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Apollo Solo

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D. Valerga

9 novembre 2021

apollo / solo heritage

I'm so happy I decided on my apollo / solo Heritage. I've now incorporated it into my brand new system work station, using Logic on my new M1 Mac Mini and the improvement on the audio quality of my work is astounding. Beyond belief. I'm ecstatic.
not sure on how to obtain the free plugins being offered with my new, recent purchase but happy with what I've got and looking forward to to great sounding productions. Thank you xx

G. McCallum

3 novembre 2021

I had the apollo 8 + satellite already... (should have got the twin instead?)

Why get this when I have the apollo 8 + satellite already? Thought I could use it as a cool monitor control and handy if i need to record @ different location. The problem I have is thunderbolt 3. I have 2015 Macbook Pro running thunderbolt 2 with my existing UA gear. So I had to get a thunderbolt 3 hub that can power the solo. (UA do not recommend this) All good there. Only con is I still can not control my monitors with the solo unless I plug the monitors directly into the solo, not what I was expecting. The 'Twin' has this function. Little gripe but otherwise a great looking/ sounding addition to the studio. I do have a new macbook on order with thunderbolt 3 - so had to order a thunderbolt 3 card for my apollo - $899?! Hence my low (sh) review

D. Horn

28 octobre 2021

Awesome interface, but poor multi-unit support

While this is a great entry-level interface, it would be a more worthwhile investment if it could serve as a fully-functional expander unit to my x8. Technically it connects as an expander, but the monitor level cannot be controlled by the knob on the Solo. The Twin X supports this, so it's a bummer support is missing on the TB3-powered Solo. It would be great if users could invest in a solo knowing they'd be able to properly expand their rig in the future.

K. Thabthimthong

13 octobre 2021

Great Appliance

I love Apollo Solo design it' so beautiful. The sound it's great both Input and output, great value, I'm recommend

C. Brewer

12 octobre 2021

Awesome interface. Only one tiny complaint...

This is a great bang-for-buck entry into the Apollo space. It's got everything you need to run a small recording session with Unison preamps. My only dig is there is no option for external power. If you've got a TB2 system, a converter will not allow you to power the unit. The other units don't have this issue, but if you're straight TB3, no problems!

j. Del Rosario

29 septembre 2021

Apollo Solo new user

I used to have a Focus Rite 2i2, but when I decided to invest on this, honestly I didn’t spect that kind of quality, I’m very very happy with my purchase and I enjoy having that great quality with me every where i go, 5/5 UAD

j. Del Rosario

29 septembre 2021

Apollo Solo new user

I used to have a Focus Rite 2i2, but when I decided to invest on this, honestly I didn’t spect that kind of quality, I’m very very happy with my purchase and I enjoy having that great quality with me every where i go, 5/5 UAD

P. Gitlitz

27 septembre 2021

New purchase

After years of using a fireface 800 I have finally made the move to UA. It is brilliantly designed and works perfectly.
I am only disappointed that it is so Mac designed and Luna is not available for PC. I’m also wishing I had the cash to by a bigger unit, with more DSP so I could run a couple of plugins. I find I have changed my entire process to use the powered plugins.
I’d be way more inclined to purchase plugins if I could run more than two at a time. With processor intense plugins I can only use one!

R. Sundman Nilsson

10 septembre 2021


FEELS LIKE A SCAM TBH, when you buy a product for 700€ you really expect it to perform well. Especially when it say that it will work with Windows and that Universal Audio markets it to be compatible with Windows. Looking back at it I should’ve done some more research on this. Go get yourself another interface and don’t bother with this until Universal Audio have fixed all their issues.

M. Crespo

7 septembre 2021


awesome to my home studio. Pocket and powerfull!

M. Pereira

26 août 2021

Awesome for guitar recording and practicing

Small and portable, amazing preamps and headphone amp that powers my 80ohm headphones loud and clear. Unison technology is really amazing, using guitar amp sim in Unison slot allows to kick a boost pedal in front of the Apollo without clipping the preamp, so it behaves very realistic as a valve amp being pushed into overdrive, and with near zero delay!

1. ki

24 août 2021

UAD Apollo solo....the best choice

It's the best portable audio interface. You don't have to hesitate to make a choice.

W. Brady

19 août 2021

Studio in a Bag - Perfect!

Runs perfect under Windows 10 with an HP Zbook Firefly i7 14” G7. Use it for Voiceovers with the FREE included Classics Bundled UA 610B the Teletronix LA-2A, and the Pultec EQP-1. I have the Thunderbolt 3 and it runs fine when the notebooks power supply is unplugged. My mic is a Sennheiser 416 so it all fits in a Bag. My 1st plug-in purchase with be the Neve 1073, still have a few days on the Free demo. UA is Awesome!!!

L. Apan

5 août 2021

Perfect upgrade

The best product for home studios and mobile sessions. Works seamlessly with my Mac.

C. Garcia

14 juillet 2021

Secret discovered

I've always wondered: How do they get that warm sound in their recording and mixing?

The answer: apollo Interface. A sound so warm and of such quality as if you had the analog equipment of thousands of dollars in your bedroom.

No one is paying me to say this: Once you try it you won't want to change it, guaranteed.

S. Chernyavskiy

24 juin 2021

Apollo Solo and MacBook Pro M1

Bought Apollo Solo for MacBook Pro M1 and it work great!

l. tom

19 juin 2021


Extremely aggravated or maybe I should have did more research before I purchased it for my pc windows 10 which I have 32 gigs of RAM i7 all the good stuff just cannot get it to work properly and all the videos were not very helpful they to be more communicative about the problems this product has with Windows

M. Zan

2 juin 2021

perfect upgrade or me

I play guitar and have been recording as a hobby just to branch out. After using a Focusrite 6i6 for several years, this is definitely an upgrade.
Currently using a Mac Mini with an M1 chip and Logic Pro X. The setup was a little weird because I had to adjust settings through my disc utility however, everything now works nearly perfectly. Only troubleshooting left to do is sort out the double signal output. The box outputs a clean channel and I use input monitoring in logic so i can play along with other plugins - confident i can youtube to resolve though.

A. Moore

26 mai 2021

Oh yeah, love it

A beautiful design, solid build, all that I've played with inside the limited time I've had it has worked great with my MacBook Air with M1 chip. Love it, plus it looks seriously sweet next to the Mac and a Neuman TLM 103.

E. Presencia

21 mai 2021

Don't buy this!

I bought the USB version because it is supposed to work on Windows .. to my surprise you can't even configure the inputs and outputs on the UA console! how is it possible that a Focusrite Sarlett 2i2 works better than this which is worth almost double! It is a terrible purchase, it is practically a scam that they say that it works in Windows when it really does not, a shame!

101-120 sur 211 résultats