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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

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A. Link

14 août 2015

Demo it against the EMT 140 and be amazed... "Spongey" indeed

The most vibey and wide reverb there is in the plugin world. Just enter a different time for L and R and add more gain to the channel with the shorter time. I've experimented with some ducking on the RVB bus (from the kick) and it sounds incredible. The modern additions to this plugin are very welcome and it's fantastic to have two tanks to choose from. You really have to try this one because the sound is very unique. It is pretty slanted to the mid-range but not in an annoying way, quite dark, and spongey. If you are working on moody rock or rnb I feel like you would probably want to get this one. Compare it to the EMT140 and choose, I'd go for the BX20 if I had to pick one. Just wish they'd put another coupon in my cart :)

M. Puigserver Barceló

14 août 2015


Uad guys have done an amazing job. This reverb is wonderful! I've tried it in a couple of mixes with guitars and the space it creates is so natural that you really believe it was done with the hardware unit. A must have.

B. Schulz

13 août 2015

The big deal

I love this reverb. This reverb is the only one I got to know so far that does not only sound very well.
This one you can feel. And believe me it feels fantastic.

My favourite reverb for vocals on ballads.

M. Hoomans

13 août 2015

Finally a spring reverb plugin I like!

I have been playing with this reverb for a few days now, using it on guitar, drums, vocals and much more and every time it manages to add such a lovely warm space around the sound in such an unique way. I'm not going to say it will be my one and only reverb from now on, but it will be a very valuable addition to my reverb collection for sure, I can't wait to use it more often!

s. othniel

11 août 2015

AKG BX 20 Spings of Smooooooothhhhhh........

Well I demo tested this baby along side the Lexicon 224 and the EMT 140 ( i have both ) and my question was, do I need another reverb plugin? Well the answer is yes, this one, I need the AKG BX 20. It's very different from the others, smoother, richer, definitely for vocals. This is like the LL Cool J of plugins......... worth the money, i have to buy it.

D. King

8 août 2015

Mr. Zebedee!!

I have bought this already after 1 day of using the demo! Why put of the inevitable..
This sounds great and having stereo control over the two tank saves the usually two plugs and returns setup.
Sounds quite unique so well worth having in the tool box.
Nice UA

Thank you.

D. Riggs

7 août 2015

A plugin you did not know you needed.

I've had so many spring reverbs that I have not liked in amps. Who needs another spring reverb, right! Wrong. This is a truly wonderful thing that really does add magic to your sound. A truly seamless wash of ambience behind a solo sound. I can't wait to experiment more with it.

S. Smith

6 août 2015


There is so much right about this emulation--it's a total beast! It just sounds good on so many things, I also have to say thumbs up for the trailer and the instructional videos on this plug-in. Both are gems.

S. Boman

5 août 2015

Holy cow!!!

Finally!!! I've been wanting a proper spring reverb plugin for years and years.
And finally UAD set the bar where it should be.
I have a bunch of hardware springs(one AKG BX15)and this is the first plugin that gives them a run for their money!!

Well done UAD!!!!

G. Myklebust

5 août 2015

Heaven !

This is just a fantastic creation. Must be Heaven made !

a. schinoff

5 août 2015


It´s magic, musical and deep...Good Job UAD!

S. Elmblad

4 août 2015

Best spring reverb plugin

This is a great spring emulation that in my opinion works best for kind of midrangey sounds that wants to swim a little. I can see myself using it for clean electric guitars, snare, a lonely trumpet or trombone and some voices, and maybe the occasional harmonica. I bet it works magic on a bariton guitar with some tremolo. Basically I bought it because I love to have options when it comes to creating space in a mix, and I like this one. A little quirky and weird, like a spring reverb should be. The added functions as a plugin compared to the real thing is highly welcomed.

S. Datskevich

4 août 2015

Wonderful and Magical!

wonderful and magical! one of the best plugins from UAD for the last time! while I will use the demo version, but I really want to buy, thank you UAD!

L. Hamilton

4 août 2015


Impressive! I've only had a few moments with the AKG but this a dead ringer with my classic hardware! Thanks guys. This ones truly stunning.

381-394 sur 394 résultats