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Apollo x8p

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K. Sidhu

30 janvier 2021

Works great with my Apollo Twin Duo MK2

It’s awesome to have the added DSP to go along with my Duo... I am able to track without having to limit use of my best plugins!

D. Yudin

22 janvier 2021

Expand your capabilities

Today I finally got the opportunity to record drums at the level of world standards. And I am very happy about it. The Apollo X8p is what I needed. 8 preamps with unison function help me achieve a brilliant result!

b. Nieminen

14 janvier 2021


Planned this purchase for years and now I wish I would have bought this years ago.
This unit sounds so amazing, clear, and punchy, you can hear the difference in everything if you compare this to whatever mid priced soundcards.

A. Warrick

9 janvier 2021

Really Great and Easy to Use!

So far it is a whole lot better for me than the x-16 if you have trouble with it all you need to do is to go to the audio midi setup and go to configure speakers and for me that was line 1 and 2 however, i haven't done a test on the Bass in the front or one using the mic. It's very convenient to use. If you want to use luna on an Apple Computer you will need something newer than High Sierra but that does not have a score editor at the time of this writing!

M. Jones

5 janvier 2021

Happy I finally spent the money...

The X8P surpassed my expectations, which were already pretty high to begin with. When I’m capable, I won’t hesitate to add another X8P to my rig. Here’s to the hardworking folks at UA!

S. Libero

30 décembre 2020


Finally got my Apollo x8p. I immediately loved it as I pulled out of the box. It's a solid piece of studio gear that just feels solid. Sounds amazing . The plugins are a huge bonus. Navigating through the software was easy and quick. My studio is now complete and always ready for me to record.
Thank you at UA.... well done....

S. Libero

30 décembre 2020


I finally decided to get the x8p. Best studio purchase I've made in a very long time. It's a solid piece of gear that just feels pro. It sounds amazing and the interface was easy to navigate. The plugins are an incredible bonus. My studio is always ready for me now. Plug and play....... It's a beautiful thing .......

G. Schievano

29 décembre 2020

A great upgrade

After about two years of work (about fifty productions) with apollo 8, I bought the x8p.
I am truly surprised at the further improvement in overall sound and the high quality of the preamps. With my Quad satellite I have no problem managing the plugins I need and the adapted connection TB3 vs TB2 is fluid. With this audio interface I'm starting to use Luna and I think it will be a further productivity improvement. Well done!

J. France

20 décembre 2020

Huge Difference !

I am extremely happy with my x8p!!!
I had what I thought was a great interface Before. Then I got the x8p. OMG!!! What an upgrade!! The quality, sound, and plug ins are magnanimous!!
The only downfall is that for the amount of money I paid for the unit ,I feel that there should have been a bit more plug ins than the very minimal limited amount that was included.

R. Westmoreland

16 décembre 2020

The best there is!

Having already owned the Apollo twin X, I knew that this was just gonna be nothing short of great! Again amazed by the quality of these products, and the way that they integrate together is over the top amazing!

J. Ryan

13 décembre 2020

Better read the fine print..I/O claims are VERY misleading

Unbelieveable that every single piece of da gear I've ever owned has had the ability to do mic and line signals simultaneously. Sure it can do 16 channels....of line or 8 channela of mic but not both. This is essentially just a very expensive 8 track recorder. If you are hoping to run 8 unisons and 8 channels of outboard gear simultaneously you better keep looking or pony up for an x8 to have 8 channels of outboard gear. Read the fine print. Uad is really misrepresenting this line. Even the sweetwater reps are glossing over that detail when selling them. "Sure tou can run outboard gear...sure you can run 8 unisons" BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!..You can only run mic or line but not both. Very dissapointing. Still waiting for the satellite...

D. Arroyo

8 décembre 2020

so glad

I'm so glad I purchased I purchased this... the best interface I have worked with. The plugins are superior to any other.

P. Johnson

8 décembre 2020

Apollo x 8p

5 stars if I’m a new Universal Audio customer...................
However, I’m a loyal customer, so they get 3.5 stars. If you’re buying your first UA X product, pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a loyal UA customer, you’ll be lacking a “brand loyalty” experience from UA, as they have not focused on repeat customer satisfaction. This became ever so evident when I missed the “good until December 31st” buy an Apollo X 8p and receive an Octo Satellite Thunderbolt. I understand the circumstances, and empathize, but receiving nothing in absence of this promotion was unacceptable. I submitted a complaint about same, and received a $50 plug in credit. This seemed insulting in light of the $2000 CAD shortfall my initial purchase was suppose to have realized. I own thousands of dollars worth of UA gear, and have not been disappointed with any of it, but I will explore other brands as it seems my loyalty has gone unnoticed. UA, if you want to be the best, your customer service and customer satisfaction has to be as good as your products. My 2 cents.

E. Bersey

6 décembre 2020

8Xp review

Awesome bit of kit. Super easy to install, feature rich and the sound is simply sublime.

A. Vaquero Taboada

5 décembre 2020

Impresionante !!!

Versátil, cálido, funcional, potente, lo tiene todo . Incluso los previos sin ningún plugin unison suenan correctísimos , muy recomendada.

A. Brown

29 novembre 2020

Top notch

So glad I pulled the trigger on this. I have two Apollo 8s, and this has now taken the top spot in the rack!

E. St.Cyr

27 novembre 2020

It’s all in this box?? Really?

I am absolutely feeding my creative brain with UA insanity right now. I wish I had switched over years ago. It’s clean, it’s precise and it’s a bit of order in a chaotic musical world. Thanks for your commitment to quality UA! I’m much more satisfied in the Maserati!

P. Boyd

26 novembre 2020

Game Changer!

The Apollo x8p and the UA plugs have been a revelation these last few weeks! I cannot get over how much better this stuff sounds! The conversion and features built into the interface are perfect! I haven’t been this inspired by a piece of gear in a decade....


23 novembre 2020

Uad x8p

Ce produit est vraiment excellent.

A. Di Lorenzo

23 novembre 2020

Great from UA

I still owm an UA 4-710d, the API 3124, my trusty Avalon 737 and this is my last add to my home studio. The result is amazing!!!! The sound on my drums is amazing and I hope this will be my last piece of gear for my studio. Thank UA. Complimenti from Italy

81-100 sur 214 résultats