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Apollo 8

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B. Souza

29 mars 2019

Apollo 8

Super love this ! Sounds great ! Also have a uad thunderbolt satellite quad ! Awesome too! The only down side is console can not share dsp from any other device. I did not know that and feel slightly misled.

c. donzella

24 mars 2019


Universal audio apollo 8, It's a very good device if you know what you are doing.
no issues or bugs yet!

P. Piccolo

19 mars 2019

Simply Amazing!

I recently bought an Apollo 8 and a Satellite and I am thrilled the build, ease of use and customer support - top notch. The plug ins are also world class - buy this stuff - what are you waiting for?

M. Yesodharan

13 février 2019

Apollo 8

It is so much easier to get a rich warm clear and full mix sinds I work with the apollo, which is leaving me with more time for creating new tracks. Loving it!

f. poisquet

12 février 2019


awesome, great, very function, much audio, nice quality, superb design, looks expensive, it is expensive, it is good, it is well worth the cash, it is awesome, it is great, apollo 8 straight for the stars.

R. Garcia

8 février 2019

Apollo 8

Stop thinking about it and just buy it. Worth every penny!! Slick look with an even better sound! Only downside is with the "free" included plugins are only good for about 2 weeks; otherwise 5 stars.

P. Viney

7 février 2019

Finally, an interface that meets expectations!

I've tried many interfaces and this Apollo has by far been my favorite to work with. I was recently using an interface by Antelope Audio. It sounded good but it was easily the least stable piece of gear I have ever bought..ever. I am now as stable as one could possibly hope for. The console is amazingly intuitive in a way that it works in the way you expect it to. I have always though that UAD plugins were pricey and it caused me to stay clear of the Apollo interfaces but now that I am actually using them the prices don't seem bad at all..I was very surprised. I'd love to try out some other UAD gear now that my eyes have been opened..

C. Slaughter

25 janvier 2019

Best of the BEST!

I got rid of my Focusrite 18i, Its was like comparing shade to sunshine. Every thing is a lot clearer. Stereo imaging, and the ability to add plugins directly inside the interface.
Thanks UA!

J. Coutinho

20 janvier 2019

Apollo 8 Quad

After working with RME for ages, it was time to move on. As a long time UAD user it made sense to look at the Apollo Interfaces. Never regretted leaving RME. The clarity, the included DSP, overall performance is just amazing! Created a mobile rig with my Macbook Pro and recorded drums and horns already with excellent results.
Awesome interface and a very happy owner!

C. Kyle

17 janvier 2019

UA Software Update V9.7.1

Wondering how many of you out there experienced the same "update" issue that caused my 2nd Gen Apollo8P to crash? I was having no problems at all... installed the V9.7.1, and now I can't get the Mac to recognize the 8P. Troubleshooting efforts by the UA team were fruitless, and they want me to send the equipment in for further evaluation... with a $200 carte blanche pre-approval. Again, absolutely no issues at all before the update, which included a forced firmware update that seems to be the root of the issue. Considering I paid such a hefty price for the equipment, my expectation would be UA support without costing me money for their evaluation.


16 janvier 2019

very nice

I like apollo 8

M. Kipp

12 janvier 2019

A perfect complement of my silver Apollo

I am happy using the Apollo 8 via Thunderbolt. Now I can work with 32 tracks and use all the to me "harmonic sounding" UA plugins provided. I love to use that gear.

S. Bhatti

10 janvier 2019


Simply amazing!

B. Mangum

12 décembre 2018

The Apollo far exceeded my expectations!!!

I was so impressed with how much processing power the Apollo has not to mention the superb quality of UA’s plugins. I would highly recommend the Apollo series for anyone serious about recording.

b. gabrielli

6 décembre 2018

au top

en complement de ma twin pure convertisseur

Utilisateur UAD

2 décembre 2018

My new spaceship

This device is amazing. Build quality is impeccable, it looks powerfull in the rack.
But when you get to dive in the Console and the world of plugins you discover the immenisity of the new domain you have opened.
And all this with a pristine sound, perfect preamps, powerfull monitoring.
A must have device!

D. Perini

2 décembre 2018

Apollo 8 è spettacolare!!!

Questa scheda audio è molto di più di quanto ci siamo aspettato!!! E' molto veramente fantastica!!!

O. Morris

30 novembre 2018

Apollo 8 blackface

Great gear love the sound I have 2 Apollo 8s, Apollo twin and the satellite quad everything is connected via thunderbolt which works flawlessly with console so in a nutshell you can’t go wrong with universal audio Apollo’s

O. Morris

30 novembre 2018

Apollo 8 blackface

Great gear love the sound I have 2 Apollo 8s, Apollo twin and the satellite quad everything is connected via thunderbolt which works flawlessly with console so in a nutshell you can’t go wrong with universal audio Apollo’s

E. Vural

29 novembre 2018


Suitable for any combination in the studio. Complete.

61-80 sur 476 résultats