1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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R. Garcia

12 décembre 2014

1176 Classic plugin

Amplio rango de sonoridades y dinamicas!!! es exelente....
He pasado tracks de Voces, Bajos , y Baterias.... exelente para mis mezclas...
UAD es relmente bueno!!!

A. Dingley

12 décembre 2014

Really solid emulations!

I've used countless emulations from other software teams, and nothing comes close to this. These sound fantastic on drums, bass, and vocals.

C. Gathe

11 décembre 2014

Legacy versions are good but these are on a whole new level....

I own both the legacy version and now the classic version....All I can say is WOW
they sound great on everything! Well worth the investment :)

N. Dettenbach

11 décembre 2014

just the best 1176's emu

For me it's just the best emu of 1176's i've ever used. I did not own a 1176 to get an A/B on my set, but it is miles far before the products of the other big and smaller "blues" in the plugin market. 5 stars...

D. Iljes

11 décembre 2014

It just adds something

Just upgraded from Legacy and new versions have just have more transparency and are more deep. Way better than Legacy version which will be not used anymore.
Only complaint is the full price for Legacy users.....

R. Boswell

11 décembre 2014

1176 Classic Limiter Plugin Collection

I first tried the demo and within 15sec. of hearing the sound it gives to what I put it on I stopped mixing and went straight to the UA online store. This is a must have for any producer or engineer that's serious about making great music.

D. Baker

10 décembre 2014

Lovely Glue

Such a lovely plug in: glues a kit or mix beautifully together in such a lovely transparent way. Just the ticket.

J. Miller

10 décembre 2014

So close

These are the first 1176 emulations that have ever come close to the real thing, for me. They're not just a compression curve behind an interface like a lot of others. They can be driven like the real thing, and distort like the real thing. Astounding!

C. Wilson

2 décembre 2014

Great sound

These sound great. UA has really nailed the feel and character of the hardware 1176. Love it on guitars, bass, and kick; it shines on nearly everything. Great buy!

C. Laurent

2 décembre 2014

Bravo !!!

Cette nouvelle série des LA2a est vraiment différente du legacy.
La finesse des réglages est d’une précision remarquable, le rendu est fidèle.
La consommation DSP reste correcte, et les trois versions proposées sont bien différentes.
J’aime beaucoup la version 1960s pour sont coté legato tempos…
Merci UAD pour cette refonte…Bien vu et apprécié.

S. Max

1 décembre 2014


Very classic a compression effect. This is a new version, much better than the original. Magic!

J. Hollander

30 novembre 2014

Just awesome

Moved into a small space and had to transition from nearly all hardware to in-the-box. I've been feeling lost in software land, missing the tactile feel of knobs and the whole physical experience. After recently adopting a Twin Duo, I'm feeling inspired again. The 1176 collection makes me feel like I'm getting the analog experience and sound, and takes up no studio space! I'm in love.

F. Mejia

29 novembre 2014

Best for tracking!

I use this collection all the time for tracking. Everything from vocals to synths and bass. It can be an amazing distortion unit too. I LOVE IT

J. Hamilton

27 novembre 2014

Genuinely the best

This is one of the most used plug ins in my workflow, i love it

J. Allen

22 novembre 2014

1176 is the American Express comp.

An 1176 is usually the first compressor I reach for in most cases. If I had the processing power to use them on every track I probably would. They bring so much vibe, if I could only buy 1 compressor plug-in it would be this!

J. Roye

16 novembre 2014


I use these comps on every mix I do. They'll throw a vocal right up in your face.

Must own plugins in my opinion!

Jonathan Roye

R. Taira

14 novembre 2014

Must have plugin...

WOW! That was my initial reaction to the 1176 collection when I first heard it. You really can't tell by the demos or videos just how great these emulations are. Because of finances every plugin I purchase is carefully thought out and the 1176 is definitely a must have for any UA user.

A. Boutin

13 novembre 2014

Great Compressors Without a doubt

Must have plugin when it comes to owning UAD products.

A. Balderston

12 novembre 2014

On everything!

You heard it right. I put this ish on everything!!

D. Holsinger

11 novembre 2014


They don't call it a classic for no reason. This is one of the best emulation I have heard out there. UA has created one of my favorite compressors and hit the nail on the head. You couldn't ask for a better plugin collection. Truly the swiss army knife of compressors.

641-660 sur 1130 résultats