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Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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V. Shevtsov

23 mai 2023

An indispensable tool

Auto-tune, in combination with the UAD chip, changed my idea of recording, making it more creative and productive. I hear the finished composition in the headphones, which undoubtedly affects the result. 10/10

G. Bogunov

13 mai 2023

Useful tool

Great quality product, use it on a regular basis

M. Alexandru-George

2 mai 2023

My daily instrument

10 stars

S. Blecher

30 avril 2023

Ein must have tool

Super Plugin um die Stimme gerade zu ziehen oder eben um den speziellen Effekt in die Stimme zu bringen.

Utilisateur UAD

19 avril 2023

Dont purchase this plugin if you are on windows.

I purchased this plugin as a own an apollo twib duo usb version. The plugins states it works with uad 2 however it doesnt work to authorise the license via the uad meter. I have contacted uad support their best response was they dont support amd cpu's they didnt try to help or nothing. I then requested a refund and stated the plugin wasnt working they replied with their contract which states they dont refund any software purchased be careful when buying plugins.

D. Gonzalez

14 avril 2023


Just a game change, it's an awesome tool to get creative on your tracks.

A. Ogai

13 avril 2023

King of Autotune

I am happy to share my positive review of the UAD Real-Time Auto-Tune plugin, which I believe is an outstanding addition to any audio production setup. This plugin has been expertly designed and developed to deliver precise, real-time pitch correction, while preserving the natural character of the original audio source.

One of the key benefits of this plugin is its ease of use. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, the Real-Time Auto-Tune plugin allows you to quickly and easily tune your vocals or instrument recordings with minimal effort, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Additionally, the plugin features a range of advanced options, including adjustable tuning speed, vibrato control, and formant correction, giving you even greater flexibility and control over your sound.

Another standout feature of this plugin is its exceptional sound quality. With UAD's renowned analog modeling technology, the Real-Time Auto-Tune plugin delivers a warm, natural sound that is virtually indistinguishable from the original audio. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from professional music production to podcasting and video content creation.

Overall, I would highly recommend the UAD Real-Time Auto-Tune plugin to anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality pitch correction tool. With its powerful features, intuitive interface, and exceptional sound quality, this plugin is a must-have for any serious audio engineer or producer.

D. Duarte

4 avril 2023

Afinação sem distorção, sim, existe essa possibilidade.

Achei incrível esse plug-in pela sonoridade real , mas o que mais me chamou a atenção foi o efeito agir sem distorcer a voz deixando a afinação correta sem deixar a voz artificial. Interessantíssimo. Valeu Uad, valeu Antares.

F. Julianelli

2 avril 2023

As Good As Expected

Great Plug-In really used nowadays, that being adding character to your vocal, or correcting those little mistakes that a really felt vocal recording might have. A must have for every producer!

V. Laborde

29 mars 2023

unfinished purchase

the old autotute realtime advanced redirects you to this plugin when you want to buy it and when you buy it it doesn't unlock it... they should fix that error...

A. Hathot

29 mars 2023

Amazing plugin but notice it does not have the same functions as Antares Auto-Tune PRO

Im happy with it, but I wish it had the same functions as Auto-Tune PRO, specially at this price point!

A. L.

24 mars 2023

solved: AutoTune not working

I tried to edit my previous review, but I couldn't, so I'm writing another one.
If anyone else encountered the problem I described below, here is the solution (thanks to the support):

UAD-2 (DSP) plugins and hardware are managed using the UA Meter & Control panel application. To activate your new plugins please launch the UAD Meter & Control Panel, go to the Plug-Ins tab and click the Authorize Plug-Ins button. Plug-Ins will be available in Console, but only the Native Plug-Ins will appear on UA Connect.
They even attached a picture for explanation, so positive review now for both the support (thanks Joseph) and the Plug-In itself.

c. laby

24 mars 2023


hey hard tims are hitting can i use this on the volt and ua connect please

A. L.

22 mars 2023

AutoTune not working

Hello all, I purchased the Plug-In yesterday and I am still not able to use it.
It doesn't appear in UA Connect or my iLok account. (the review below me had the same issue - hope it will be fixed soon)
I'm looking forward to the response from customer support. Thanks!

J. Romero

20 mars 2023

Customer service is horrible

I have spent €113 on this product and I still can't use it, the license doesn't load in ua Connect and it doesn't appear in ilok either, and no one gives me an answer, this is very bad for you and leaves a bad feeling

Y. Kece

17 mars 2023

Yetkin kece

Why isn't there a Thorat knob like autotune pro?

F. Mandaza

15 mars 2023

Great Plug-in

Really good for fine tuning vocals


13 mars 2023

Great tool

Real time perfect!

M. Racanelli

26 février 2023

Realtime Processing Fantastic

The ability to adjust vocals in realtime is amazing. A great addition to your vocal chain for real-time tracking

B. Moss

13 février 2023

Great product

Really has an ease of use

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