Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection


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Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

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R. Johnson III

12 juillet 2021

Wonderful Gear

I love it already it works like a charm

T. curry

30 juin 2021

The Go to EQ

This baby right here I love it great investment.

J. Anderson

25 mai 2021

Made All the Difference...

OK, so, total amateur here. Been trying to make music at home for years. Loving LUNA first of all. Pro tools hates perpetual licenses now so I got kicked off when I updated to Big Sur. Luna is so much better. The summing is awesome (like Neve best). As for this plug in, fixed all my phase issues and cleans up a mix like no other plug I've used. I try to stay away from mastering, couldn't get a mix up until this point. This plug has a lot of goodies for my mix. Really love it. Mono maker...awesome. Ability to listen to the eq moves in sweet. Loving this and LUNA. I expect to finally release some stuff because of this plugin. Nice UAD!

D. Mikriukov

15 avril 2021

Mix bus & Master channel

You can use EQ for mix bus (drums, melodies...) or whole master channel. Sounds perfect. It can work as de-esser also. You can make wider stereo field or mono low frequencies. One of the best for cleaning and fixing.

J. Dowall

27 mars 2021

Great M/S decoder and mix buss eq

Got this for it’s ability to decode M/S as the Apollo series lacks that, a feature that is built into many audio interfaces, one to add to the next version of the hardware/software perhaps? This works round that problem, and let’s me quickly make decisions whilst tracking. It also lives on the mix buss of every project, it’s an excellent tool in the arsenal for mastering.

M. Ramos Jiménez

9 janvier 2021

The best EQ for the MixBus

This EQ plugins is amazing por the mix bus. YYou can work on the mono band and the stereo band independently.

V. Kotljarow

3 octobre 2020

Excellent - Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

Am thrilled !!! I love this plugin and all the plugins I bought from Universal Audio! It's unbelievable universal audio produce best plugin in the world!
Bin begeistert !!! Ich liebe dieses Plugin und alle plugin was ich mir von Universal Audio gekauft habe ! Es ist unglaublich, universal Audio produzieren beste plugin in der Welt !
Я в восторге !!! Мне очень нравится этот плагин и конечно же все плагины, которые я купил у Universal Audio !
Удивительно - на мой взгляд, Universal Audio производит лучшие плагины в мире !

e. schlosser

30 septembre 2020

thank you so much

spectacular on the mix buss, mix version also very useful

E. Lefebvre

29 septembre 2020

Perfect !

Exactly what I was searching for . A excellent mastering EQ.

l. Liau-Hing

28 septembre 2020

Precision tool

Like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon, my ears become a witness to such a sonorous axaña.

エ. 遠藤 勇介

2 septembre 2020



L. Gonzalez

30 août 2020



D. Baker

4 juillet 2020


Fantastic, natural sounding eq! The mono control for the low frequency centre portion of the stereo field is an amazing tool, as is the stereo widening feature!

R. Doherty

12 juin 2020

Wish I had bought into this system twenty years ago

Simply put a purchase of a couple of UAD Apollo FireWire Interfaces has taken my recording and mixing to another level (The quality has doubled ). This is due to the transparency of signal being recorded and mixing with incredible Plug ins that allow every element of the mix to be heard. I wish that I made the jump many years ago.

C. Vazquez

15 mai 2020


I put this on my master buss and it makes the whole mix sound incredible!!! Great and intuitive controls, which makes it easy to use for someone like myself who has limited experience.

J. Turner

18 avril 2020

Pretty official plug-in

The V3 has taken my stereo buss to the next level with its very accurate M/S processing.

x. zuniga

16 avril 2020



K. Didvalis

16 avril 2020

BX Digital V3

As it was my first software of Brainworx I was surprised why I never used their software before.The best eq for Clean and open and balance your mix for mastering. I love the Dynamic section,sterio image of this Eq.

x. zuniga

16 avril 2020



x. zuniga

16 avril 2020



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