Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB

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J. Browne

15 mars 2020

Apollo Twin USB

Works well, included plugins are nice. Needed customer support on a plugin I purchased and response was very fast. 5 stars if the cost was less.

D. Gusev

10 mars 2020

Recommend not purchasing Apollo Twin USB

Read this review before purchasing Apollo Twin USB for WIndows. I strongly recommend not purchasing this interface.

There have been many praise reviews about this company and their audio interfaces. But I was disappointed with their products as much as possible. Finally, when I bought the Apollo Twin USB card that I had been dreaming about for so long, I got a crookedly working piece of iron. The sound is constantly disappearing, the console is crashing. Tried different USB inputs, reinstall the drivers and the card software. It's no use.

Communication with the support didn't work out. The first time I was answered simply by copying information from their website (from UAD nobody gives a sh*t about this information, they don't even think about expanding or updating it). The second time the support agent just disappeared and stopped responding. I wrote the third time, but I don't expect the situation with Apollo to change. In addition, the support service is very slow and of poor quality.

My guess is that I will have to change the whole system now, but I have no idea what to build. On the site you will see just a couple of lines about the requirements, just what is NOT RECOMMENDED, but when using their useless audio interface you will encounter a lot more pitfalls (because there is no information what is RECOMMENDED for stable operation). And only if you have universe luck - Apollo Twin USB will work fine.

In general, I am surprised how such praised engineers of the company were able to produce such a low quality product. Apollo Twin USB is worse than any budget interface. Even the interface for $100 at me worked stably throughout the year, and UAD did not start working immediately on the day of purchase. It feels like they tested this card for just a couple of days on one computer at home with one engineer and decided that it would be enough, put a price tag of $800 and released it on the market. Look at the number of topics on the forum and the official website for problem solving! Incredible number of people with problems with UAD audio interfaces.

It's a shameful product for the company. I'm sorry for the money, time and nerves spent.

C. Quiroz

6 mars 2020

Very very happy with my Apollo Twin USB

I am really enjoying the clarity of the interface and the performance of the 10 plugins included.

T. Osborne

2 mars 2020

I love my Apollo Twin USB and I'm so glad it finally works :)

This is the best small interface I've ever owned; I previously had a Focusrite Scarlett i818 2nd Gen which was fine until I bought a new PC Build and the Scarlett started causing it to crash. So I decided I needed a better quality interface and hence, the Apollo Twin USB.

The build quality of the Apollo Twin is fantastic, it looks and feels top quality: it has weight to it, nothing feels cheap or flimsy and the User Interface/button layout feels so nice, it makes me want to use it and keep using it. A good layout design can be motivational in itself to make music!

The Universal Audio plug ins are great and having Digital Signal Processing separate from the CPU of my computer is an excellent bonus because it leaves massive headroom for use of other plugins, say Native Instruments for example, in my DAW at the same time - so the potential for a powerful system, dependent on your CPU and DSP amount is there.

The only downside is I did have issues that lasted for about two weeks with popping and clicking in my audio, which got worse as I upped audio sample rates. This was frustrating, I can't lie, as when you buy something new - especially something that cost 600 bucks - you do want to just crack on and be able to use it straight out of the box. I contacted Universal Audio Support however, who got back to me within a few days with a list of possible fixes. Julius @ Customer Support was super helpful and I can't thank him enough as my problem is now fixed and fingers crossed, so far so good! Which I'm glad of because I really wanted to be able to use this awesome interface. IF anybody experiencing pops and clicks in their audio with use of the Apollo Twin USB interface is reading this, for me the culprit was the C-State setting in the CPU Power Management Menu in my computer's BIOS. I basically had to disable C-State and everything, so far is working nicely. I hope this helps anybody in need and saves you a hell of a lot of time!

Please note that the Apollo Twin USB is by no means 'Plug and Play' and does take some setting up and time ironing out creases. I Think this is to be expected however, given the sophistication of the interface and the use of its own onboard processors. In spite of these things, I would STILL give the interface a high rating! Although I've reviewed 4 Stars, I would actually give it 4 and a half if the website here let me! If you've got a powerful computer that is up to date with a built in USB 3 connection, I'd say don't hesitate to get yourself one of these babies if you're looking to make a switch!
Peace :)

O. Lbs

29 février 2020



M. Ennis

21 février 2020

Super excited!

I absolutely love my new apollo twin. Definitely a step up for me. Very user friendly and versatile

D. DeBerry

15 février 2020

Actually awesome when given the right info

Man. Bought it a year ago got sent the PC version instead of the thunderbolt. Still can,t use it ugh. Had to change whole platform to PC was never given registration plug in pack . Played ball on PC format .. Let me help Universal Audio out wither Mac or PC dont buy our product unless your running and I7 or I5 with 32 gb or up . Because it's a damn great product or other than doing so your gonna be on struggle bus island .Cause sales people at music stores dont really facilitate that 1% producers market. They just sell shhhh.

D. DeBerry

15 février 2020

Actually awesome when given the right info

Man. Bought it a year ago got sent the PC version instead of the thunderbolt. Still can,t use it ugh. Had to change whole platform to PC was never given registration plug in pack . Played ball on PC format .. Let me help Universal Audio out wither Mac or PC dont buy our product unless your running and I7 or I5 with 32 gb or up . Because it's a damn great product or other than doing so your gonna be on struggle bus island .Cause sales people at music stores dont really facilitate that 1% producers market. They just sell shhhh.

l. bedell

28 janvier 2020

The best interface you can get!!!!!

I was a little nervous from reading some of the reviews on this thing for pc and in general to pay so much and have it “bug out” but, so far so good!!!. Installation was really easy, the way people made it seem for the install process had me prepared to be at my computer in the setting tab changing different audio files lol. Sound is amazing!! I thought maybe everyone was overdoing the sound quality that this has but they were not, it was great lol. I would say if you have a pc with usb 3.0 built in then go for it, it’s the industry standard in audio interfaces, but make sure you computer or laptop is up to par so it won’t give you any installation issues. But don’t let the negative reviews scare you off of this thing it’s great and zZounds have great payment plans to get it to you the next day.

A. Nemeth

27 janvier 2020

Brilliant quiality

I am more than satisfied with my UAD Apollo Twin USB Duo product.
The only reason I can't say this is the best interface for home recording ever, because I never tried anything else in this range.
What I can say: I have got what I expected from Universal Audio. You have made me a loyal customer for a long time.

S. Monell

27 janvier 2020

Universal Audio just gets it...

I recently purchased an Apollo Twin Duo (USB) and I have to say I am impressed! My first interface was a Komplete Audio 6, which I traded in for a Clarett 8Pre USB (that I still own). I bought the apollo for two reasons: 1. I wanted in to the world of UA Plugins. 2. I wanted a smaller more portable AI to mix with in the go. The preamps in the apollo (without any plugins in Unison or insert) sound great! Comparable to the Clarrett if I'm being honest... But it's when you enable the unison tech that things get really interesting. The 610b and the 1073 beef up an incoming signal sonically in such a way that its hard to want to record on anything else... Another huge plus is that UA leverages USB 3.0 SS for this interface, which means with updated drivers in 2020 you have a 5gbs highway to transfer data. That is much faster than a USB 2.0 interface, which it seems like most companies are outfitting their tech with. I see that the future for music looks to be thunderbolt, as V3 is doing some incredible stuff with transfer speeds up to 40gbs. However as I am a windows guy, and will be for the foreseeable future, I hope UA continues to develop tech with USB capability. At the moment USB 3.1 Gen 2 can transfer up to 20gbs, that's insanely fast for Windows (and uses the same type C connector as Thunderbolt. My hope is the next line of Apollo rack systems with 8 or 16 inputs has two different options. Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2. If they do then I WILL buy one, with tons of DSP and 8 inputs, no questions asked...

J. Rios

12 janvier 2020

It's getting better all the time

Loving this little beast from day one!
I'm new to UAD platform, and now I'm realizing the money and time I waste on other systems, meaning other (professional) sound cards and native plugins. This platform is easy to use, very powerful and sounds amazing. Now my PC runs lighter, and my tracking and mixes sounds much better and totally under control. Don't waste your time: get the Apollo that suits your needs.

G. Bushnell

8 janvier 2020

Great product, requires some time to figure out

This is my first really nice interface. Before this, I was using the Komplete Audio 6 mk2 and it was nice but nowhere near as nice as this. The main difference is that interface I was able to just plug in and begin working, which isn't the case with this one. I had never used most of the higher-level features and software that come with this interface. Now that I figured them out it is great to have but I was a bit lost at first. Overall It is a fantastic product once you get it all set up, just be aware there is a bit of a learning curve at first!

M. Ahmed

31 décembre 2019

Upgraded from Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

I was using Scarlett 18i8 1st gen and went into the store to find out the latest version of Scarlett if they have better preamps and less latency. I randomly asked for assistance that which is "THE BEST" audio interface you have available in terms of best pres and lowest latency and I was introduced to this beauty. The price factor made me finance it and fortunately the store had 0 interest offer if paid in 90 days for the boxing week. Otherwise it was always out of my budget.

The type of character/texture I always dreamt of off my vocals was delivered through it straight out of the box. Just used Tube-Tech C1 plugin which came as a 14 day demo with it and it gave my vocals even more warmer and pleasing feel than I expected.

It definitely gives you enough confidence to create more and save time. For me now I can go ahead with recording my originals instead of covers.

And yea the difference between this and Scarlett 1st gen is a day/night difference for me. As far as latency is concerned, I'd say it gives you 0 latency because it doesn't use your computer's processor. It has its own processor onboard which works flawlessly even if there are those UAD plugins enabled.

The only drawback not a drawback but it'd be great if they'd have it was adding more inputs.

Rest I am very happy with the results.

M. Hancock

29 décembre 2019

Loved It So Much, Bought Another One..

Since I've purchased my Apollo Twin USB, I've been amazed with the sound and how easily it fits into my workflow. Loved it so much I bought another one for one of my other mix suites.

C. Manchester

26 décembre 2019

The force is strong with this one

After working in studios and live situations for over 30 years I have seen and heard a ton of pre-amps, interfaces, mixing desks, etc. I have refined my set up recently going 100% in-the-box. I already had a very decent rig but this interface has popped the icing on the cake. Very satisfied and have already expanded to an Octo satellite for my mobile rig and an Octo PCIe card for my studio set up. The only complaints are coming from my wallet.

W. Vickers

10 décembre 2019

Very disappointed with customer service

Right out if the box my Apollo twin mk2 did not turn on when plugged into my computer. I've called customer service a number of times and just get a pre recorded message saying to try the online help and it hangs up. I've emailed them my issue and have been waiting for an email back for 4 days. Apparently my PC might not be compatible with the interface which confuses me but all I want is an explanation and a little effort put in to my issue but it seems I can't even get that. It pains me to write this because of all the great things I've heard about this company but I feel this it my last option to get some attention for my problem.

M. McInerney

25 novembre 2019

Very happy

Gosh, my Apollo Twin is just making tracking so much more engaging, and fast. I don't love Console, but it gets the job done and makes for pretty efficient monitoring.

A. Dutka

14 novembre 2019


Smooth balanced sound.The vocals are fat and natural No need to fight for solutions anymore!

D. Barbenel

1 novembre 2019

instillation proceedure / customer service

I have not yet plugged in my Apollo Twin and already I hate UA.
a) even before you connect to the website you have to agree to a data policy with no opt-out options
b) sending a request to customer services is like getting into Fort Knox:
umpteen info request and security checks just to send a form
c) the instillation video has the ugliest music I have ever heard.
I feel like I'm being treated like a data cow rather than a customer.

81-100 sur 418 résultats