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Apollo Solo USB

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F. Denaro

24 novembre 2022

Good sound, but working bad on my licensed windows

Had some issues on windows, knobs in console isn’t smooth.
No input signal from microphone in obs programm.
And for these money I want plug and go don’t wanna contact support and wait for answers couple days.
Yes sound good and dsp cpu I like it but first of all for work I want stability, so I decided return Apollo after week back to the shop. It’s sad cause I really fall in love with design and sound but I don’t have enough time and nerves for this problem solvings I’m just customer with 500$ And want for them be calm when I’m creating, maybe only my interface was broken

A. Viktorovich

14 novembre 2022

my best interface!

It works stably and everything is very convenient!

R. Gamble

4 novembre 2022

Great little interface

Solid on Win 10 USB. Sounds very good. Console and plugins are a lot of fun to experiment with. Ability to save settings and recall in DAW is awesome! Great interface if you only need up to 2 channels at a time.

r. Kieffer

2 novembre 2022


Rien à dire sur cette apollo solo heritage, un must have


27 octobre 2022


다좋다 그러나 기기 발열은 심각해서 사용하기 불편해서 거의 사용하지않는다 발열문제는 진짜심각하다

N. Sibisi

19 octobre 2022


I've been coveting the UAD platform for a while but couldn't afford to hop in. Thanks to Universal Audio engineering for such a compact 'military grade' device. I can't believe the quality of vocals when tracked using Unison. I used the 1073 and it's mindblowing, I've never experienced such mid-low beauty, what a mellow yet prestine take. Though I mixed using Studio One stock plugins, the difference is amazing! Call me old-fashioned, but next I'm getting the Apollo X4 and the Ultimate 11.

T. Kingen

6 octobre 2022

Apollo Solo USB

I have an Apollo Duo for my home studio setup but purchased the Apollo Solo for the purpose of remote recording with a laptop. It's great being able to utilize the unison plugins for this purpose.

A. Pukalov

14 septembre 2022


wonderful interface with wide range of features

J. Perdomo

6 septembre 2022


Great quality sound, need me the twin one now !

K. Jongmin

15 août 2022


Very Good~!!

j. sanchez

9 août 2022

apollo solo

consulta, saldra el daw Luna para windows

Utilisateur UAD

27 juillet 2022

no que quiere istalar


C. Thomas

20 juillet 2022

Amazing But Needs Windows Performance Improvement

The Apollo Solo USB Heritage Edition I purchased has been the best upgrade to my home studio since I upgraded my mic. This audio interface is hands down amazing, just would be nice too not have any latency issues on windows. The plug-ins that came with it are hands down incredible, they make my old waves versions look like a joke. Overall an amazing product, just slight performance issues on windows.

y. kim

7 juillet 2022


The reason why I tried to give you 4 stars but took one out is because of compatibility with Windows. I don't know if my computer is a problem, but I think it's not enough to get along with many computers. Please pay attention.

R. Turner

13 juin 2022

Not a good fit for Windows users latency still an issue with windows, over heats often

I wouldn't recommend it for windows users but if you have a mac get it, If you have Windows you will still have latency issues, it also over heats even when it is not under a load. It should come with a USB cable but doesn't, bad management because if the user has a crap USB cable it will make the product perform bad. Fix these three things and I would say it is the best on the market. top quality hardware. Why they have not ingirted their recording software with windows is also a sign of bad management making the product look bad when it could be the best on the market.

s. rigby

6 mai 2022

Love this Apollo USB thing

So….I was in the process of upgrading my ten year old and ultra reliable RME Babyface and 2012 MacBook Pro …
I was looking at buying a Thunderbolt Twin due to the conflicting views on the UA USB support and driver for the Apollo units -I picked up a Dell Latitude 5490 laptop for a great price and decided to “take a chance” and see if I could save the cost of buying a new Mac…ordered the Apollo Solo USB heritage edition.
I’m pretty Mac an PC “literate” so set up the Dell as per all the usual Windows tweaks -processor scheduling,USB hub power etc…setup the Apollo Solo with a decent USB cable -initial tests,amazed at the quality of playback (the RME is no slouch,but this was like night and day sonically …)

Crackle in playback …oh no …

Checked the console sample rate matched the Cubase project sample rate …

Amazing.Rock solid,crackle free,amazing sound…unison preamps ?What can you say ?

Bought the Avalon 737 and Neve preamps on a deal.Just sound incredible with my AT 4047 mic.The Heritage plug-in are just superb,the quality of the Unison plug ins are a revelation-so much so most of my hardware is now up for sale!

I love this thing.It’s literally as good as the “real” stuff to my jaded ears.

What I would say is that it helps if you know a little about configuring PC’s- the setup advice that’s out there is good,do a bit of research and use a “quality” USB cable…

C. Yeo

26 avril 2022

So nice to recording!

Finally, I find the best of recording system. It's absolutely necessary for the guitar player

R. Pulley

17 avril 2022

Apollo Solo USB Believer

Using this with PC and it is running very smoothly. I was worried after reading some reviews on UA not working well with PC, but wanted to try Universal Audio DSP and plugins and am extremely happy with the results! Great sounding vocals come easy using Unison and Avalon plugin with just a touch of LA2A compression and recording direct. I find that I have to add very little eq to the initial recording, which is what I’ve been looking for over the years. It just has “that” sound going in. The sound quality, headroom and quality of UA plugins has made this a game changer for my sound and ease of mixing. Wish I had made this decision before now!


25 mars 2022



F. De Taye

18 mars 2022

Top Windows Usb-c Audio card

Un nouveau monde s'ouvre dans le mixage et l'émulations effets sans cpu et latence. Le monitoring est vraiment pro et sans bugs. Le son est très bon et le routing latence est tout bon grâce a une connexion haut débit usb-c. Et enfin avec cette carte son vous avez accès a l'audio haut de gamme studio. Je suis bluffé de la qualité de cette carte son.

1-20 sur 115 résultats

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