Apollo x8p

Apollo x8p

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Apollo x8p

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J. Harris

28 juillet 2022

Apollo X8p

It's better than I thought!

N. Kwak

5 juillet 2022

Still great

Great sound, for me this is like bet interface + AD DA converter + preamps of all time

C. Bruce

10 juin 2022

Love it

Can’t beat the clarity. It’s doesn’t get better than this and if it is you won’t hear it!

G. Schwab

2 juin 2022


I have worked with the Apollo 8P for the past few years. This device already sounded very good. The UAD Apollo X8P sounds outstanding, significantly better than the 8P. It dissolves much higher, sounds cleaner, more accurate. The dynamics are impressive and the precise representation of the spatiality inspires.

C. Bruce

1 juin 2022


These reviews say it all. Best tracing interface hands down

E. Vincent

25 mai 2022

What a vibe!

Robust, powerful implementation with tonnes of I/O. Very stable and easy to wrap your head around.
Loving having 2 x8p's in our studio to track and route to all our outboard units.
UA does it again :)


8 mai 2022

Apollo x8p

This is now my sencond one.
Great, made my life a lot easier!
I will buy another Apollo x8p and an Apollo x16.
2 Octos 3 Apollo x8p and 1 Apollo x16.
My only complain is that when you buy a new gear, UAD should give you the choice to exchange or choose a new plugin.

C. Greim

6 mars 2022

Overall, a successful mix for everyone who works "in the box".

If you don't know Unison, you should get to know it. The 8 preamps work flawlessly in combination with or without the technology. Anyone who already owns a smaller interface from the x series will not notice any difference in the converters. If the increase in quality of the converters would be implemented as with the x16, then I would be overjoyed with it. The mix of DSP and preamp makes it valuable for the UAD universe.

P. Zitarosa

18 février 2022


I'm finally getting a chance to really dig into this incredible piece of fabulousness!! I've only been working with the x8p for 3 days now, and I can only tell you how exciting it is to fire up my rig and get workin'!!! The sky is the limit with this interface!!! I purchased the Heritage Edition so it also comes with some of the most fantastic plugins I've ever heard. So Thank You UA! But I also can't seem to stop buying more UAD plugins, because they are all absolutely amazing!!! Yay Yay!!!
Ok well I'll stop there, lol....
Here's to UA!!! Cheers friends!!! What an amazing company!!!

j. baty

31 janvier 2022


Rien à redire, l'Apollo x8p est simplement merveilleuse.

Utilisateur UAD

29 janvier 2022

Musical Preamps

Great conversion and amazing pres. Unison is legit. I already had some of the Brainworx amp sims, but the UA unison versions sound better every time. Sure, this is an expensive interface, but in my opinion it is worth it. Most interface preamps you just set to a good recording level and that's all you get, but with these unison pres you can play with the gain and get different tones.

F. Mandaza

28 janvier 2022

Great Upgrade

Recently bought the 8xp and what a difference from my previous set up. I really love the sound and the clean sounds I now get.

J. Fistonich

8 janvier 2022

Awesome product but with a couple of oddities

Definitely an amazing interface. There is no doubting the quality of this piece of equipment. The conversion, the preamps, the preamp emulations, connectivity is all great, but there are a couple of things to me that would have made it a 5 star:

1. Not getting a Thunderbolt cable in the box after spending that much money on it feels a bit outrageous. It was a bit frustrating to open it and the unit not come with the necessary cable to connect it to a computer. Whether other companies do this or not shouldn't matter, UAD are an awesome company that don't need the permission of the rest of the market to put a cable in the box. Especially for that price.

2. The plugin management. As a few others have mentioned in these reviews, all the UAD plugins are installed and show up in your DAW whether you want to or not. In Logic you can go into Plugin Manager and select which plugins show up, but that is a massive hassle to sift through all of them just so that plugins you haven't purchased or tried a demo don't show up. It would be really good to have the ability in the UAD plugin manager to select which you want to show in both 'Console' and Luna or whatever DAW you use. And if you wanted to demo a plugin or purchase another, doing that from that same UAD plugin manager through the Control Panel app.

Anyway, just a couple of things that I found didn't quite live up to my expectations for this product. But so many positives which is why it gets 4 stars. Great sound, quality, processing power, plugins. It is greatly appreciated that you can get a decent number of plugins for free, including some nice pres even if they're not the Neves and APIs.

Thanks UAD for great products. I hope my feedback is helpful!

B. Rovo

4 janvier 2022


Fantastic build quality and sound!

A. Mão de Ferro

9 décembre 2021

Amazing sound

The sound is simply amazing, with many more DSP features. Fantastic promotion, worth purchasing!
I recommend...

s. väänänen

27 novembre 2021

Perfect piece of gear.

I've been enjoying Apollo Solo and Twin for couple years now. Preamps, latency, D/A conversion and the whole UAD world is absolutely great. The only downside has been running out of DSP and preamps. Now also that has been covered. With Apollo x8p I can use plugins without DSP constantly in my mind. With 8 preamps I can record basicly anything that comes to my mind. This is perfect!

H. Torres

16 novembre 2021

Amazing music production centerpiece

Superb interface with 8 clean preamps. Love the Unison technology and the ability to use flex routing to create analog gear chains in console without the requirement of a patch bay. Also, like the ability to record both processed and dry signals in one single take. Allows me to commit without fear. This is very useful when combined with the Townsend Labs Sphere microphone.

A. Montez

9 novembre 2021

Great preamps

I was largely unsatisfied with the sounds I was getting from my digital mixer for multitrack recording. The Apollo x8p gave me plenty of mic/line inputs and the ability to use the unison preamps resulted in amazing sounds on the way in and minimized the amount of work needed in the mixing stage. Good product and obtained for a great price refurbished

F. Bourgeais

20 octobre 2021

5 étoiles ; )

1U/19 pouces. Toute la puissance et la qualité HAUT de GAMME de ce produit de très belle facture. Cette carte son est plutôt dédié aux professionnels mais aussi aux home/studistes très exigent. La force de la carte x8p UAD "Universal Audio" c'est d'avoir en une seconde accès au son analogique des meilleurs consoles de mixage au MONDE. NEVE, SSL, API etc..... et bien d'autres comme le fabuleux pré-amp AVALON VT-737. Pour moi qui travaille dans l'industrie du cinéma, la sortie en surround 7.1 est juste INDISPENSABLE.4X x8p en cascade est un bon compromis.
Fabien BOURGEAIS. "GhostRecordsFrance"

T. Parks

30 septembre 2021


I purchased this machine to accomplish a few things. The first was to be able to directly connected a mic and tweak going into my DAW. The second was to have a backup for getting sounds into my DAW coming from my MPC X. For me and my setup, this was the perfect thing...because I can also use it to record live instrumentation in my studio. I have the Apollo x8p working together with my Apollo x16...no problems at all...just use a Thunderbolt cable to chain them together and create. Thanks Apollo.

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