1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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D. Nelson-ashley

4 janvier 2014

Its a tough one

I used to use the legacy version on my drums with superb results. I initially couldnt hear how htese new versions were that much better than what i used previously but one of the three really hit the spot now I cant live wihtout it. I'm sure one of the three emulations will hit the spot for you.

R. Hofmann

3 janvier 2014

Excellent and different

I was really curious about this, so I read a few reviews, and almost everyone was praising this collection to be even better than the legacy plugins. I couldn't believe that the differences could make a huge difference, so I demo'ed it and compared, and yes, there is a very noticeable improvement. Congratulations. I can only recommend everyone who already has the legacy plugins, to buy this new collection (it's cheaper if you already own the legacy plugins...)

P. Lira

2 janvier 2014

Great on drums!

I use it mostly on my drums tracks... kick, snare, overs and drums buss.
I like the color it gives! I give 4 stars because it is not very user friendly. They are very different from each other and you will have to do some studying on how they behave and the applications they will sound their best.

J. Hunter

1 janvier 2014

Thick Grit

So much more useable than the original 1176 emulation. Multiple flavors to choose from.

P. Marinelis

29 décembre 2013

1176 goodness

The 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection is excellent!
UA has managed to improve an already very good emulation of the hardware 1176.
This new plug-in collection feels analog. Feels like the real thing. From compression characteristics to vintage tone the sound is there!
Well done UA!

G. Pearson

28 décembre 2013

Highly Recommend!!!!!!!!

These are the best sounding 1176 plug in hands down,not to mention you get three different models.....I bought these at a stealer price I couldn't turn down...before I started using UAD Plugins I use to hear a lot about them....and now I see and hear for myself the praise that these plugins are getting......highly recommend this bundle. .....

C. Johnson

27 décembre 2013

Awesome Analog Bundle

We were a bit hessitant in buying the 1176 Analog Bundle as we had the legacy plugins with our Apollo Quad and Apollo 16 but after the great december deals we got the bundle and all I can say is WOW!!! We couldn't be more satisfied :) Use them on everything now. To me they sound exactly as the hardware we own so anyone wanna buy one 1176 LN and one 1176 SE ;)

Thanks for an Awesome Product! Love it!
Christopher Johnson

A. Han

26 décembre 2013

Awesome Plugin

I grabbed it on winter sale. I personally dont really see that much of difference between the legacy version versus the newer version except that it has 1173 with 2 to 1 ratio with slower attack. Awesome plugin for sure tho.

T. Ilnitskiy

25 décembre 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

Amazing!! It's work very well for me Effortlessly gives power and character.Sound like real hardware compressors.

A. Paradise

24 décembre 2013


Getting better all the time, this is could tempt me to sell my hardware!!

J. Alberto

24 décembre 2013

el mejor compresor

Gracias a universal audio mis producciones han tomado otra dimensión no puedo estar más agradecido.una gran empresa

F. Linkous

22 décembre 2013

Sounds Great

These compressors sound great. I own a Distressor and have worked with an 1176. The 1176 classic limiter plug-in collection will not disappoint..
Sounds great on everything.. Highly recommended.

R. Matias

22 décembre 2013

Must to have

I was sceptic about this collection ( thought it wont be that much upgrade at all..) but middle of mixing project, decide to swap and spanned all the old 1176's to these. I was stunned and bought the collection asap, the difference is nothing but stunning.

R. Bonilla

20 décembre 2013

Just as if the hardware would sound

Ive worked with both side by side and if you take a blind test you wont tell witch is Plugin or Hardware that's how pestine these Models are hands down this collection is a must Purchase!

T. Van

20 décembre 2013

Greetings from Belgium

i had legacy,this is better to my ears!
I compared a lot and mostly this collection wins.
Always save to use it ,in case of doubt.
phi: l www.toyofficial.be

A. Gold

18 décembre 2013

It's all true...

These really are as good as i'd heard... I have a hardware Rev F and also have used the Legacy version from UAD for years, I picked the 1176 bundle up in the sale and am absolutely blown away..

These will be used over and over.... stunning sound... refined, classy and quality emulation to the hardware counterpart...

Do not hesitate to demo, buy, enjoy....




T. Phelan

18 décembre 2013

Have no fear. This IS an upgrade over the 1176 that comes free with your card.

I am a professional producer/engineer, and not some goof that just bought his first mac, and thinks he's got the world figured out! Saying that, I admit I don't have a ton of time on these plug ins yet, but I immediately noticed these are "acting" in a much more obvious way, and earlier. They have a definite vibe that feels authentic, and sounds familiar right away(Again, admit I haven't played with hardware versions of the 1176 too much, but there is just something "real" about these that isn't in the original.) Your ears will let you know right away!

C. Henry

17 décembre 2013

Très bien conçu

Le son est là !
Une prise prise de voix / guitares à laquelle on rajoute un bon EQ et on a tout de suite la couleur UA qui remonte.
J'ai utilisé plusieurs émulations de 1176 celles d'UA restent pour moi, les meilleurs.
Pourvu que ça dur !

W. Roncher

16 décembre 2013

1176s rule!

I was a little skeptical after trying all other 1176 emulations and NOT being convinced. I tried the UAD demo and was absolutely floored at how well theyve captured the 1176 sound. I havent felt the need to use the hardware since!

R. Jason

15 décembre 2013

1176 Collection "Mo Better"

As a long time UAD I-UAD II user, it's refreshing to see that UA has not rested on their laurels. The "legacy" 1176 was quite useful to me, mostly on a drum buss, occasionally on bass, even on percussive Ivory tracks.
However, this new iteration expands the usability 10-fold, as well as just sounding even closer to the hardware. The Rev E has a great vibe (for me) on high energy female vocals, and I've even tracked through Apollo with it. Like any compressor, when TRACKING, judicious use is always the key.
I am VERY happy to have these as part of my now extensive UAD collection.

821-840 sur 1148 résultats