve the sound that I always admired.

C. Vincent

27 juin 2011

I picked up this EQ because it does what I need it to do very well. It can be surgical if needed. It's selection of slopes it's awesome! I would definitely recommend checking this one out before any others. You can't beat the value of this one!

S. Sherrard

26 juin 2011

This EQ gets used on every mix I do, mostly for the filters. I use the High Pass filters on almost every track where I need to roll off low end to make room for bass and kick drum. Large choice of filter types that all sound great. I love the steep curve Bessel filters in particular... great choice for removing low end very precisely and transparently. Easy way to fix any p-pops in vocal tracks as well.. just put the filter on and remove everything below 100 Hz or so. I also regularly use the other EQ bands to make cuts of problem frequencies in instruments, as well as some gentle boosts on occasion when I don't feel the need to pull up the Harrison or Neve or other EQ emulations. For more detailed "musical" EQ work, I still prefer the higher end emulations most of the time, as they have more character than the Cambridge.

Very low DSP usage, so you can put these on every track, if needed, and still have plenty of DSP left over for other plug-ins. This is a very versatile utility EQ that everyone should have in their toolbox.

A. Kosariev

23 juin 2011

Multi-purpose tool.
Precise as scalpel.
I always use for all projects.

401-420 sur 494 résultats