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Apollo x8p

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M. Querido

26 août 2020


What’s better than 4 unison mic pres? 8 unison mic pres?

F. Dada

6 août 2020

The biggest improvement in my studio

The Apollo X8P is a great interface, I can hear things in my monitors(Focal Solo 6Be) that I couldn’t hear before. It’s a great step up sonically. The plugins are also amazing, giving me so many options to track/mix vocals, keys and guitars.
Thank you UAD

S. Christensen

24 juillet 2020

The best interface I've ever owned!

This is easily the best interface I've ever owned.
Mixing on the x8p is a real pleasure - adding preamp plugins to already recorded raw drum tracks really blew me away. As well as tracking bass. Now I'm looking forward to recording drums with these fabulous pres and getting a good tracking setup in the console. The whole unison technology can do some things I never thought possible.
This interface just sounds good! I don't know how else to explain it.

I truly feel like stepping into another league with this interface.


9 juillet 2020

Excellente interface

De loin la meilleure interface du marché !

J. North

22 juin 2020

Great conversion, great pres, great emulations.

This unit integrates perfectly with my other outboard pres and is seamless in a mix when using emulations with my real units. Incredible to think I have access to all these great emulations in real time while in the studio or out of it. Wouldn't use a different ecosystem.

s. misamore

16 juin 2020

really amazing!

The pre by itself is really good but when you add the unison pre's like a Neve 1084 it puts the Apollo in a league by itself. It's definitely the closest thing to the real thing thats out there hands down. Easy to use.

G. Paras

5 juin 2020

Apollo x8p

Great add to my studio, plugins that are killer combined with Unison consol equals the best sounds Ive recorded since moving to comupter!

M. Crossey

15 mai 2020


Hi, i was fearful that using the Apollo x8p with Pro-Tools Ultimate would be a painful process but it was not. Set up was easy, quality of the unit itself is great and sound is clear and inspiring to work with.

C. Billmeier

30 avril 2020

So far, so good!

A word of warning, first - a thunderbolt 3 cable is not the same as a USB-C cable. As these Apollo units do not ship with a Thunderbolt 3 cable be sure you get one AND BE SURE IT IS THUNDERBOLT 3 RATED (and not merely a USB-C cable). Just trying to save you from getting this and then having to wait another week to use it because you didn't have the right cable.
That said, these units (I got two x8p's) are powerful. Everything sounds very clean. It took me some time to integrate this with my DAW and my outboard gear but once I did it seemed to go smoothly. Another suggestion - don't be afraid to reboot your unit if something that you think should be working isn't working. In only a month that has solved the problem a few times already. The real plus of these units though is their plug-in library. They come with a modest bundle, but enough to get me going. And then once I started demo-ing their other plug-ins I was pretty blown away. I have never been fortunate enough to own much of the real versions of the emulations but toying with them (after some very helpful youtube tutorials) I was astonished at how great they worked and how impressive their results were.

S. Grigorov

16 avril 2020

Outstanding product! Annoying plugin management in DAW. Not useful ALT button in my case.

I've upgraded from Apollo Twin MKII and I clearly hear major improvement in sound.

Really annoying that I can't automatically hide each non purchased plugin in DAW (Logic in my case) and having to deal with demo proposal popups each time I click the "wrong" plugin - if it's your sales strategy, it generates unreasonable amount of frustration and drop of satisfactin in users that doesn't worth it, trust me. Also, all plugins are too many and it would be easier to have them categorised (arranged in folders in the file system so they are also seen categorised in DAW similarly to console) instead of being all in one folder. I know how to categorise them manually in Logic but it's frustrating to do it by hand for so many plugins.

Console should have the option to configure the ALT button to switch between monitor speakers and headphone jacks (HP1/HP2). Now you can only do it if you use a external headphone preamp using line 3/4 outputs. I don't use an external hp preamp but use the HP1 jack instead - so I have to volume down by the hp hardware volume knob or unplug headphones each time I stop using them instead of just clicking the ALT button to switch to monitor speakers and stop signal to HP1 jack.

Top-notch products should not have such small issues that worsen user experience so much. Apart from these, I'm very happy with the purchase both in terms of sound and hardware/software user interface. Great product.

M. Sigut

16 avril 2020

Great :)

Powerfull, stable and easy-installation device, connected to MacBook Pro 16 works great. Simply the best now.

S. Debontridder

14 avril 2020

Excellent interface!

Excellent interface with great converters and plenty of I/O.

D. Barkman

12 avril 2020

Easily the Best Converter For The Money

When our studio upgraded gear we looked long and hard to find our new converters. Once I really learned about the Apollo x8p, I realized just how amazing it really is. This thing is priced low, and stacked with pro features, nothing else is even close. With two clock crystals, and 6 Shark DSP chips built in, the x8p ain't fooling around. World class conversion and seamless software integration with Console (now LUNA! - which is the future of recording, go check it out!) If you want the purest most pristine sound with a hardware design that is bulletproof, just go ahead and get the x8p!


24 mars 2020

Apollo x8p

HI and greetings from Norway.
I bought this unit to replace my Orion Studio (legacy)
The unit is well built and feels solid quality.
Sound is excellent through my Focal Trio Be 6 speakers.

No problems with connection via thunderbolt on my Windows 10 64bit PC.
The new work flow takes a little getting used too but once you have grasped the concept the results are amazing.

I would say keep an eye out for your clock settings as its easy to forget if you are in 44 or 96 and that may catch you out a few times :-)

All in all a great unit, great sound quality, well built and a joy to use.
Have fin if you are going to by this unit .

m. coles

19 mars 2020


The new clocking is better than ever. I use Apollo’s whenever I can for its warmth and superior blend of vintage and new.

J. Adams

11 mars 2020

From Orion to Apollo

I was a huge fan of my Orion32 and it was the cornerstone of my studio. I moved to apollo because of the spontaneity (push monitor to mute? oh yes please!), the expanded stereo width and depth have amazed me, and preamp plugins sold me.

This is the most versatile and best interface I’ve ever owned.

D. Toone

10 mars 2020

Love it.

Most money i’ve ever spent in one go on anything. Just absolute wonderment.

M. Boeckler

9 mars 2020

The right choice

The x8p is a perfect solution for my recordings of acoustic instruments and classical music.


5 mars 2020

Great support from Universal Audio and a great product!

Had a bit of difficulty purchasing my APOLLO X8 as the first one needed an update from an Apple mac. I was using windows. I had no way of updating it.Apparently it was an old update issue and some older units without the new update was in circulation in some stores. So after speaking with UA I returned it to the store.
However I was so impressed with UA support that I decided to give it another go and repurchased a Apollo x8p, the bigger brother. I spoke to UA support team at the same time as purchasing and got the store to check that the unit had the new update before I collected it from the store. The store updated the unit to me and all I can say is it works and is awesome. You cant go wrong with an Apollo 8x series or UA support team. Its like a family!

F. Fishel III

11 février 2020

Longtime user of UAD SINCE PCI CARDS

This interface is gives creative flexibility with 8 unison mic pres and 6 chips of realtime dsp. The clocking vs the black apoloo units is the greatest advancement along with the 124db of output . Intrigued to hear how the new LUNA platform functions with a quad mkii x8pcombo. The software and smooth functionality is a testament to diligent development to overcome the growing pains of the past limits of technology and forge into the future putting the creative tools in the hands and minds of common people. When paired with softube console and fader work flow, you follow your ears, not mouse clicks and guis

Keep up the good work.

81-100 sur 181 résultats