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LUNA Basics Video Tutorials

LUNA Basics Video Tutorials

Learn to Record in LUNA with These Essential How‑To Videos

LUNA Recording System gives you the most natural, inspiring, and analog-sounding music production application available. With its deep Apollo integration, LUNA bolsters your workflow with Accelerated Realtime Monitoring™ for low-latency tracking, inspiring LUNA Instruments and Extensions, and intuitive editing features.

In the LUNA Basics video series, learn to quickly get started harnessing the full power of LUNA Recording System.

What is LUNA?

From deep Apollo integration to exclusive instruments and extensions from Neve, Studer, Moog, and more, learn what makes LUNA more than just a DAW.

Navigating LUNA

Learn to get around in the LUNA app — discover exclusive LUNA content, demo instruments and extensions, create sessions, and navigate timeline and mixer views.

Recording in LUNA

Learn to create audio tracks and assign inputs, apply plug-ins on Unison inserts and channels strips, and start tracking audio using LUNA’s Accelerated Realtime Monitoring.

Editing Audio in LUNA

Learn how to import audio and MIDI files, trim and edit clips, use key commands, and more in LUNA’s intuitive edit workflow.

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