Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Plug-in Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Plug-in Bundle

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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B. Mckinney

12 mars 2014

UA Tuner

I love the UA line of plugins. Whoever was in charge of allowing this plugin to be released should lose their job. It is slow to the point of absurdity and is really more of less useless. Then, as quite a few people won't use the $50.00 credit in the allotted time, they opt for the tuner. Now free is free, but why not offer a tuner we can use and respect, as we do the rest of the offerings from this great company? It makes me want my non money back.

P. Aitman

10 mars 2014

Simple and does the job

Can you really argue for the price of this essential utility.
A simple plugin which achieves an essential musical requirement.
It's fast and Accurate. You can't ask for much more.

K. Luchs

7 mars 2014

Very Handy Plugin

It does what you would expect from a tuner. It's accurate and easy to use.

M. Merritt

6 mars 2014

Not very accurate, slow detection.

Hey guys, I LOVE my other UAD plugins. This one, however, is a dud. Aside from tuner not being as accurate as it could be, the detection is very slow. It's just not a very good tuner IMHO. I wish it was worth the purchase.

F. Luis

16 janvier 2014


muy util antes de hacer las tomas, muy preciso recomendado

A. Anyn

14 janvier 2014

bx_tuner Plug-In

Simple and convenient tuner, always near at hand also it isn't necessary to think of batteries.

R. Fierst

12 janvier 2014

It does what it has to do

Nice tuner, works well, altough a bit slow to my opinion. Got it cheap with the december sale, so no complaints :-)

M. Lueck

9 janvier 2014

work as expected but 15% DSP power

For a tuner its a joke, that you need 15% DSP power of a single DSP card. A multi band mastering compressor needs the same DSP power.
The function is very good as expected, slow ballistics.

J. Grönvall

7 janvier 2014


Does the job. Nice and slow enough for precision tuning.

A. Mayer

5 janvier 2014

tune it or lose it

Tuner works fine. I have even used it durring a take to check the guitarists tuning without the works well and no more searching around for batteries as it is internal to the console

E. Hacquard

28 décembre 2013

Does the job!

Good tuner, very precise.
Does the trick without any problems

D. Nelson-ashley

28 décembre 2013

It's a tuner

It's handy to have. It does what it's supposed to.its cheap but it should be free

E. Biagini

26 décembre 2013

very nice an usefull utility!

Very nice and usefull utility. I have luthier passion, I do use that also for very fine tuning diapason set up.

M. Topf

25 décembre 2013


Terrible. Barely works for any of my guitars or bass. No matter how well i tune it it never stays on green.
Should of just bought a hardware one

Love all the other plugins i have though!

V. Andreev

16 décembre 2013

Tuner wholly to be fit for use

Tuner wholly to be fit for use. The Cost at a rate of! Helps in work. This pleasure!

C. Anawaty

15 décembre 2013

Does what it should...

Great tuner! Much easier to see than the tuners on Guitar Rig, and the ballistics are easy to follow.

D. Katkhanov

15 décembre 2013

bx tuner Plug-in

bx tuner Plug-in is good for its price. Sometimes everything is better if the tools are tuned...

L. Chard-maple

14 décembre 2013


Nice little stand alone tuner plugin! Great for use with the Apollo and configurable, got it for $9 which is a more realistic price I feel, that's why I'm only giving it 4 stars! The demo reset it a nice bonus however!

P. Cinquin

14 décembre 2013

Essential for Guitars

Completed for my guitars, it avoids me connecting my tuner with a precision of devilish tuning! And what to say about ridiculous price !!!

T. Zimmerman

7 décembre 2013

Great Plugin Tuner

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to give a tuner 5 stars... my bias I guess.
However this is one of the better tuner plugins I've used. Responsive and seems quite accurate to my ears, more so than the plugin tuners that come in most DAWs or guitar amp software. I've been using in with an apollo to fine tune my analog synthesizers and it has been great for that. It's not expensive and it works, so buy it.

881-900 sur 919 résultats