1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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M. Tonkovic

23 mars 2013

Works great on vocals

I'm using the AE version on a dialogue group and it works amazing. 2:1 compression, with slow attack and dialogue is just There, as clear as it can be. It even brings out that hi-middle range so perfectly I don't even use eq for brightening things. Only for cutting the low end and some other frequencies.

Works differently then the old plugin do.

For 99us at the moment this is a really great buy.


J. Sarris

21 mars 2013


My go-to for vocals. Impressed with the sound of these plugs. Also sound incredible on bass and drums. UAD really nailed the sound of the original hardware with this collection.

R. Hartley

19 mars 2013

Think Again...!

I was like, "I already have the 1176LN for my UAD, love it...They're just trying to sell me something I already have." ..uh, no. The Classics are in a different class, clearer, more musical...really it was an 'Oh Wow" moment for me. After that, it was an easy choice.

K. Dietz

19 mars 2013

Love these.

I love these limiters. I use both vintage UREI and UA 1176s for tracking on a daily basis. These plugins feel and respond like the hardware, and have all of the subtle character differences found amongst the different hardware revisions. I like the Waves CLA76 "Bluey" plugin a lot, but it sounds a little "harder", whereas the UA 1176 collection sounds much smoother and more accurately matches the input/output gain stages of the hardware. I would love to try tracking a vocal through one of these UA 1176 plugins, I have my reservations, but I use the hardware every day, so let's see what's up!! So great to have these in my mix arsenal! Can't wait to get the LA-2 plugins next!

D. Bose

19 mars 2013

1176 Collection! Yes Please!

I added it to the Guitar Group channel and the guitars came out like wonderful colors hovering in front of me...

sure it takes more DSP but that just makes you use this smarter and more efficiently.



J. Jung

19 mars 2013

A design for music.

This wonderful contraption in it's many transformations gives a beautiful tonality for the hearing man and woman (and sometimes dog). Electronic work of art to form another form of art. Keep doing your good thing.

C. Michel

18 mars 2013

So much like the real thing!

These are just great! I highly recommend them to anyone!

A. Carozzo

18 mars 2013

Very good compressors

Very nice harmonic distortion, very smooth compression, nothing like other plugins...

P. Giacalone

15 mars 2013

Very impressive!

I've had the original UAD 1176 since 2004 and I always liked it. I've also spent a fair amount of time with hardware versions and while I enjoyed the plugin for what it was, never considered it a proper substitute for the real thing. This new package is a lot closer in its emulation. It has a depth to the sound that the original plugin does not. With that in mind, it may actually take a little more work for a novice user to get comfortable with it as it is more flexible and it's very easy to overcompress with this OR the hardware version. I'm still digesting the differences between the 3 versions.

If used it with care, this is an exceptional compressor and no other 1176 emulation comes within a mile of its fidelity to the original.

S. Chen

13 mars 2013

the best compressor modulation I ever used

I got a real 1176LN, and compare to this modulation, there are the same. Thanks UA

J. Auch

13 mars 2013

Way better than the original version

The 1176 limiter collection is fantastic! I find I'm using it on nearly every track, it just makes everything sound better. The presets as usual are fantastic and streamline the process because you only need a few teaks here and there. Honestly, I can't believe the difference this collection has made.

J. Jung

4 mars 2013


Amazing. It brings richness and character to almost everything.

S. Menard

4 mars 2013

Best 1176 plugins

These are the best for sure and the difference is big between these and the original LN.

K. Margolis

2 mars 2013


It's hard to know the difference it's so amazing!

I never thought this would be possible but UA had achieved the impossible, everything they make is a must for the studio professional.

Thank you.

Keep up the terrific work!

S. Rennie

1 mars 2013

Simple brilliance

Okay I may have a dislike for Universal Audio, but I can't help but love these. So simple to get top notch results. Always loved the 1176 and these sound every bit as good.

B. Lederer

1 mars 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

Great Compressors! We have the 1176AE Hardware und an old Urei over here, and this pluggies are so close to our Units, it´s unbelievable!!! Great work UA!

C. Johansson

26 février 2013

Top Notch!

One of UA's best plugin! Well one of the best plugins out there! Period! They nailed the distortion of a real 1176 unit. And you don't get that "clicky" transient thing that you often get with compressor plugins. Do yourself a favour for the flavour! Just buy it!

W. Buck

23 février 2013

The Ultimate 1176 Collection

I was hoping UA would do MKII versions of some of their older plug-ins using the physical curcuit modeling techniques that they have developed over the past 5 years and take advantage of the power afforded by the SHARC DSP's. UA did not disappoint with this stellar collection of 1176's replicas. Dare I say they are the next best thing to using the actual hardware that they emulate. Using them on the front end of my Apollo in realtime with no discernible latency is well..........simply mind blowing.

P. Talbot

16 février 2013

Great sound

When it comes to paralell compression, the 1176 is the first one I try. And it usually does the trick very nicely, adding punch and musical distorsion that makes the track bigger and better.

C. Lennon

15 février 2013

A no brainer

If you already have the original UAD 1176, this is a no brainer to get. As many other reviewers have stated, there is a real noticeable difference. While some complain it wasn't a free update you will quickly realize that it's more than worth it. I'm going to say this again, the sound is very noticeable and that's in a good way. The old model was 10 years old and believe me, whether you're doing old school music or modern music your mixes will definitely stand out more.

901-920 sur 1112 résultats